Pro Studio Live The Mixing Coach Episode 1-4

Brian Scheuble and Roy Silverstein sit down and talk about mixing with EQ being the main focus. Brian Scheuble, an engineer with an extensive career will walk us through every step on how he aproaches the mixing process. In this particular episode, he talks about EQ. This show will consist of a series of videos where Brian and friends will help you take your mixes to the next level.
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Pro Studio Live Tape Machine Use and Maintenance

Learn how to use and maintain analog tape machines. Jordan Andreen, one of the most respected technicians on South of California is here to share with us his abilities about use and maintenance of tape machines. All you need to know from the first steps before you start using the tape machine, how to calibrate it, operations such as sync, record, input, punch in and gain staging, to editing on tape and making wonderful loops and tape delays. Whether you are in the digital world, or have never used a tape machine, this event is worth taking a look.
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Pro Studio Live Maschine Beat Deconstruction 2

Gain new skills and start improving your recordings and mixes today! Watch as Dünga shows the process of exporting a beat that's been produced on NI Maschine into Pro Tools while also sharing some of his production and mixing techniques. He shows how to export the stems files into Pro Tools for further mixing and mastering, or even to send off to an artist, as well as techniques such as track duplication and eq shaping to put extra emphasis on certain elements of his beat. This beat production show is an all-in-one episode that you don't want to miss!
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Pro Studio Live Maschine Beat Deconstruction

Using a variety of tools, Dünga shows how he produces a beat using Maschine. Watch all the process and learn some techniques that will help you create your own fantastic beats.
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Pro Studio Live Hard Rock Mixing Session

Award-winning engineer Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, Nickelback, Avril Lavigne) shares his mixing secrets on this tell-all episode of Pro Studio Live. Chris Baseford, award winning engineer hailing from Canada, is here to share his Hard Rock mixing expertise! With past clients that include Rob Zombie, John 5 and Nickelback, this man knows the ins-and-outs of Hard Rock production and he shares all of it with Pro Studio Live. For this event Chris brought with him a mix session that he did for the Hard Rock band Burn the Headlines.
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Pro Studio Live Dubstep Production

For the beginner to advanced producer, this course will teach you common methods used by top producers. Remember : This is not the only way to make a track. There are many different ways to produce music, and they are all correct. This course is designed to give you tips that will help you in your own productions. If your current workflow is different, that is completely ok. At the end of the day the goal is to have the best sounding music to communicate your creative message. Even if you are a veteran producer, this course has advanced techniques from which you may be able to learn. In this episode, Convulsic covers session setup and drums, composition, and sound design ideas. We also discuss advanced grouping techniques, plugin selection, compression, making an intro, layering vocals, filters and automation, and preparing a song for mastering.
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Pro Studio Live Creating Convolution Reverbs

Dan Maier will guide you through all the steps to create convolution reverbs out of a real life room. In this event, we have created impulse responses with Dan Maier, professor within the Audio Production Department at Art Institute, San Diego. Dan covers a brief overview of what an IR is, why it's useful, and describes how to create it. You'll learn what the technology is used for, and how it is connected. Dan covers how to setup mics and a loudspeaker in the studio for this process, how to capture IR via Logic's IR utility, and how to deconvolve and preview. You'll also learn how to record an acoustic instrument in the studio using close mics along with room/ambient mics. The episode also covers how to simulate the studio's acoustics by creating a Space Designer setting in Logic, and A/B for comparison.
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Pro Studio Live Business Skills and Mixing Techniques

Tune into this episode to learn some extremely valuable business and audio advice from DR Ford. He explains some essential advice, from tips on running your own studio, to advice on marketing, and how to price your services. He discusses what to look for in a client, how to get ahead as a music producer or engineer when you’re first starting out, and how he preps for his first meeting with a client. He also covers some great exercises for evolving and tuning your ear as an engineer, and gives us some tips for mixing. Tune in to learn some great theory about mixing, including how the golden ratio influences mixing, how human psychology influences mixing, and how he treated each instrument in his example mix for this episode. It’s an extremely informative episode for anyone looking to make a living off engineering or producing.
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Pro Studio Live Ableton Live Production Techniques

This course is a comprehensive overview of Ableton Live 9 with San Diego dubstep and electronic music producer Convulsic. It is designed to cover some of the most important features of this very complex production software suite. Starting from the ground level, we broke this course into four sections of forty-five minutes each. Each section will become more advanced than the previous section. Remember: The theories and practices being taught are not the end-all be-all as far as Ableton is concerned. This course is designed to show you one way of doing things, so that you can take these principles and implement them into your own workflow. In this episode, we cover Ableton preferences, setup, templates, window panes, audio vs. MIDI, and keyboard shortcuts and controls. He also covers details about different effects in Ableton, using drum racks, entering MIDI notes, racks, grooves, and freezing and flattening plugins. You'll also learn details about EQ, compression, reverb, sends and returns, warp modes, and layering in Ableton. Convulsic also goes into some more advanced topics, including automation, macros, clip envelopes, dummy clips, racks on racks, finding inspiration, and putting it all together.
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Pro Studio Live A Guide to Microphones

You'll gain invaluable information in this interview that will help you learn more about microphone care, use and maintenance. David O Brown is probably one of the 4 best microphone specialists in all of the USA. He has studied and worked for NASA, and is one of the most prestigous microphone technicians around. David has worked for artists such as Stevie Wonder and Celine Dion, among others. This interview is more than a documentary. It is a microphone guide, and it will add great value to any sound engineer, music or producer. In this guide, you'll learn how to care for microphones, and important things to consider when purchasing a vintage microphone. You'll also learn the differences between dynamic and condenser mics, and between tube mics and Fet mics. David also covers issues like transformers, mic modifications, and some microphone history.
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Pro Studio Live Mixing EDM

Learn and watch as recording and mixing engineer Ian Sutton deconstructs an EDM Mix and demonstrates his mixing workflow. EDM is an explosive genre of music that's capturing youthful audiences around the world. In this episode of Pro Studio Live, engineer Ian Sutton walks us through the process he employs when working with an EDM style track. Watch as he demonstrates the tools that he likes to use, as well as some techniques he has refined for his particular workflow to bring together all the elements of a dance track. In this mixing session you'll learn about drum processing and synthesizer effects, how to organize the tracks in your session, vocal effects and how they play into your final mix, as well as getting to hear some real-life stories and experiences that Ian has had during his career.
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SkillShare Adobe Audition CC 101 For Podcasters

How to get started podcasting with Adobe Audition CC. The beginner's guide. This an introductory class to getting started using Adobe Audition for podcasting. This class is an overview of my podcasting workflow. This class will not teach the ins and outs of how to use Adobe Audition or how to add effects like EQ & Compression.
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PUREMIX F. Reid Shippen Mixing Dierks Bentley

Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Mixer, and Producer, F. Reid Shippen, has made a name for himself in the mixing world through working with some of the world’s most respected artists across a wide variety of genres.
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Groove3 Electronic Music Producers Guide Kick Drums

Larry Holcombe presents video tutorials for the Electronic Music Producer's Guide series, focusing on Kick Drums! This series will get you going and then some when creating and tweaking kick drums for your electronic music productions.
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Groove3 Producers Guide to Optimizing Your DAW and Computer

Adam Pollard aka Multiplier delivers an in-depth video series all about getting the most out of your computer and DAW, when recording and producing music! Shot in Ableton Live on Mac OS and applicable to any OS and DAW, see how to squeeze every drop of power out of your rig and avoid time wasting snafus.
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