Hollow Drum Kit Vol.1

Includes all sounds I personally use in my music 5 808's 9 Cymbals
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DY Krazy Drum Kit

Included In this Drum Kit is Dy Krazy's Version of the following Plugins: 808's Sounds
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Black Octopus Sound Really Really Good Drum Fills

A product that has incredible drum fills, innovative FX drum fills, and tools to help you make your own drum fills in a ridiculously easy way? Welcome to Really Really Good Drum Fills!
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Cymatics Future Bass Drum Frameworks Vol.1

The magic of Future Bass happens when great melodies meet great drums. We all know what it’s like to spend hours in the studio programming drums, and by the time we even get to our melodies, our surge of creativity is gone. This is why we decided to release Future Bass Drum Frameworks; one of the biggest time saving and learning resources for Future Bass.
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Cymatics Trap Drum Frameworks Vol.1

Have you ever wondered how artists like Boombox Cartel, NGHTMRE, and RL Grime create such high energy in their tracks? Listen to any one of their tracks, and you’ll realize that the Drums play the key role in creating tension and energy in a track. To help you learn how to precisely process and arrange your Drums like the pros, we had our team of professional producers create 5 explosive Trap Drum Frameworks. We made sure that each Drum Framework was programmed in MIDI to let you visually see how the Kicks, Snares, and Hi-Hats are placed in an advanced level track.
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WavSupply Nick Mira Supersonic (Drum Kit)

129 Oneshot samples, 18 Loops & 1 FLP file. Product Details:
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Banbwoi's Beat Store Sold Out Dates Kit

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31 808s21 Claps 41 FX Sounds 19 Hi Hats
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DrumVault Medicinal

VSS returns with the Medicinal (Gross Beat Bank). Filled with 36 Custom Gross Beat Presets inspired by Digital Gates, Glitches, Repeats, Scratches, Stutters, & More. 36 Gross Beat Presets Requires Gross Beat 12 VST
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DrumVault Galactic

Kenai is back with the Galactic (Gross Beat Bank). Filled with 36 Out-Of-This-World Gross Beat Presets inspired by Digital Gates, Glitches, Repeats, Scratches, Stutters, & More.
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Cymatics Dirty Trap Beat

It’s no secret that Hip Hop has been a dominant genre for the past few decades. The power and emotion in both lyricism and delivery is unmatched, making for some incredibly memorable songs.
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Cymatics Pressure Dubstep

When it comes to sound design, even learning a few new techniques and methods can completely change your production. That’s why, when we went to create our diamond a project file, “Pressure,” we made sure to use some of the most impactful sound design techniques to create this track.
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Cymatics Miami Future House

Tracks by Future House specialists like Tchami, Oliver Heldens, and Martin Solveig always have unique sounds, but remain melodic and super danceable… They attain the perfect balance between sound design, melody, and groove.
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Cymatics Trouble - Hybrid Trap Project File

Cymatics Trouble - Hybrid Trap Project File. Projects for Ableton Live, FL Studio and Logic.
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