EDM Templates Warehouse

Do you want to produce Bass House in Ableton Live?We got one of the biggest time saving and learning resource for you. Heavily influenced by the modern sounds of Dillon Nathaniel, Matroda and Malaa.
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Skifonix Sounds Waves Future Pop

Inspired by the pop and Future Bass fusion that is Future Pop. Artists like Grey have helped bring this hybrid genre into the mainstream with their tropical like percussion and twisted vocal leads. We've included all of that in this pack. You'll find real instrument inspired presets mixed with upbeat half time percussion and plenty of pop influenced guitar hooks.
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Freak Music Chillstep Symphonies

Freak Music is proud to present a huge collection of chillstep tools - "Chillstep Symphonies". This product contains MIDI construction kits, perfectly sounding kicks, vocal chops, FXes, one-shots, claps, background textures and Spire presets.
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WA Production Psytrance Tantra

Are you ready to experience deep, seductive, cinematic sounds that will expand your bodies capacity for exhilaration and deliver a journey full of hyper dimensional rhythms? W. A. Production has just released What about: Psytrance Tantra.
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Prototype Samples THEMVTT - FL Studio Project

'THEMVTT: FL Studio Project' by Prototype Samples is a Hybrid Trap template inspired by Boombox Cartel, Joyride and Ookay. Various techniques used in this project will be perfect for beginners and more advanced music producers alike.
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Samplified Electronic and Future Beat Electronica Sound Pack XOXO

It's finally here after a whole lot of sound design! Our XOXO Sample pack has been in the works for over 2 months. We partnered with Moving Castle Collective artist VALENTINE to put out our heavy hitting electronic sample pack. The pack includes the following content:
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Prototype Samples Knowledge - FL Studio Project

'Knowledge: FL Studio Project' is the comeback to Progressive House but with a twist. In this case, a lot of high quality guitar layers combined with realistic drums were used to give you the best start possible to your Progressive tracks.
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WA Production Synthwave Arcade

Are you ready to get retro and slide into synthwave? We present to you What about: Synthwave Arcade sample pack. These are the sounds you've never heard before. A modern fusion of old-school classic sounds blended together in a way that has never been done before. We've got the funk of nu-disco, the past future atmosphere from the 80's, and rhythmically thumping retro wave synths giving you this inventive hybrid spin on synthwave.
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Skypierr INFERNO

PROJECT FILE FOR INFERNO for learning purposes only!
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Freak Music Chilltone

Freak Music is proud to present the "Chilltone" - collection of beautiful, chilled out sounds, MIDI construction kits, percussion elements, top loops, liquid percussive claps, FX samples, sub kicks, natural atmospheric textures, Spire presets and a lot of more content created just for you.
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Freak Music Promise

Freak Music is proud to present the "Promise" - outstanding collection of uplifting, beautiful and groovy music loops, drum loops, samples, one shots, Spire presets and a lot of more content, including an Ableton Live 10 template with all necessary files exported.
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Freak Music Mellow

Freak Music is proud to present the "Mellow" - brand new collection of gorgeous melody loops, pads, basses, matching drums and drum loops plus perfectly selected lead, pad and bass one shots. Mix together every section, cause all of these are clearly named, tempo and key labeled.
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Freak Music Liqui

"Liqui" is a must-have for every drum & bass producer. Freak Music decided to create this product to grow up your productions. You will find a large library of samples, presets, loops and MIDI files focused on the liquid drum&bass genre.
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Freak Music Chillstep Breathe

Freak Music is proud to present a huge collection of chillstep, chillout, chillwave and ambient sounds - "Chillstep Breathe". This product will be your number one source for the next chilling production. It's filled with huge drum loops, samples, MIDI construction kits, Serum and Spire presets, vocal kits, background textures and of course.. an Ableton Live 10 template from the demo with all stems, MIDIs and presets included. With this collection you’ll be able to create something fresh in your favorite genre.
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Freak Music Late Nights

"Late Nights" is a new construction kit pack, created by Freak Music. You will find five beats, inspired by the best hip-hop artists in the world. All of the loops, midis and presets are exported separately to give you the maximum posibilities on these constructions.
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