On Point Samples Uptempo and Hardcore Essentials Vol.1

This is not just a sample pack. In this monster of a pack, you will find everything you need to progress as a producer. We 100% guarantee you won't look back when you have this pack.
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Audiostems The 28 Steps to Electronic Dance Music Production

The 28 Steps to Electronic Dance Music Production - Melhem Maroun YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO EDM
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PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon 480L Reverb

LEXICON 480L IMPULSE RESPONSES RECORDED ON TAPE (STUDER A80) We are proud to present you the most requested and most wanted impulse responses of the legendary unit Lexicon 480L!
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David Hilowitz Japanese Vocal Synthesizer

I made a video about the Pocket Miku: a unique vocal synthesizer from Japan. As part of that, I also made a bunch of sample libraries by feeding the Pocket Miku into the Hologram Microcosm. These are mostly cinematic pad sounds, but the sample libraries have ADSR controls, so you can easily turn them into pluck or keys instruments if you like. NOTE: This is not a port of the Pocket Miku. For copyright reasons, I’m not able to include the raw Pocket Miku sounds in this download, so this contains only the highly processed Microcosm sounds.
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1crusafix vocal preset pack (runaway presets)

4 Vocal Preset's The main vocal preset i used on every song, runaway heavn, savior, ect. No longer using.
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On Point Samples The Ultimate Harder-Style Production Suite

This bundle contains an insane amount of everything you need to produce Industry-Standard Hard-Dance Music. Coming with 10.000+ Files, 350+ Presets, Hundreds of Kicks & much more. Getting each pack individually? The price would be over €400...
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On Point Samples Rawstyle Production Suite

Take your music to the next level with a Suite that has been handcrafted to fill all the gaps of Rawstyle Production. Contains 24 brand-new Sample Packs, Exclusive Bonuses, 1000+ Kicks, Presets & so much more. Inspired by the biggest artists in the scene: instantly sound like the pro's.
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PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon 480L Random Hall and Wild Spaces

LEXICON 480L RANDOM HALL & WILD SPACES IMPULSE RESPONSES RECORDED ON TAPE (STUDER A80) We are proud to present you the most requested and most wanted impulse responses of the legendary unit Lexicon 480L!
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This ableton live rack lets you create your own mono-compatible, complex parallel stereoization effects with ease. N-STEREO+ turns stereo effects parallel without touching the dry signal, allowing for complex exotic stereo effects without compromising the sonic character of the original signal.
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Dreamstate Audio The Effects Preset Library

Over 300 presets for the most popular effect plugins out there Arturia, Effect Rack, Guitar Rig, Portal, Thermal & RC-20
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Sunboy Octane Serum Bank

71 Serum Presets By SunboyYeat, Ken Carson, Osamason, Rich Amiri.”OCTANE” SERUM Bank Breakdown:
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PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon 480Lntic Spaces

Amazing Big Lush Spaces! These are some of the reverb sounds which you can get out of the 480L when you experiment with the settings on the Larc.
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Rabbit House Otoge Core Bank for Serum

This is a Serum preset bank that collects sounds often seen in rhythm games, such as Hi-Tech, Dubstep, Happy Hardcore, Hard Renaissance, and Trance. Main Contents
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Ghost Syndicate REMEDY: Drum and Bass

REMEDY: your ultimate prescription for transformative minimal drum & bass! Unveil a sonic journey like no other through REMEDY - a captivating opus by Ghost Syndicate that seamlessly blends cutting-edge minimal drum & bass elements into an electrifying audio elixir. Immerse yourself in carefully honed drum loops, pulsating with unparalleled energy, while expertly crafted one-shots hit with surgical precision, igniting your creative spark.
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