SampleOddity Oddmospheres 3

Venture once more into the Oddmospheres with this third collection of otherworldly offerings. A focus on dynamic expression and motion adds subtle drama and interest to even simple sounds. Velocity sensitivity and meticulously assigned macros allow for nuanced performance and evolving soundscapes.
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SampleOddity Oddmospheres 2

Continue your journey through uncharted space with Oddmospheres 2, a collection of highly morphable, dynamic instruments for Massive. You'll find a collection full of unique sounds that span the spectrum from pristine and pure to gritty and abrasive. Each patch is outfitted with eight macro knobs that often alter the sound in drastic ways, so be sure to explore the depths thoroughly.
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SampleOddity Effexor

Effexor is a heavy toolbox full of sound design elements that will ratchet your project up to the next level! I think you will get a lot of use out of the 51 included customizable sound design instruments. This is particularly so if you're making games, trailers, hybrid orchestral music, or even EDM and dubstep. Futuristic and mechanical sounds abound in this set.
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The Drum Bank The Boss Up Care Package

Looking for inspiration in multiple genres? Look no further! The "Boss Up CarePackage" is compiled of Mocha Jones & MJ4D Productions Top 5 Best Selling Drum Kits Ever! From Trippy Trap like Schoolboy Q & A$AP Rocky to R&B like The Weeknd & Jeremih, you'll be full loaded with all the tools you need to bring the heat!
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The Drum Bank The 8-Bit Legend Mega Pack

This one is for all the gamers who love that classic ish! This Pack is MASSIVE weighing in at nearly 620MB! Each sound in this MEGA PACK was developed to bring that old school 8-Bit sound back to life and blend it with modern trap style music.
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Aubit Petit Volume 1

Following the success of our Petit series so far, Aubit is proud to present ‘Petit for Serum Volume 1’. Including 50 Serum Presets and 1 Ableton Project - this pack is a one stop shop for Chillwave/Future Bass Serum presets.
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WavSupply mjNichols Midnite

The Midnite Omnisphere Bank by mjNichols contains 50 hand-crafted presets.
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WavSupply JRHITMAKER Ninja

50 custom made presets for Omnisphere created by JRHITMAKER Contains:
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Cytron Records Future House Essentials

This package is based on the future house and future bounce known as MESTO, CURBI, brooks among others. In the package are:
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Soundethers The Astral Body

"THE ASTRAL BODY" is our third soundset for XFer Serum, the last part of the "Serum Field Project", released as a bundle. This is a big collection, divided in 4 categories, of unique sounds, made to give you an instant inspiration.
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WavSupply E-Trou Division

45 custom made presets for Omnisphere created by E-Trou of Internet Money. Contains
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WavSupply Countach Godspeed

50 custom made presets for Omnisphere created by Countach of Internet Money. Includes
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Function Loops Vocal Trap And Future RnB

'Vocal Trap & Future RnB' from Function Loops delivers five chart topping Construction Kits loaded with futuristic beats, bombing basslines, melodies, effected acapellas and vocal chops, FX loops and all the rest you hear in the demo. This is a pack full of inspiration for producers seeking a commercial sound. Each Kit comes with audio, MIDI files and VSTi presets for maximum flexibility.
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Function Loops Reggae Pop

You can hear Reggae elements in many Pop productions today from some of the biggest names in the industry. That's why Function Loops thinks it was important to produce a collection of Reggae sounds that will blend nicely into Future Pop, Reggaeton, EDM and other modern, popular styles.
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Function Loops Pop Business

'Pop Business' from Function Loops delivers six Construction Kits loaded with Loops, MIDI files, One-Shots and VSTi Presets, all the tools you need to get inspired. The Kits are packed with drums, percussion, basslines, leads, pianos, plucks, vocals and all the rest you hear in the demo.
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