Noiiz Things That Bounce

We’ve recorded an assortment of basketballs, table tennis balls, ball bearings, marbles, pool balls and more in different environments to create a truly unique set of bounces, spins and ricochets. Try reversing sounds to create risers, slice sections of the bounces to build new rhythmical ideas or construct new snares and percussion.
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Noiiz Synthwave Trap by Ecologyk

Ecologyk lands on Noiiz with his heavy-set collection of multi-layered drums, full-thickness basslines, peppy melodic plucks, expressive pads, choppy vocals and more! 'Synthwave Trap' is an extremely versatile, pan-genre collection of loops and one shots; inspired by the works of Drake, Migos, Travis Scott, Bad Bunny, Tory Lanez, Post Malone and Lil Pump.
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Noiiz Synaptic Journey by Wick-it

‘Synaptic Journey’ by Wick-it the Instigator, combines thunderous 808’s, hard-hitting drums, smooth vintage guitars, soulful keys, epic pads, eclectic vocals and more.
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Naked Sounds Hypno Percussion

With this pack we are delivering a comprehensive selection of groovy hypnotic percussion loops, perfectly tailored for tech, deep and tribal house music. Simply add them on top of your beats and see the magic happen.
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YnK Audio Secret Society

“Secret Society” is a red hot collection of melodic Loops!!! Get the samples that will have you topping the charts all year long!!!
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Innovative Samples Underground Vinyl

'Underground Vinyl' was carefully created to give you that Underground, Lofi, hip hop, and vinyl producer experience when it comes to making modern Lofi and Underground music.
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MVPPlatinum Vintage Dreams Vol.5

Get your samplers ready, because 'Vintage Dreams' has all of those old school sounds that you love to sample but hate to pay royalties for. From the LoFi phonograph recordings of the 1930's to the Motown classics of the 60's and 70's, 'Vintage Dreams' has all the royalty-free content you need to inspire your next hit! About MVP Platinum - MVP Platinum is dedicated to delivering the highest quality sample library content in the world. Our sounds, loops, and production ideas can be heard in records around the world by the top artists in the industry, and are responsible for millions of records sold, constantly appearing on records at the top of the charts. We strive to give you nothing but the best. Simply put, our sounds help you make hits.
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Ztar Audio Melodic Downtempo

'Melodic Downtempo' contains 16 melody loops and chord progressions. These loops are drenched in vintage textures and ambiences to set the vintage downtempo vibe. Easily drag a drop, chop and slice these loops to create your own unique downtempo compositions.
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Noiiz Sleep When I Die by Needs No Sleep

‘Sleep When I Die’ by Needs No Sleep is the premium companion to your heavy tech tracks. Packed with marauding basslines, quirky synths and rock solid beats; this pack draws inspiration from the thriving Australian dance circuits. Push new boundaries and explore new grooves with this dark and dirty, thick-set collection; the ideal source for anyone creating tech house, deep house or related genres.
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Noiiz Reggaeton Heat by Retrohandz

Retrohandz brings the heat to Noiiz with their debut pack ‘Reggaeton Heat’. Retrohandz have created a distinct pack of bouncy melodies and rhythms, utilising a wide array of synths, modulated vocals, organic percussion and acoustic instruments such as kalimbas, marimbas, flutes, and guitars. ‘Reggaeton Heat’ is perfect for anyone looking to infuse the sound of reggaeton, moombahton and tropical house into their production.
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Noiiz Organic Cycles by Hector Plimmer

‘Organic Cycles’ by Hector Plimmer is designed to inspire & provide new rhythmic possibilities to add to the arsenal of any producer. Containing dusty hip-hop & funk breaks to trashy four-on-the-floor house rhythms, Latin inspired grooves & fills to stuttering Broken Beat patterns; herein lies a broad selection of real, organic drum recordings (plus a few synth generated one-shots for good measure) to loop, chop & manipulate to your hearts content.
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Noiiz Nu-Disco Drums

Nu-Disco Drums serves up a neo-retro collection of drum kits and grooves sure to make you bust a move. You’ll find classic drum machine sounds renown in the disco world, as well as plenty of fresh content with a modern twist from full bodied kicks, toms and claps, to huge booming snares and of course that trusty cowbell.
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Noiiz Mythik Bass by AceMyth

Detroit-based music producer AceMyth has collaborated with Noiiz to bring you Mythik Bass, an exclusive collection of dark and dirty samples perfectly designed for making Trap, Dubstep and EDM music.
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Noiiz Lowercase Sounds

We’ve partnered with Paul Rez to create a truly eclectic collection of abstract textures and incidentals created by experimenting with the human body, a piano soundboard, gongs, xylophones, crystal bowls and more. Lowercase is a relatively new genre which focuses on quiet sounds, texture and ambience.
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Noiiz Lo-Fi House and Techno

Inspired by the sounds of cutting edge lo-fi house and techno artists, this pack contains everything you need to get started with this moody, gritty genre. Made with care using vintage drum machines (both well known and obscure), classic FM synths, and gritty samplers, all the sounds in this pack have been drenched in lo-fi goodness with a series of dusty mixers, cassette tapes, analog pedals, and lo-fi digital processors. From murky bass, through throbbing chords, to crunchy drums, this collection will help you bring the feels to the dancefloor.
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