Umlaut Audio Nimbus

NIMBUS is a collection of light wisps to add subtle movement to your scores. The goal is to create sounds with organic yet hard to define texture that can add tone and color to many styles and production in film music in a quick and intuitive manner. Whether you prefer to work with sounds on your sequencer or take a more VSTi approach, Nimbus has something for you.
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Umlaut Audio Tidal

Tidal is the first of our Musical Transitions Packs. A collection of pedals, drones and suspensions that have subtle cinematic evolutions of timbre and amplitude. The sound files are ready to be injected into your composition unaltered but can also be filtered, equalised and processed to create larger swells and whooshes without effort.
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Tobias Dray Paradise Flow

Add blissful tones to your production with ‘Paradise Flow’, the debut sample pack from pan-genre producer Tobias Dray. Explore an intimate world of mellow contortions between hip hop and trap, with nostalgic electronic and drum n bass.
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Loko Motion Records Tech House Top Loops 2

50 TECH HOUSE TOP LOOPS 2 This selection of loops was created with only one objective, to be explosive!
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Umlaut Audio Jungle Loops

Featuring the sounds of small to medium-sized hand drums, Jungle Loops is stocked with tuned and untuned percussion sample loops, phrases and fills that instantly create an ethnic feel in any production. The rhythmic patterns in the software range from minimal to busy. Each instrument has various elements that can be recombined and auditioned.
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8Dio Misfit Harmonica

Welcome to Misfit – an unusual collection of 15 deep-sampled instruments – following the musical tradition of flicks like Breaking Bad, Dexter, There Will Be Blood, The Master or them fine video games like Left4Dead etc.
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Certified Audio LLC Drum Plug Drumkit

Welcome to the All In One Drumkit you'll ever need for today's hip-hop and Trap Music. Inside your gonna find yourself with over 200 banging Drum Shots like Punchy Kicks, Crispy Claps & Snares, Turnt Hats & Cymbals, Trippy Percussion, Vox and much more including those Club Thumpin 808's we all love to hear.
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Straight from the year 3059, swimming straight into your favorite DAW, we proudly present to you our largest pack to date, "Future Bāss". This massive pack contains over 425 high-quality drag & drop future bass samples ranging from fat kicks and sensual effects, to unique snares and eccentric foley.
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XLNTSOUND Riddim Riot Vol.2

The riot wages on! After the huge success of our first riddim pack, we proudly present to you Riddim Riot Vol. 2. Stockpile your Riddim arsenal with over 250 of the hardest-hitting, high-quality dubstep samples on the market.
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Initiate a full-blown riot in your DAW with the filthiest, wobbliest, most mind-blowing riddim samples on the market today. With over 250+ neck-breaking samples , you’ll soon be making the heaviest, most wonky riddim tracks that everyone will bang their heads to.
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MVP Platinum Groove Republic

Groove Republic is here from MVP Platinum! Played by the top live players in LA and produced by the best in the industry at content and sample library development you will find radio ready loops included in this product that are hit ready! Featuring 5 massive separate construction kit ideas that all include keys, synths, live guitar, live drums, live bass, and live percussion. This product represents the styles of hitmakers such as the One Republic/Timbaland combination, Chain Smokers, Justin Timberlake and many more. Groove republic delivers you an A team of musicians creating content that you crave backed by the MVP Platinum team's engineers and producers using the best pre amps and converters to deliver a sound that is spectacular. Included are the separate parts, but also you receive a full mix, music mix, tweaked lo-fi mixes, and of course the drums in the drum mix for your pleasure. Mix and match parts, chop them up, drop the loops into your productions to give them new life. Groove Republic contains 428MB of top notch content to choose from you can't go wrong.
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Little Bit Festival Techno

Packed with pumping kick-heavy beats, tribal-infused grooves, dubbed-out chords, ominous synths, twisted tops, menacing bass, analogue FX and bouncy percussions along with finely produced drums Festival Techno pushes the boundaries of contemporary sound design; delivering 477.8 of essential audio gold!
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EDM Templates Insane Hybrid Trap

Do you want to produce Hybrid Trap type music in Ableton Live?We got one of the biggest time saving and learning resource for you. 1. All the drums and instruments of this project file were programmed in MIDI.
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EDM Templates Warehouse

Do you want to produce Bass House in Ableton Live?We got one of the biggest time saving and learning resource for you. Heavily influenced by the modern sounds of Dillon Nathaniel, Matroda and Malaa.
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MVP Platinum Funky Drumma

‘Funky Drumma’ by MVP Platinum is here to bring you those old-school drum grooves of the 70s. Featuring live acoustic drum loops and one-shots performed by the best drummers in Los Angeles, and enhanced with signature audio processing by the engineers at MVP Platinum, ‘Funky Drumma’ will set that radio-ready vibe for your productions.
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