Splice Sounds Ekali Drumkit Vol.3

Whether you're producing future bass, R&B, trap, or EDM, Ekali's crisp drums and stellar synth work and producing chops will fit snug into your tracks. Welcome him for a third round as he returns in a pack of 100 new sounds.
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Splice Sounds Canblaster Chord Memories 2010-2015

Canblaster is an electronic producer and DJ who is one fourth of Club cheval, a cutting-edge French dance music project. His sample pack brings a varied collection of sounds that reflect his signature sound design chops, boasting innovative timbres, crisp grooves, and more.
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Touch Loops VHS Rhythms

Gritty, Lo-Fi Sample Pack Textured, nostalgic, saturated and 100% beautifully produced, this MPC heavy Lo-Fi Sample Pack has all the emotion, character and bump you’d expect from the production genius that is Oribu.
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Touch Loops Touch Elements Soul Chords

Soulful Chords Inspired by the sounds of Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop & Jazz plus artists like Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei and Alfa Mist. This incredibly inspiring batch of soulful chords are the perfect remedy for a lack of inspiration or those desperate songwriters blocks.
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Touch Loops Texture and Pulse

Beautiful Organic Samples Texture and pulse is a beautiful exploration into the world of abstract pop, exquisite sound design and genre blurring. Treading the line between catchy hooks and beautiful textures, this truly unique and organic sample pack has all the makings of a classic and guarantees to break you out of your creative shell!
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Touch Loops Soul Voices

Beautifully Soulful Vocal Loops Soul Voices is the debut Touch Loops vocal pack that makes finding the perfect soulful vocal loop easy. No more digging through corny content, excessive FX or cheesy lyrics.
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Touch Loops Prophets From The Future

Download Iconic Analogue Synth Loops The iconic sounds and impact of an amazing analogue synth both is, and will always be longed for by producers and musicians alike! It’s this admiration that drove us to create a mouth watering collection of Dave Smith Prophet analogue synth loops.
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Touch Loops LA Beats

Download Live Hip-Hop Samples Inspired by Tyler The Creators groundbreaking albums ‘Flower Boy’ & ‘Igor’, these genre twisting live samples push the mould of what classic hip-hop can be. Contemporary, saturated but always beautiful, this is the first place you’ll want to look when starting to download some fresh hip-hop samples.
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Touch Loops Foley Soundscapes

Organic Texture Samples Foley Soundscapes is the first and last pack you’ll need to add beautifully detailed organic texture samples into your selection. From processed foley samples to manipulated granular soundscapes, side-chained noise and beyond, these incredible organic percussion loops & samples add endless movement.
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Touch Loops Disk Drums

Classic Hip-Hop Drum Samples If you like your Hip-Hop drum samples to be PHAT, saturated and full of character then look no further my friend. This incredibly well produced, mixed and processed selection of Lo-Fi & Classic hip-hop drum loops are teaming with character and guarantee to add weight and style to any track they so grace!
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Touch Loops Blue Keys and MIDI

Delicious Soulful Piano LoopsLooking to add some stylish piano flare and style to your tracks? Then look no further! Blue Chords is a delicious dive into the world jazz, RnB & Soul showcasing that Soulection sound we all know and love. Think soulful piano loops, rich and dense classic Rhodes Piano licks, moorish leads and bags of character.
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Big Room Sound Hums Static Interference

A collection of noisy electrical sounds. Fluorescent lights humming, microphones feeding back, electricity arcs, glitches, static and futzes from various equipment all make up this pack.
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CREATE.Digital Music Elysium 2

The 2nd installment of a soulful Hip-Hop experience organically grown with inspired music production and hard-hitting musicianship. Created by Charlie Bereal (Jay Z, 1500orNothin, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Diddy, Kanye West, and Jamie Foxx) and Flinstone (The Underdogs, Warryn Campbell, Soul Shock and Karlin, and Fantasia) from the collective of Cross Roads Studio. This kit includes sultry vocals and intense recorded drums unique to the style of the creators. Brought to you by CREATE.Digital Music.
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Make hits quick with “Uplifting Hook Vocals” by HQO featuring 5 original hooks with fresh melodies dripping with nothing but flavor. Tempos range between 89bpm-155bpm. Perfect for RnB, Hip Hop and Soul producers who want instant inspiration to build around. Pack includes individual 24 bit WAV files in both WET/DRY versions and fully mixed hooks ready to drag and drop in your favorite DAW. Listen to the demo to hear exactly what's in the pack and then smash the download button to start making original hits fast!
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DiyMusicBiz The 4th Fireworks SFX Sound Pack

Rockets, Mortars, and things that go BOOM. This sound pack is producers who want to get a little creative with production (add a little spice in their lives) or for indie game developers looking to explosive and zip by sounds to layer into their video games. Sounds are in wav format and will work in all major Daws: Logic, FL Studio 20, Reason, Pro Tools etc. More to come, I hope you enjoy this sound pack Disclaimer: Some audio files have a rapid succession of explosions, others are spaced out allowing you to chop sections out for your needs. explosives are hard to capture, there are some random pedestrians in the records most are masked with explosions, the others can be chopped out and, I have a release for all vox so if you use them in your projects, you're safe! Credits: Dennis Perkins & Greg Savage
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