F9 Audio Essentials Synth Bass MPC Beats Expansion

F9 proudly presents the much anticipated Essential Synth Bass. Following on from their incredible F9 Instruments MPC Expansion, this pack brings you a whole slice of retro and contemporary synth bass instruments, expertly curated for modern producers.
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Zenhiser Movie Impacts

Zenhiser's back with another thought evoking collection of sound fx for Music, Film, TV & Games. This time we're delving into Movie Impact FX whist going deeper and further than ever before. Comprising of multiple sections, dedicated to specific impact fx this sample pack is a wealth of sonic perfection, with just over 490 perfectly crafted Movie Impact FX you will be amazed at just how big this fx collection is. Every fx sound has been designed from the ground up and delivers that high end quality you know & would expect from Zenhiser.
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Rocket Powered Sounds Utimate Sample Pack

This Pack Will Help You: Sound like your favorite artists Create hit-worthy music that sounds professional
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Rocket Powered Sounds Rumble

Finally, you can unlock 600+ Unique Dubstep Samples & Vital Presets so heavy, you'll impress every listener... Inside this mind-blowing production suite, you'll find hundreds of catchy drums, insane Vital Presets, iconic basses, unique melodies, and even accurate Yoinks.
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Acuraa Synergy DELUXE

270 custom drum one shots30 mixer presets 30 one shots 75 serum presets + 75 one shots
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Xeromadeit 'DS3' 2200+ Alien Super Trap Sound Kit

drum kit:82 x 808 21 x bells 30 x clap
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406ahmad 3k Birthday Stash Kit

Contains 100+ drums, 10 loops, 40+ oneshots, 20 shaperbox3 presets & 10 portal presets ! DISCLAIMER: TO USE THE SHAPERBOX3 PRESETS YOU NEED FL STUDIO 21 + SHAPERBOX3 3.2.1
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TY Por Vida (Multi Kit)

Introducing the groundbreaking collection created and curated by renowned sound designer TY. This mammoth pack has over 500 sounds. Immerse yourself in the timeless RnB soundscape of the 90s and 2000s inspired by legends like The Neptunes and Timbaland.
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Molores HOWL Drum Kit

Ready to use sounds in the style of Destroy Lonely, Ken Carson, Homixide Gang, Yeat, Lancey Foux, Zelly Ocho, Lunchbox and More! HOWL DRUM KIT Includes:
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VVRAPED SOUND Original Sound of PO-14 Sub

150 one-shots in WAV & AIFF formats
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W. A. Production What About: Fiery Reggaeton Vocals

As soon as a great Reggaeton track comes on, the whole room can feel the energy. Outside of the genre’s instantly identifiable beat is another essential aspect of any Reggaeton song - a HOT vocal! That’s why we’re so excited to bring you What about: Fiery Reggaeton Vocals from Nashville-based hit singer/songwriter Lisa Goe. With its unique blend of sultry English and Spanish lyrics and deep, layered cuts, this pack is sure to spice up any track.
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Midilatino Multiverse Bundle

Te presentamos la primera colaboración exclusiva de Midilatino con un productor Multi-platino de la isla del encanto, Puerto Rico. Hugo René Sención Sanabria artísticamente conocido como “Hydra,” es un productor Multi-platino el cual ha sido el creador de ritmos como, “Me Fije – Alex Rose Ft. Ft Rauw Alejandro” y “Baby Mama Remix – Joyce Santana Ft. Farruko, Myke Towers, Eladio Carrion, Ñengo Flow y Luar La L” entre otros éxitos.
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Big 5 Audio Ingredients Vital Wavetables

50 Wavetables! Made to quickly add texture and movement to your design. For Sound Designers, Producers and Audio Peeps. Total Files:
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MixReady Bass Mechanics (Bass Presets)

Fundamental Engineering. + Ever noticed how a well designed low end always takes your mix to the next level? Gluing in place your sonics with depth and power, while sitting in complete harmonic balance with your other channels...? You'd almost think it was magic - it's not.
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MixReady Polychrome

The Full Spectrum. + A polyphonic world, full of saturated colour and possibilities: welcome to Polychrome.
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