Toontrack Movie Scores Action EZkeys

ACTION-PACKED!Song, riff and soundtrack ideas inspired by the action and suspense genre. Imagine a menacing spacecraft ominously hovering over a metropolitan city. Or someone running terrified, falling and stumbling through a dark patch of the deep woods. Or a car chase on the freeway in rush hour traffic. Or a squeaky door, slowly opening… What do you hear?
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Toontrack Melancholic Pop EZkeys

MELODIC MELANCHOLY.Piano ideas for songs that emote, provoke – and uplift. In music, there's something about melancholy that strikes a chord. Some songs leave unquestionable footprints, cling to you and make emotional dents that can't be denied or easily erased. Somehow, there's an illogicality in the fact that melancholy in music is as uplifting as it is brooding with sadness. It emotes, provokes and uplifts, just like art is supposed to.
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Toontrack Emotional Ballads EZkeys

AN OCEAN OF EMOTION.Modern pop and rock ballads chock-full of drama and melancholy. From jazz to R&B, soul, pop and even metal – piano-based ballads have made lasting forays into all different genres over the years. It may be that the timbre of the piano adds another dimension of heart-wrenching narrative or that its harmonic color translates especially well in wound down tempos – but regardless of reason, pair the piano with a slow tune and it seems to unequivocally throw a wet blanket of melancholy over any song. Needless to say, the piano is the perfect vehicle for infusing your ballads with an extra dose of emotion.
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Toontrack Dream Pop EZkeys

BIG DREAMS. BIG SONGS.For your yet unwritten big, ambient pop songs. The Dream Pop EZkeys MIDI pack was influenced by the genre of dream pop as a whole, but also loosely based around the EZkeys String Machine instrument and its rich palette of sounds. Even though it comes with traditional piano or keyboard playing styles and works just as well with any instrument in the EZkeys Line, the separate section of “dream pads” related to each song is tailored for ambient and ethereal soundscapes.
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Toontrack Contemporary Soul Ballads EZkeys

A WHOLE LOT OF SOUL.Ideas and inspiration for your next few modern, heart-wrenching slow soul songs. Although soul music has taken many shapes, forms, twists and turns since the '50s and on, it's never been out of style. However, one can't deny its massive peak and resurgence of late. Artists like Adele, John Legend, Jacob Banks, Sam Smith, Rag'n'Bone Man and many more have placed modern soul music at the top of the food chain and all had hits that have dominated the airwaves and charts. Most of these worldwide hits are ballads. And admittedly, there is something about soul and ballads that goes together – like a common thread in the fabric of both that makes the heartache, the traces of rhythm and blues and the subtle gospel references come full circle in slow, soulful glory.
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Toontrack Ballads 2 EZkeys

NOT SICK OF LOVE SONGS?From intimate singer/songwriter material to epic arena pop and modern-day soul. This collection picks up where Ballads EZkeys MIDI left off and continues to read between the lines of piano inspired ballad music of the past few decades. From intimate singer/songwriter material to, epic arena pop and modern-day soul. Ballads 2 EZkeys MIDI simply offers more of the timeless playing styles and chord progressions you can use as your foundation for a near infinite number of songs.
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Toontrack AOR Ballads EZkeys

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Toontrack Americana EZkeys

FROM THE HEARTLAND.Straight from the heartland of American songwriting tradition. Americana is the genre that is impossible to label but effortless to identify. With a breadth of branches that unapologetically cross over blues, folk, country and gospel, it's a raw and fearless blend with roots that arguably run deeper in the rich soil of American songwriting tradition than any genre.
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Toontrack The Metal Foundry

THREE DRUMMERS. ONE PACKAGE. Three world-class drummers in one, massive MIDI library. Expect anything from classic rock to the farthest left on the scale of extreme metal.
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Toontrack Ballads EZkeys

INSTANT LOVE SONGS. This pack covers anything from classic 70s-esque progressions to the bombastic power ballads of the 80s leading up to the modern soul, R&B, pop and country songs that top the charts of today.
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Toontrack Rock!

DRAG, DROP AND ROCK. The essential, basic but still driving drums that just fall seamlessly into place in any rock track.
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Toontrack Metal!

THE X-FILES OF DIRK. Ten (10) of the most diverse, intense and insane songs in Dirk Verbeuren's extensive catalogue. An exhibition of the finest in what modern metal drumming has to offer.
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Toontrack Country EZkeys

TRADITION AND INNOVATION. Anything from the classic expressions to the timeless ballads and the slick, pop-influenced styles that top the charts of today.
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Puremagnetik Zerone

Zerone | Audio Particle Splitter Zerone is an audio particle splitter that uses granular processes to dissect sound. It has two branches of granular processors that can time compress/expand and iterate over time segments.
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Puremagnetik Washout

Washout | Extreme Phase and Filter Matrix Washout is a multi-chained filter and phaser device designed to animate, modulate and mutate the audio you feed it. With up to 128 all-pass filter stages, and a complex modulation section, Washout can take your sounds out of this universe and back again with the turn of a few dials.
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