Toontrack AOR Grooves MiDi

ROCK SOPHISTICATION.A profound collection of timeless rock grooves – inspired by the greats of AOR. When bands like Boston, Journey, Toto, The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan rose to international fame in the late ’70s, someone had already coined the divider Adult Oriented Rock (AOR) to set this new, lush and often technically inclined genre apart from its more rowdy sibling, classic rock. With its huge hooks, slick, layered productions and musical prowess, it became the new, widely accepted soundtrack to not only mainstream USA, but the world. Suddenly, rock wasn’t all about being loud. Now, songwriting, performance and skill were front and center, not least in terms of drummers. Players like Jeff Porcaro, Bernard Purdie and Steve Gadd would go on to inspire a whole new generation of drummers around the world.
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Tone2 BiFilter 2

BiFilter is a stereo multi-mode filter with a selection of 47 different sounding filter types. You can combine these filters with 8 additional distortion types, FM, AM, wave shaping and lo-fi effects to create new and unheard-of sounds. A high precision display shows the frequency response of the filter in real-time. Since you can always see and hear what's happening, BiFilter is very user-friendly.
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Toontrack Hip-Hop Offbeats MiDi

A collection of hip-hop drum MIDI variations that are off for all the right reasons. When it comes to timing, there’s no right or wrong. Some rush the beat, others stay behind it – a few, like Hampus Sjöstedt, venture off into completely new rhythmic landscapes. “For me, I’ve realized that real groove is when I let go of all inhibitions, lose myself in the beat and just let music be music,” he commented.
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Toontrack Post-Rock Grooves MiDi

A JOURNEY IN DYNAMICS.From subtle to the most explosive outbursts. A true journey in dynamic drumming. A post-rock song is all about dynamics, about starting from from an open soundscape and adding layer by layer until the track explodes into a violent crescendo. It’s about thinking outside the box, about raw emotion and unadulterated creativity. And that is exactly how Icelandic drummer Arnar Gíslason approached the recording of this drum MIDI. He started with the most stripped down groove imaginable and then let each variation take its own natural course towards an absolute peak – from the most subtle, nuanced patterns to violently forcing every element of the kit to fit in probably some of the most energetic and creative drum beats ever recorded. This collection of true off-kilter rhythmic ideas will undoubtedly put a new, interesting spin on your next track. Expect the unexpected.
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Toontrack Soul Grooves MiDi

A comprehensive collection of drum grooves for your next soul song. If drums are the heartbeat of a song – groove is the soul. Something you can’t touch, just feel. It’s that inexplicable notion that just makes a beat sound right. It’s about the timing, the stroke, the velocity, the context – a complex machinery that runs solely on human parts. That’s why you can’t cheat your way there. And this collection of drum grooves has soul. More precisely – hundreds.
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Toontrack Classic Soul EZkeys MiDi

A wide range of playing styles for classic soul music. By fusing gospel, blues and jazz with an aura of change and positivity, soul music dominated the charts of the late 1950’s and ’60s. More than sixty years later, some of the timeless anthems of this classic era are covered, interpreted and still play a central part in influencing the sound of today. No question – the heritage of soul has left an unmistakable watermark on culture and popular music as we know it.
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Tone2 Warmverb Multi-FX

With an easy to use interface, an intelligent random function and over 150 presets, Multi-FX gives you instant access to a large selection of essential effects and inspiring new sounds.
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Toontrack Movie Scores EZkeys MiDi

LIGHTS. CAMERA. MIDI.On the silver screen, images are not the only storyteller. Watch a movie scene. Then mute the sound and watch it again. It will become painfully obvious that one of the most integral ingredients in creating dramatic tension, suspense, horror or any portrayable emotion is music. Just like images, its speaks a universal language that transcends age, gender and heritage – painting vivid harmonic landscapes that makes scenes come to life, take on new meanings and moods. Simply put: music is a storyteller. This collection of MIDI is designed for just that.
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Toontrack Boogie EZkeys MiDi

LET’S BOOGIE.Piano MIDI playing variations for the timeless art of boogie. From the turn-of-the-century barrelhouses in the no-name towns of the Southern states, the uniform bass line of the boogie has echoed unconverted to our present day. With one unmistakable chord sequence, it’s managed to seep through 100 years of musical history and come out without the slightest of a dent. To this day, it still has us putting our dancing shoes on. It’s just what boogie does.
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Creative Intent Remnant

Remnant is a digital grain delay effect designed for dense, experimental soundscapes and sharp, stuttering glitches. Remnant fills an analogue tape-inspired delay line with its input signal while two independent grain engines, operating in parallel, draw fragments of sound from the delay line. The two engines feedback both into themselves and into each other, creating concentrated and constantly varying patterns in time and in space. Remnant also features a fully vector, resizable interface that pushes the boundaries of traditional audio plugin design.
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Toontrack Basic Jazz MiDi

INSTANT COMPOSITION.Basic, traditional jazz and swing drum MIDI variations. In jazz, there is no given set of rules. Rather a canvas on which you, as a musician, paint with broad strokes to create an ever-shifting musical landscape. This goes true especially for the drums. Even if they’re the focal point of the beat, they constantly shift, move and feed off the spur of the moment, a creative urge or an unbridled notion. Jazz is the art of musical storytelling where the instruments all speak their own language, but with one coherent voice. Welcome to the chapter about drums.
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Toontrack Reggae Beats MiDi

IT’S ALL IN THE RHYTHM.From slow, traditional roots oriented reggae through Jamaican ska and dancehall. Anyone who knows their reggae would agree that the undeniable foundation to any reggae or roots oriented track is the rhythm section, always with the steady beat of the drums at the very forefront. In fact, reggae is likely unrivaled in terms of distinguishing drums. The moment that rhythm hits you, you know. This pack explores the many faces of the genre and includes all the trademark side stick beats, the rockers, the one drops, the steppers and the unmistakable fills. From slow, traditional roots oriented reggae through Jamaican ska and dancehall. There simply is nothing like a reggae beat. Hard to play, impossible to mimic. But now easy to get.
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Toontrack Keys and Strings EZkeys

THE BEST OF TWO WORLDS. Two separate but related sections in each song – one for keys and one for strings. Maximum creativity ensured!
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Toontrack Movie Scores Horror EZkeys MiDi

NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED.EZkeys MIDI that will make your skin crawl. How do you musically narrate a nightmare? A ghostly figure that suddenly appears in someone’s mirror image? Someone hiding terrified in a closet while heavy, dragging footsteps slowly approach? Fear is one of those universal emotions that connect with us all on a fundamental level. But illustrating it on the silver screen takes much more than elaborate scenes, great acting and cinematography – it takes music too.
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Toontrack Pop Rock EZkeys

A SONGWRITING GEM. From soothing ballads to funky pop and uptempo rock – ready for you to build and customize your own tracks with.
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