UJAM Drummer Bundle

SOLID, HEAVY and PHAT included Authentic pro drums The fastest way to add kick-ass custom drumming to your production
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UJam Virtual Guitaris Carbon

The Toughest ElementThis story-telling super weapon brings heavily distorted sounds to your production... Utterly Familiar yet Excitingly Strange
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Toontrack Singer-Songwriter Grooves

ALL OUT LAID BACK.A broad collection of grooves for laid back and vocal-driven pop/rock. This collection of drum grooves was put together with the demanding singer-songwriter in mind. For anyone looking to write vocal- and melody-driven music where the drums are meant to serve as the backbone of the rhythm section but never get in the way of what matters the most: the song.
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Toontrack Shuffled Backbeats MiDi

THE END OF YOUR SHUFFLE TROUBLE.A broad palette of shuffled drum grooves for anything from classic rock to modern pop. There’s something about those swung eighth and sixteenth notes – not only theoretically, but physically. The moment you nudge those seemingly insignificant notes back, you instantly get a completely different feel and rhythm. Playing shuffled grooves, on the other hand, is far from simply backing off on notes – it’s a subtile art of timing and finesse. Listen to greats like Bernard Purdie, Jeff Porcaro and Steve Jordan, who all have immortalized and reinvented the shuffled groove in numerous timeless songs, and you’ll hear it.
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Bigwerks Vibrations Plugin RETAiL

The ideal behind this plugin was to design sounds that even with basic melodies would sound amazing! With over 100 AMAZING sounds in Vibrations 1st exp "Mask OFF" we're sure the sounds in this project will catch your attention and better your workflow while you're making FIRE TRACKS!
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Soundspot Union Leads 1 Expansion Bank

After the highly successful launch of Union, our new powerhouse synth plugin, many of you have been in touch asking when additional preset banks will be available. Well we're delighted to announce that the very first preset expansion bank is here, and has been created by the talented producer Demis Hellen.
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Toontrack Disco EZkeys

A TREK TO THE DISCOTHEQUE.A collection of truly funky playing variations for any classic or modern disco track! The drums and the bass may be the backbone of any typical disco track, but stripped of the funky twang or rhythmic pulse of the keys, something obvious would be missing. This collection of EZkeys MIDI takes you on a disco journey starting in the wake of the 1970s funk movement and stopping right where we are today.
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Soundspot Union Plucks 1 Expansion Pack

It’s here… You can now grab a copy of the new Plucks 1 Union Expansion bank which delivers 66 expertly designed pluck sounds that can be used across multiple genres to give your tracks a distinctive melodic hook that will make your productions stand out from the crowd.
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Toontrack Movie Scores Suspense EZkeys MiDi

IMMENSELY INTENSE.For your yet unwritten dramatic, intense and mysterious songs or scores. There’s something about movies. Although we know how a plot will unfold, we’re still there – hooked and at the edge of our seats, waiting to be able to exhale that sigh of relief. Inevitably, music plays a pivotal role in this narrative. Arguably, there is nothing like it to emphasize a scene, an emotion or turn of events. Combined with pictures in motion, it’s almost impossible to not get submerged. That’s the combined power of two opposite forms of art working together in perfect symbiosis.
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Toontrack Movie Scores Drama EZkeys MiDi

MIDI FOR THE SILVER SCREEN.Piano playing variations for dramatic songs or scores. Music is so deeply embedded in the motion picture narrative that it’s uncanny to imagine it without. In a captivating movie scene, it adds just as much as impeccably delivered dialogue, beautiful cinematography or forceful acting. Sometimes it’s so perfectly transparent that we don’t even pay attention to it, we just get absorbed and submerged… This is what takes place when all storytelling elements come together and what we generally refer to as ‘magic’ happening.
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Toontrack Movie Scores Romance EZkeys

FOR SCORES AND MORE.For your yet unwritten ballads or romantic soundtracks. Unlike in popular music, where we tend to cram as much as we can into a minute and a half and then repeat it, music for television and the silver screen is designed to emphasize a narrative – add tension, suspense and context. It has little or no boundaries other than that it needs to act as one coherent voice together with the images to convey a story.
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Industry Kits NOW Essential FX Bundle

8 ESSENTIAL FX PLUG-INS | 1 BUNDLE Every Producer Knows A Solid Mix Means All The Difference To Help Make A Dope Beat & Also Greatly Impacts Sales & Potential Clients Opinions.
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Toontrack Classic Rock Grooves MiDi

GROOVES YOU NEED TO MAKE ROOM FOR.Drum grooves and fills inspired by the greats of classic rock. In the 1970s, acts like Whitesnake, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin not only paved way for a new breed of loud, beat-driven rock – they also revitalized the drum hero of the jazz-age and cemented the role of the drums as one of the pivot points around which they based their sound. Still to this day, the pummeling grooves of John Bonham, Ian Paice, Keith Moon and Bill Ward continue to inspire writers and underline the fact that in classic rock, the drums are – and should be – loud, obnoxious and play as much of a leading part as anything else in a song.
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Toontrack Funk MiDi

GROOVES THAT MAKE YOU MOVE.A comprehensive collection of drum MIDI that captures the essence of funk: the groove. More so than in any genre, the rhythm section and the overall groove in a funk song is the pivot point around which everything else revolves. In fact, some of the world’s most sampled drum beats come straight off classic funk records. Still to this day, the drum grooves of James Brown, Chaka Khan, The Commodores and many others are sampled and cited as major influences by contemporary top music producers from around the world.
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Toontrack Disco Grooves MiDi

BEATS TO MOVE YOUR FEET TO. A comprehensive collection of funk-infused drum grooves inspired by classic and modern dance music.
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