StudioLinkedVST Trap Boom 4

Trap boom 4 is a virtual instrument compatible for both mac & PC. Contains 60+ presets inspired by Trippie redd, lil Pump and Dababy melodic trap productions. Trap boom 4 takes off where Trap boom 3 ended. New sounds, New Flavor New Sauce for your next beat.
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StudioLinkedVST MAMBA

MAMBA is a virtual instrument. Inspired by and tribute to the late great Kobe Bryant. Who passed at the age of 41. So we packed this plugin with 41 of the hottest presets and instruments.
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StudioLinkedVST Lit Drumz

Lit Drumz is a virtual drum machine containing acoustic and electronic drum kits. Compatible for both MAC and PC. Coming in VST and Audio Unit formats. - 20 Kits Plus 3 bonus
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Sampleson Reed200

SPECTRAL MODELED WURLITZER Reed200 is our second spectral modeled instrument. We can say it's all that we dreamed about. Clean and responsive timbre made out of the real Wurlitzer. Stacking up to 600 pure sinewaves, we achieved a perfect and accurate timbre reproducing the sound that a Wurli generates on the line output (Also we included a cabinet and drive emulator).
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WA Production Dodge Pro

We’re all familiar with the concept of sidechain processing; ducking the amplitude of one audio signal when another is playing. This studio technique is the basis for modern dance music and creates an energetic rhythm that gets hearts beating and feet moving.
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Adam Monroe Music Austrian Grand Piano

Adam Monroe's Austrian Grand piano was sampled from a 100 year old Bruder Mikula Wien Austrian grand through a pair of AEA R84 ribbon microphones into an AEA TRP ribbon microphone preamp. Prior to recording, the piano's hammer felts were sanded down to warm them up a bit. The piano was sampled in stereo under the lid, because that's where the tone sounded best. It took many weeks to sample the piano entirely, as it was in such a state that most of the tuning pegs could no longer hold a pitch for any length of time. The piano was sampled laboriously, with the softest to loudest dynamics being played, resulting in a library that includes 10 velocity layers and 2 note round-robin.
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Noisebud Skyline

Noisebud Skyline is an easy to use multi-band image editor for mastering. You can easily enhance or create depth in a track with the quick and easily accessible controls and you don't have to worry that you push it too hard since whatever you do with Skyline you can't break the mono-compatibility. Skyline consists of three main controls, Spread, Pan and Width. 'Spread' will either enhance the ambiance by using the information in the difference channel and spread it out in the stereo-field, or use the information from the sum-channel and spread that out in the stereo-field. The latter is great if you want to up-mix a mono-file to stereo. 'Pan' will pan the audio in the selected band and 'Width' will either boost the sum or the difference by 2dB without touching the other channel. Watch the video, preferable with headphones to get an idea of this little gem.
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Voxengo CRTIV Shumovick

CRTIV Shumovick AU, AAX, and VST plugin for professional music production applications produces a creative dynamic noise-floor padding effect. This effect is most effective on beats and synth sounds used in electronic music production – EDM, hip-hop, and many others. The noise-floor effect created by this plug-in is correlated to the spectral content of the sound being processed.
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Toontrack Drum Beats MIDI

In much of modern music, the drums are not about intricate grooves or elaborate drum solo-like fills – they're rather about serving as a steady backbone, delivering sturdy variations of the same beat throughout the song. This is exactly what the Drum Beats MIDI pack provides: a plethora of basic but inspirational four-bar grooves for a near endless variety of styles. Regardless of whether you're writing a modern four-on-the-floor-based pop anthem, an old-school hip-hop track or a laid-back jazz-inspired song, this collection of MIDI will make sure you'll never skip a beat when you're in the creative zone.
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Industry Kits RetroFlex FX

We're Excited To Bring The ProducerGANG An All New Effect Plug-In That We Have Been Working Hard On. This New PlugIn Makes It Very Simple For You To Get That Vintage Sound In Your Productions With Little To No Effort & Experience Needed.
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Industry Kits SpaceCraft StarLight Expansion

TAKE STARLIGHT INTO WARP DRIVE WITH THIS NEW EXPANSION We've Been Working HARD On Upgrading , Enhancing & Bringing New Presets To Our StarLight Instrument.
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Native Instruments Creator Tools

HIGH PERFORMANCE SAMPLER KONTAKT is the industry standard sampled instrument platform, chosen by top instrument developers the world over.
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UJAM Finisher Neo

Infinite Instant InspirationBoldly going where no audio effect has gone before. Inspiration & Creative Control. Finisher is a new concept of audio plug-ins, designed to deliver the power and flexibility of a full rack of audio processors and effects with the instant gratification and not a steep learning curve that UJAM products are famous for.
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Native Instruments Deep Matter Maschine Expansion

DEEP MELODIC TECHNOCaptures the authentic vibes of Berlin’s underground sound. Features found sound percussion and atmospheric field recordings.
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Infinit Essentials Kryteria

Kryteria is an amazing VST with High-Quality not only dose it sound good but This dynamic software was built for one of the hottest producers in today's modern music. TrellGotWings. TGW has work with some of the best artist in the industry like Future / JuiceWRLD / Lil Keed / and Gunna and many more. Kryteria comes with 100 signature sounds made by TrellGotwings and S3miSosa.
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