Touch Loops Lo-Fi Hip-Hop

Crate diggers, beat makers and hip-hop fans unite. This ones for you and wow is it special. Taking us way back to the heyday of classic hip-hop, where crate diggers would treasure their favourite diggin spots and the MPC was all you needed to create the perfect beat tape.
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Touch Loops Jazz Flutes

Jazz Flutes is the finest collection of jazz flute samples and guarantees to offer endless levels of inspiration each and every time. Performed, recorded and produced by the outrageously talented session musician Renato Bianucci, each loop captures the true essence of jazz and is just asking to breath fresh life into your compositions.
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The Complete Technique, Theory and Scales Compilation for Guitar

This compilation brings together three best-selling books that will help you master the essential rudiments of playing the guitar; Technique, Theory and the Application of all the Essential Scales in Music.
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Touch Loops Upright Bass Sessions

From Hip-Hop to DnB, Jazz & Soul one thing has remained a constant; the love, tone and snap of a beautifully performed double bass. Recorded in a bespoke studio in downtown New York and performed by world class session musician Jeff Dingler, this incredible collection of double bass samples and one shots are the perfect addition to any beat makers sample collection.
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Touch Loops Underground DnB

Underground DnB is an incredible exploration into the sound design heavy world of contemporary Drum n Bass. Referencing styles from Neuro to minimal, deep to straight rollers this incredible library of Drum & Bass samples have been masterfully crafted by a producer who is seriously in the know.
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Touch Loops Analogue Drum One Shots

This beautifully crafted collection of analogue drum one shot samples is everything you could possibly need to create incredible sounding beats. From twisted FX hits to tape driven kicks, crisp snares and claps to beautiful hi-hats we've covered so much ground to ensure these hard hitting drum samples lift your productions to new levels.
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Touch Loops Analogue Odyssey

Analogue Odyssey is a treasure chest of synth explorations, instrument experimentations and a true love for all things analogue. From rich Juno arps to stunning Rhodes performances, rolling stab patterns to drum machine heavy beats our producer of choice William Haxworth has dug deep to truly showcase his amazing collection of musical inspiration and created our favourite collection of electronica loops and samples.
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Touch Loops Neo Soul Guitars

Neo Soul Guitars is an exploration into the inspiring guitar fuelled world of Neo-soul, jazz, RnB & Hip-Hop. Recorded, produced and mixed by the stupidly talented session guitarist Artiom Krikunov, this truly original and unique collection of Neo-Soul guitar samples will form the bedrock of your next great composition.
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Touch Loops Jazz Guitars

Prepare to enter what we're calling a sample diggers dream! Jazz guitars is the first and last collection of jazz samples you'll ever need for creating incredible jazz tinged hip-hop, laid back RnB, contemporary pop or anything that needs that touch of a live instrument. Created by the outrageously talented guitarist Artiom Krikunov, this truly bespoke jazz guitar sample pack has all the makings of an instant classic.
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ADSR Sounds Riffer Jumpstart Course

Riffer is a creative MIDI sequencer that can help you create melodies, bass lines, sequencers and even arpeggiator patterns. This course takes you from the basics of how to use Audiomodern’s plugin, Riffer through to building a beat.
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WavSupply TouchOfTrent Tsunami

50 custom made presets for Omnisphere, created by TouchOfTrent Contains:
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VR1 Big Room EDM Construction Kits

25 Big room EDM construction kits. This is huge EDM stems pack with around 15 stems per kit.
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Pro Sample Packs Techno World

Pro SP are proud to present our next Techno World sample pack! We have collected a lot of interesting things in this sample pack and you can easily create your next track using our newest Techno World sample pack collection.
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SzcZ Orchestra Enigmatica

Orchestra Enigmatica is an instrument based on samples from vintage analog "orchestral" synthesizer, Siel Orchestra from 1979 (first version). There are some additional voices created with 1984 Sequential Circuits Six-Track.
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SzcZ Cracklefield

Cracklefield is an advanced generative sequencer for Kontakt featuring cellular multi-directional and interactive patterns which can create wonderfully unique musical phrases and rhythms.
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