Udemy Songwriting Magic and Craft

Songwriting Magic will educate and inspire you. It will give you the skills to write better songs, songs unique to you. The time has come to write the songs you will always be proud of.
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Cinetools Terminus

Imagine that time travel is possible… extraterrestrials coming to earth.. imagine life on another planet and you can meet your alter ego in another universe.. could you ever get to another space-time? Be prepared to break the rules! This time we are taken into alternate versions of reality and parallel Earths! Are you ready to destroys the boundaries between reality and imagination?
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Toontrack Urban Jazz EZkeys

FROM THE HEART OF THE CITY.EZkeys MIDI for modern, slick and progressive songs that hint of jazz, fusion, rock and funk. Add a little soul to a mix of jazz, fusion, rock and funk and you have the essence of the Urban Jazz EZkeys MIDI pack. Expect big chords, percussive patterns, intricate runs and harmonically challenging progressions for use in anything from ballads to uptempo songs.
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VSTBuzz Vintage Machines

Vintage drum machines and analogue gear have their own defining character. But what happens when you run a vintage drum machine through different analogue rigs? “Vintage Machines” explores 8 different drum machines run through a selection of Classic Outboard Gear to create the old school tones, textures and timbres that only this combination of gear can offer!
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zplane deCoda

Picking apart and learning a new song is a time-consuming and sometimes difficult process for any musician. Now zplane has combined numerous audio technologies within deCoda to make it easier and quicker to learn and practice new material. deCoda is software designed to help both new and established musicians with learning and practising passages of music.
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Toontrack Pop Punk

PACKED WITH PUNK.Drum grooves and fills, tailored for your yet unwritten pop punk songs. Since classic acts like Blink-182, Sum 41 and Goldfinger paved the way and literally kicked the doors wide open to main stages and stadiums around the world, the pop punk genre has found itself in a constant evolution. To this day, it continues to produce countless acts setting new standards by the numbers, merging the don’t-give-a-damn attitude of punk with the power of timeless hooks, melody and modern pop production values. In terms of drums, we’re talking both ends of the extremes – from pummeling d-beats and untamed aggression down to laid-back and subtle.
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Toontrack Hooks and Chords EZkeys

AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF IDEAS.A creative toolbox of ideas for any writer of pop, rock, scores or commercial soundtracks. Musically and creatively, the Hooks & Chords EZkeys MIDI pack was made with the EZkeys Dream Machine and String Machine instruments in mind. However, seeing as the content was organized in two separate but related sections in each song – one for hooks and one for chords – it works just as well with any of the available sounds in the EZkeys Line. It was inspired by a wide range of material covering anything from pop and rock to movie scores and commercial soundtracks. Essentially, this content is suited for any songwriter looking to get instant inspiration for riffs, leading parts or quick ideas for compositions.
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Abstract State Under Techno

Abstract State presents ¨Under Techno¨ our brand new Sample Selection of dark, deep and pure Techno. Inspired by some of the big names in Techno music like Adam Beyer, Sam Paganini, Bart Skills, Julian Jeweil, Pig&Dan, Pan Pot and Victor Ruiz.
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Toontrack Americana EZkeys

FROM THE HEARTLAND.Straight from the heartland of American songwriting tradition. Americana is the genre that is impossible to label but effortless to identify. With a breadth of branches that unapologetically cross over blues, folk, country and gospel, it’s a raw and fearless blend with roots that arguably run deeper in the rich soil of American songwriting tradition than any genre.
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Toontrack Seventies Pop EZkeys

SOME SEVENTIES IDEAS.Inspired by the artists that wrote the soundtrack to the seventies. Even though disco may have been the prevalent genre on the airwaves and in the clubs of the ’70s, artists like Elton John, the Eagles, ABBA, John Lennon, the Bee Gees and countless others started a pop revolution that has yet to go away. This is where the Seventies Pop EZkeys MIDI pack takes off.
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PVLACE Loop Kit Vol.5

17 Loops + private mail for the contest
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Kyle Junior Volt Loop Kit

15 Loops composed by Kyle Junior + BONUS - 5 more loops (total 20 loops)
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WavSupply E-Trou Flush Drum and Melody Kit

78 drum midis (67 HH – 11 Snare) & 30 Melody MIDIs created by E-Trou of Internet Money.
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Rogue Amoeba BUNDLE 2019.12.07

Include: Rogue Amoeba Airfoil v5.8.8 MacOS Incl Keymaker-CORE Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack v3.6.2 MacOS Incl Keymaker-CORE
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Toontrack Pop Rock EZkeys

A SONGWRITING GEM. From soothing ballads to funky pop and uptempo rock – ready for you to build and customize your own tracks with.
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