Music Education Research: An Introduction

Designed to be used as a primary text in introductory research methods courses, Music Education Research: An Introduction aims to orient even the most novice researchers toward basic concepts and methodologies. Offering sustained attention to historical, philosophical, qualitative, quantitative, and action research approaches, the book includes overviews of how to read, interpret, design, and implement research within each framework.
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Lazerdisk Too Many Skies

Too Many Skies takes inspiration from artist's like ASAP Rocky, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock. Dusty drums, boomy bass, warm vocals, vintage keys and more!
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Gezin of 808 Mafia Prevade Gung Ho

23 new samples made by gezin & prevade. these are not royalty free. enjoy :) new pack dropping next week. thanks to everybody who supported the blackout sample pack. love.
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Innovative Samples Tempting Soul Music Returns 6

'Tempting Soul Music Returns 6' by Live Soundz Productions is the sixth installment of this old school 60s and 70s Soul series. This pack is full of smooth soulful chords, pads, and keys, inspired by The Temptations.
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Udemy Expanding The Fretboard

Many guitar players feel trapped or “boxed in” after they master the Minor Pentatonic Scale. This course is designed to get you out of that box and extend the amount of notes along the fretboard that you can use to solo and jam with. This will in-turn multiply your repertoire of licks that you’ll be able to play by leaps and bounds!
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Xscar 'KOSMOS' UK/NY Drill Drum Kit

Kit contains: 25 808s 45 Counter Snares
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Emperor Sounds Twisted Melodies Guitar 2

'Twisted Melodies Guitar 2' by Sound Sector is inspired by Hip Hop and RnB. These four Construction Kits contain all the elements needed to make an outstanding production.
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Experimenting the Human: Art, Music, and the Contemporary Posthuman

In Experimenting the Human , G Douglas Barrett argues that experimental music speaks to the contemporary posthuman, a condition in which science and technology decenter human agency amid the uneven temporality of postwar global capitalism. Time moves forward for some during this period, while it seems to stand still or even move backward for others. Some say we’re already posthuman, while others endure the extended consequences of never having been considered fully human in the first place. Experimental music reflects on this state, Barrett contends, through its interdisciplinary involvements in postwar science, technology, and art movements.
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Caelum Audio Plugins Bundle 2023.01

10 great plugins for your productions. Choric (NEW!!)
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Udemy Rock Guitar Power The Guitar Pro Jam

A course to teach you how to Jam, Improvise & Solo with other musicians or over any song or chord progression What you'll learn
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Thomas Crager Beats Evil World Guitar (Loop Kit)

Evil World Guitar Loop Kit 10 electric guitar loops (Stems included) 2 bonus loops from 'Thomas Crager Guitar Loop Kit - Vol. 1'
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Gezin of 808 Mafia Prevade Blackout (Sample Pack)

22 high quality samples made by gezin & prevade. the samples are not royalty free. thank you for supporting and buying. love, big gezin. (:
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SERUMGØD NORMANDY Loop Kit + Relay Drum Kit

The kit contains sounds, samples and presets that I used in previous projects, as well as samples that I remade NORMANDY LOOP KIT
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Moonboy 7$ Ultimate Bundle

6 Exclusive Sample Packs Included, 100% Royalty Free This bundle is a limited offer
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Synthetic MIDI + Serum Collection Vol.3

Includes 400+ Serum Presets & 1000+ MIDI a collection of Synthetic's work over the last two years. Enjoy using his unique and creative sounds to improve your workflow. The kit includes a variety of sounds usable for artists like Yeat, Destroy Lonely, Ken Carson, Dom Corleo, Hardrock, Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, and More!
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