David Hilowitz Cassette + Violin Experiments

A few weeks ago, I was walking down the street in beautiful, sunny Philadelphia when I passed a man with a bicycle cart sitting at a cafe–in his cart was a dusty old four-track recorder. I asked him about it and he said it was mine if I wanted it.
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Native Instruments Spotlight Collection: Ireland

From the haunting echoes of uilleann pipes to the spirited twang of the banjo, Spotlight Collection: Ireland delivers 11 traditional Irish instruments, captured in the heart of Milltown Malbay with renowned musician Noel Hill. Whether layering melodies into lively ensembles or infusing a touch of Irish influence into modern productions, this collection offers a genuine and evocative journey into the soulful world of Irish musical traditions.
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Cartel Loops Sicko World

'Sicko World' is fully loaded with all the sickest Trap sounds inspired by top charting artist, Travis Scott. This pack contains five Construction Kits with WAV and MIDI formats.
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Prod Inuya Bridge (Multi Kit)

+420 Sounds by inuya in the style of (Escense, Darkspin, Supertrap, Glo, Lovemusic) 60 8o8 13 Bass
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WA Production ChromaBox

ChromaBox (Previously ColorBox) "Due to a name similarity with another plugin on the market, we have decided to change the name of this tool to ChromaBox. All previous ColorBox users will get ChromaBox assigned automatically to their accounts."
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Nano Musik Loops Cinematic Strings Vol.12

'Cinematic Strings Vol 12' by Nano Musik Loops brings you ten more masterclass Construction Kits featuring stunning orchestral strings to give your productions a grand and majestic vibe. These fantastic Kits include drums, strings, horns and voice pads to make your tracks come alive. Whether you're composing thrilling film scores or adding some extra musical excitement to your Ambient, Pop or Trance track, 'Cinematic Strings Vol 12' will deliver a sophisticated and emotive edge to your production.
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Sonic Bloom ResoTaps by Max for Cats

ResoTaps expands on Live's Resonators concept by incorporating modulation, independent multi-tap delays, and MIDI-side-chaining for real-time resonator tuning. A Flexible Multi-Tap Resonator/Delay ResoTaps takes the concept of Ableton Live’s Resonators to the next level. It comes with five extra delay lines, one for each of the five resonators.
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rbrt_devices WROOM 2.0

WROOM is a device to create harsh,brutal feedback or dreamy, softly oscillating drones or whatever else you make it do. WROOM consists of a 'sender' and a 'receiver' ,setting up a feedback-chain in between them.Inside that chain,you may drop whatever FX , an Overdrive for the 'harsh' or a Reverb for the 'dreamy' .
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Loop Legendz Universe

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Memphis Cult Vol.3

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Will Savin Spectral Compressor 1.0

NOTICE: Due to using FFT for audio processing, this device requires 2048 samples of latency (approx. 46ms at 44.1kHz sampling rate), which may make it unsuitable for live performance applications where precise timing from a performer is required. Please take this into consideration before purchasing this device.
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On Point Samples Hardstyle Essentials Vol.3

Unleash your creativity with a revolutionary sample pack specifically crafted for Hardstyle Production. With 4600+ sounds (4,32 GB) to upgrade your music, you'll wonder how this is only €49,99. A New era of Hardstyle Music Production.
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On Point Samples Hardstyle Essentials Vol.2

This pack is a must-have for every Hardstyle/Rawstyle producer. The pack will speed up your workflow, boost your creativity and make your life a whole lot easier. Next to that, this pack has been supported by huge artists like Devin Wild, Bass Modulators, Refuzion & many more. You do not want to miss out on this one.
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Novel Music Seeds

SEEDS is a collection of 8 Max for Live MIDI devices that augment Ableton Live's virtual playground with endless possibilities for composition, improvisation, and production.
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PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon PCM-60 Reverb!

LEXICON PCM-60 REVERB IMPULSES RECORDED ON 2“ ANALOG TAPE Vintage Lexicon PCM-60 impulse responses are recorded on a 2“ Vintage Telefunken M15 tape recorder through a vintage Neve console.
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