Ocean Swift Synthesis From The Core Preset Pack

From The Core DLC brings forward hundreds of beautiful presets for Aeolian Dream Box – Exploring great Soundscapes, Drones, Ambient Sounds, Interesting Additive Bells, Keys and unique sounding Melodies
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Soul Surplus Junction

The Big Apple and it’s boroughs have each contributed something special to the foundation and history of Hip Hop. While the Bronx touts its birth, Brooklyn is where it’s gritty roots with the lower class met a global market--giving us legends like Big Daddy Kane, Biggie and Jay Z. This intersection is forever a cornerstone in Hip Hop and in the history of modern music at large. Soul Surplus presents, “Junction,” a sample pack inspired by this connecting point that is Brooklyn. With 10 melodic loops, containing over 40 individual stem loops, you’ll have more than enough instruments at your disposal to chop up and drag into your sessions as you desire. We even added in over 40 one-shots that have been formatted for easy use in drum machines and sampler instruments. This pack is like a Brooklyn train commute, scenic and a collision of culture; feel and be a part of the soul that is Hip Hop.
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Ocean Swift Synthesis Automaton WT-1000 Vol.4 Twisted Flows WaveTABLES PACK

1000 WAVETABLES TO USE IN XFER SERUM / SPRECTRASONICS OMNISPHERE / WALFORF NAVE / TONE 2 ICARUS AND MORE! An almost monthly edition of packs consisting of 1000 assorted morphed wavetables – Algorithmically generated, crushed, stitched & morphed.
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Drumkeyz BWB THE WAVE 7

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Studio Trap Melodic Therapy Vol.1

'Melodic Therapy' by Studio Trap brings you 20 melody loops in the styles of your favourite artists and producers such as Travis Scott, Lil Pump, Future, Drake, Metro Boomin and many more.
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TopSounds Drip Szn

Back with another revitalizing ElectraX Bank. This bank comes complete with 50 - presets ready to pour onto your beats, with this secret sauce bank you can officially complete any beat with every sound you have been missing.
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Cartel Loops Flat Earth

'Flat Earth' by Cartel Loops is a bank of 50 presets for Omnisphere for modern Trap/Hip Hop inspired by producers like Vinylz, Murdabeatz, and Frank Dukes. This pack contains a set of tonal presets based on instruments and sounds like synths, bass, bells, flutes, keys, pads, and plucks.
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Ocean Swift Synthesis Fantasy Box

Fantasy Box feature +100 brand new presets & sounds – Exploring great Soundscapes, Drones, Ambient Sounds, Interesting Additive Bells, Keys and unique sounding Melodies
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Noiiz Neon Voyage Electronic Dream Pop

Introducing an incredible collection of modern indie-pop samples in ’Electronic Dream Pop’ from Neon Voyage. Providing a warm bath of ambient atmospherics, song-starter synth melodies, rowdy guitars, heavenly vocals and explosive drums, this one is not to be missed!
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AppleMacSoft Easy DRM Converter

The world's 1st iTunes DRM Removal software for Windows. Remove DRM protection from iTunes M4P music or audiobooks with an easy and legal method. Losslessly convert Apple Music, albums, playlists from M4P to DRM-free MP3, M4A, wav, AAC, M4R, FLAC, or other audio formats with CD quality preserved. The resulting files are high-quality audio that can be played anywhere today, You won't care about the compatibility of audio formats any more.
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Andre Salata Mixagem para Música Eletrônica

Depois de criar o seu canal no YouTube com dicas sobre produção musical, o DJ, produtor e professor Andre Salata partiu para uma nova empreitada, e acaba de lançar um curso online sobre mixagem com foco em música eletrônica.
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Erik Jackson New School Fresh

New School Fresh by Erik Jackson delivers 450mb+ of royalty-free sounds that embody the essence of the essential club sounds of legendary analog synthesis. Expect an archive packed with pounding tech-beats, deep analog synths, sub thumping baselines, live percussion, and real DJ scratches.
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Arturia Rev PLATE-140

Rev Plate-140 emulates the classic EMT 140 reverb. Released in 1957, this plate reverb quickly became a studio essential, and now you can have a “circuit accurate” emulation of it in your DAW for nothing. Rev Plate-140 recreates the original’s vacuum tube preamp, and promises a full-bodied sound and a lush tail. It’s designed for use on vocals and for adding glue and space to your mix.
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Big EDM Nu Disco

Dress to impress and mix for success. Get ready for the modern day disco with the Big EDM Nu Disco Sample Pack. With over 600 of the most revolutionary, inventive sounds of dance floor disco fever your mix will have the movers shaking and the shakers moving.
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Erik Jackson Depth

We are very proud to present our latest release, Depth by Erik Jackson Offering a broad spectrum of materials and contain all the elements needed to create breathtaking ambient music. This fantastic sample pack contains a huge variety of sounds, which you’ve never heard before. From evolving and dreamy Pads with lush and organic textures, chilled leads and arpeggiated sequences and Dark Basslines… everything you need to inspire you, we are sure you will enjoy this collection that will take your productions to a new Depth!
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