Discotheque Disco Pop Drums

Drums are the cornerstone of pop music. They set the mood, vibe, and pulse of every great song. Start your productions off right with Disco Pop Drums. This pack, created by Florian Gouello, features the signature clean slap, and thud of disco pop drums reminiscent of grooves laced by artists like Dua Lipa, and Kylie Minogue. “Disco Pop Drums” features over 20 loops, in four different mix variations, as well as drum one-shots.
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Rhythm Paints Abdou Suso and Lemin Kanteh - Kora

Kora Origins is performed by 2 unique Kora players, Abdou Suso and Lemin Kanteh who both hail from The Gambia in West Africa. They have both played since youth and studied with masters of the craft. With unique styles and tradtions from each player this pack brings you a variety of amazing loops, phrases, fills, and melodic textures to fill your track with color or start something from scratch. 
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DRILL EMPIRE 2 continues the saga. This edition is full of dark and grimey melodics and songstarters to get you to that sound quickly. Bursting with Lofi and resampled loops, this pack delivers the authentic UK Drill street sound. 
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più maxforlive Devices Stretch Live Strecher and Freezer

Stretch is a max for live stretch/freeze device. You can manually activate the recording of a portion of sound or automate it with an envelope follower. Once the sample has been recorded you can play it in three modes: percussion (plays a small portion with a selectable decay); sustain (a freeze with a knob to navigate through the sample); LFO (automatically moves through the sample choosing between different waveforms).
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Udemy Basic Electronic Music Theory: Scales, Chords, Melodies

Come aboard as we start a thrilling adventure into the world of Music Theory, specially designed for electronic music creators just like you! This course covers everything you need to know about scales, chords, and melodies, allowing you to fully understanding their potential in your music production journey.
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Audio Juice The Wilds (Arturia Pigments Bank)

Head into the thick of the jungle with The Wilds: a collection of presets for Arturia Pigments With a range of nature inspired tones, this kit has everything you need to create a tribal feel, from flutes, to mallets, to forest inspired synths.
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Function Loops Baile Funk

The brand-new Baile Funk sample collection by Function Loops is your gateway to the infectious rhythms and pulsating energy of this popular genre. It's getting lot's of hype on social platforms and the internet!
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Soundwrld Dystopia (Analog Lab V Bank + One Shot Kit)

Dystopia (Analog Lab V Bank) comes with (+50) ambient, retro, lofi trap presets that offers infinite possibilities when making beats and ensuring each preset you use is unique and original! This analog lab bank also comes with [+50] one shot samples exported from the presets themselfs to use as wav files and (+10) travis scott styled midi melodies created by dj / music producer (dj vybe) and inspired by genres and platinum winning artists / producers such as [Drake, Travis Scott, Don Toliver, Frank Dukes, Nardo Wick] & many more!
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Akihiko Matsumoto Ableton M4L Digital Dimension

Stereo Dimension Effect like Roland SDD320,Boss Dimension C. Other Plugins. https://akihikomatsumoto.com/download/
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Ready-to-use high quality samples are the biggest difference between amateurs and the professionals. Create endless layers by combining different presets to create your own signature sound.
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Loop Legendz Omnisphere Bank Tree Of Life

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Virtual Riot Serum Presets 2024

Enjoy this cozy little preset demo where I'm jamming through most of the presets that you can download in the next post (patrons only).
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starboyrob 2024 drum stash

Contains 400+ custom drum sounds I've created over the past year that have already been used in multiple billboard charting songs and slbums. Multiple sounds in this kit have been used in songs by artists including ken carson, homixide gang, yeat, kankan, destroy lonely, dom corleo, hardrock, playboi carti, gruhj, ian, blxty, lil shine, 800pts, osamason, lucki, yaego, molly santana, kets4ki, asteria, glokk40spaz, bbygoyard, izaya tiji, autumn, iayze, unotheactivist, sofaygo, ssgkobe, lancey foux, slump6s, rich amiri, lunchbox, yung fazo, summrs, sgpwes, and more. The sounds in this kit range from supertrap to baton rouge to pluggnb to rage to even r&b and k-pop.
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Groove3 Logic Pro Dynamics Plug-Ins Explained

Join Logic Pro guru Eli Krantzberg for a deep dive into the incredible built-in dynamics plug-ins that you already have at your disposal as a Logic Pro user. From compression and limiting to expanding, gating, and more, you'll learn how to transform your tracks for the better quickly and easily with this in-depth Logic Pro video course. A number of techniques, from practical and problem-solving to creative and unorthodox, are covered. These Logic Pro videos are for first-time users of Logic Pro's dynamics plug-ins.
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Xclusive x Medusa Cold Killers Drum Kit

the cold killers drum kit is a kit filled with all high-quality, custom-made sounds (no recycled crap) as a result of months of hard work, this kit contains sounds made from scratch, perfectly designed for baton rouge, west coast, and rnb beats.
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