Ueberschall Groove Shadows

Of all the sample CDs that have passed through the SOS office, few have caused such heated debate as this one. Basically, it contains about 350 rhythmic stereo loops at documented tempos between 40 and 180bpm, designed to be layered more or less imperceptibly behind your own drum programming for greater depth and ambient interest. The reason for the airborne volleys of SOS office stationery is a disagreement as to whether these loops are actually any use at all.
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Legend legend's drumkit v.1

hey guys, it's legend and here's my first ever drumkit. I have included lots of drums and samples for you to mess around with. Thank you all for the support! This kit includes:
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Dome of Doom Futuristic Trap Drums Vol.2

Futuristic Trap Drums is back with 200 new 808's, kicks, snares hi-hats, claps and loops designed to knock hard on a system. All unique processed sounds for hyper fast creativity, bent 808's, distorted kicks, freaked out snares, and of course plenty of straight bangin' drum sounds. We also included the serum patches we used to craft all the One Shots.
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SoundFxWizard Mokarpa

MOKARPA is a bizarre and unique harp for Ni Kontakt based on a custom-made musical instrument by Italy-based guitarist Paolo Balestri. * He crafted Mokarpa using guitar strings mounted on a Moka, the iconic Italian coffee pot.
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Awk Drumkit Vol.2

13 : 80816 : ACAPELLA 6 : BRASS 28 : CLAP & SNARE
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Zenhiser Particles

Cruise through the deeper side of House with one of our largest packs to date. A perfectly equipped depository of dynamic beats, forward thinking melodies, left of centre fx, avant grade drum hits and silky smooth textures.
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Zenhiser Future Drum and Bass

Start off your creative process with 'Future Drum & Bass', a futuristic, forward thinking sample pack that showcases new avenues into the dnb sound. Delve into this sonic journey and you'll find over 2GB razor sharp drums, evolutionary basslines and an intense synth workout. This is the workout your brain has been searching for.
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Production Master Subhertz Vol.3

Descend to a mysterious world with the follow-up to our Subhertz series. 'Subhertz 3 - Deep & Dark Dubstep' is full of weighty beats and cryptic, out of the ordinary, deep and dark Dubstep sounds, loops and one-shots. Allow yourself to be immersed in the vast universe of soundscapes that this pack holds!
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Ample Sound Ample Guitar VC

Ample Guitar VC aim to bring a Gibson SG Vintage 61 electric guitar sound to your studio, It is suited for 70 - 80's vintage rock'n roll. Technology: * CPC (Customized Parameters Control) - any controller can be controlled by MIDI CC or Automation.
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Zenhiser Focus Progressive House

A stellar collection of Progressive House stems, basslines, beats, synth loops, drums sounds, one shots, fx and midi. Propelled by today's resurgence of the Progressive House & Melodic Techno sound, this sample pack crams in everything you need to keep dance floors rocking well through the night.
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Zenhiser Outline Melodic Techno

Deep, melodic rhythms, sequences, melodies and beats, 'Outline - Melodic Techno' is an obscenely good collection of pulsating basslines, bigger than life melodic progressions, uplifting synths and authentic grooves.
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Zenhiser Elastic Progressive House

Elastic - Progressive House is a contemporary approach to the intricate webbings of the Progressive House sound. Shuffling its characterises between Melodic Techno & Progressive House, this sophisticated collection fuses it's foundations with raw basslines, experienced melodies, tack sharp synths, broody atmospheres, worldly fx and pristine beats.
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Epic Stock Media Ocean Game

Tell your underwater story and explore a lush water world of awe, sound and wonder with one of our most exciting sound packs yet. Welcome in, “Ocean Game” a mobile and platform video game sound effects power pack geared towards ocean exploration, adventure and inspired by major league games. Inside you'll get an immersive and beautiful selection of scintillating underwater game audio assets like water currents, movements, hi-tech equipment, collects and notification sounds, balanced user interface and UX menu sounds, ambience loops, sea material and items, weapons & more!
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Blastwave FX Ambiance 5.1 Surround

A pack of high quality 5.1 surround ambiance sounds that can add depth to any soundscape. PLEASE NOTE: This pack does not contain stereo wav files. Please refer to the documentation for your DAW to confirm it supports multichannel WAV files before downloading any of the sounds in this pack.
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inimicvs sample pack Vol.2

260+ high quality sounds handselected from the personal vault. this pack has everything you need to take your productions to the next level. including sounds from the mojave EP
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