RARE Percussion Culture Alchemy Vol.4

Culture Alchemy is the fusion of instruments, techniques, styles, and vibes of music and countries spanning the globe. Not only does this pack have traditional instruments and techniques used on them but it also spans into realm of possibility and experimentation. Where most new music and art comes from. The realm of possibility. Like taking a metal scraping instrument called Guira played in Merengue from Dominican Republic and infusing a trap hi hat pattern on it, this Culture Alchemy pack series will add a new twist on percussion packs that has rarely been implemented in creating percussion samples for todays modern music maker.
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Tariq Ali Night Vision

"Night Vision" comes with 28 vintage sounding loops that will sound fresh over some hard hitting drums. Hint... "Rhythms" Take these sounds directly form the tape machine and add to your production to compose your next single. "Night Vision" contains Pianos, Pads, Guitars and many more textures of the night.
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Image Sounds Punk Rock Drums 12

Punk Rock Drums 12 is a complete drum song. Total 267 MB and 60 loops and samples. The drum song is divided into 8 drum parts: intro, outro, verses, chorus, alternative parts, pre-chorus or middle 8 incl. Turnarrounds. These are called parts. In addition, each drumpart contains premixed drums, which are also available as single tracks. With the individual tracks you can mix according to your own ideas and optimally integrate your own samples. In addition to Kick, Snare, Hi Hat, Overheads, Room, Tom, the drums also have two professional drum mixes for fast working. A drum mix that is mastered and a drum mix without master chain. Keep on Rockin`
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Strangesol Music Strange Plains

Strange is a collection of motivated music making melodies to get the creativity flowing easy. Trappy/ emo vibes
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Image Sounds Funky Guitar 01

The library is based on 39 electric guitar samples with tempo and key information. Each phrase is usually between 2 and 4 bars long. All phrases are played on the same harmony pattern and can be easily combined with each other. This makes it easy to create a complete song arrangement. The genre ranges from funk out to all kinds of pop, disco and hip hop.
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BeatSkills Soultastik Drums

Making Trap Soul has never been this easier. With Soul-Tastik Drums, it's about time we make it easier for you to make those classic chill drum patterns. We've made sure that you can translate those ideas in your brain to your DAW seamlessly with Soul-Tastik Drums.
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In this pack you will find high quality building blocks for Trap, R&B and Future productions. Creative vocal chops, Open drum loops that allow room for other instruments to breathe and last but not least.. Melodic keys cut perfectly at 160bpm with all samples being 100% Royalty Free. These loops are ready for you to download and dive in. Have FUN creating! - HQO
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CAPSUN ProAudio Lofi By Nature

Lofi By Nature captures the lofi bedroom beats vibe and transports it outside to the city and beyond, deep into the wilderness. Soothing lofi melodies and saturated samples blend with forest foley, quiet streams, children playing and crumbling rocks. Vintage keys and complex pads fuse seamlessly with distant storms, crashing waves and echoing birdsong. Discover nostalgic sci-fi soundtracks elements, reminiscent of classic dystopian cityscapes and distant habitats.
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Sonuscore Modern Drums

This package is an unique collection of Drum- and SoundDesign loops. It´s the perfect construction kit for easily creating state of the art drum grooves. We subdivided this package into 4 kits: Trippy Drums, Jungle Drums, Industrial Drums and House Drums, Each of which contains 12 Loops and 4 additional OneShots. This package ships with a total amount of 64 Samples which are provided in 44.1 kHz and 24-bit.
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HOOKSHOW Drizzy Nation

'Drizzy Nation' brings you that innovative sound that Drake is known for. This collection features five Hip Hop Kits inspired by platinum-selling artist Drake and is a must-have for producers. This product also includes royalty free vocals on each track that can be used for your own production.
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Image Sounds Acoustic Guitar 01

The library is based on 15 acoustic guitar samples with tempo and key information. Each phrase is usually between 4 and 8 bars long plus a separate end. All phrases are played on the same harmony pattern and can be easily combined with each other. This makes it easy to create a complete song arrangement. The genres range from pop, r&b, rock, chill out to country.
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Spinnin' Sounds Big Room Sample Pack

The sounds in this pack were designed to get a festival crowd moving in a trance-like state of euphoria. Though booming with amphitheater sound, imagine what the kinetic build-ups, epic drops, pounding reverb, and punchy kicks would do to a small room. We partnered with the legendary Spinnin Records to craft the sounds joy-seeking producers need to create the ultimate wall of sound. Find iconic transitions and impacts, unique build-ups, powerful and driving drops, and more.
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CAPSUN ProAudio Chop Shop: Vintage Soul Stacks

Chop Shop: Vintage Soul Stacks pays tribute to the nostalgic sounds of cinematic soul music and vintage rhythm & blues. Created in collaboration with Arthouse Acoustics, we recorded vintage electric guitar, live pianos, a horn section, orchestral arrangements and gospel inspired vocals with true-to-era microphones, recording techniques and post production. Many of the greatest samples in hip-hop history are lifted from classic records of this era and the soulful motifs, recording techniques and instrumentation choices echo on to this day.
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Arturia Presets Floyd Tribute

As a lighthouse of progressive and psychedelic rock, Pink Floyd is considered as one of the most influential bands. Getting rid of all conventions they created music reaching a higher emotional dimension.
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Master Hit Record 50 Sound Tracks Vol.2

DJ Samples Megamix, Special Effects FX & Acapellas. Tracklist :
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