Vengeance Sound Avenger Expansion pack Doomstep

The zombie apocalypse is here! Brace yourself for 128 extremely brutal dystopian presets, ranging from ultra heavy guitars & over the top dubstep screams to piercing cinematic basslines, demonic gregorian voices, drums of total doom and everything else which makes destroying noises or is in any other way harmful to your brain. The sound designers Manuel Schleis & Andy Hinz both brought in their long time expertise and a lot of expensive outboard gear like guitars & distortion units to design this timeless masterpiece from hell. If you do hard rocking electronic music, Dubstep, Cinematic- or Gaming soundtracks - this one is for you!
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Vengeance Sound Avenger Expansion pack Retrowave 80s

Take a trip back to the wonderful 80s! This important decade shaped the pop music we know today. Here it all began: those fat gated snare drums, big kicks with analog basslines, wide synthesizer pads, plucked arpeggios, fat powerful syn-brasses and crystal clear FM leads - these sounds never get old and are still at the top of their game. Get inspired by 142 wonderfully recreated synthesizer sounds of this era, designed by M. Susenburger and perfectly suited for all modern EDM genres, Synthwave, or all kind of retro & pop music. Also included are 15 perfectly re-craftet drumkits, which could have been beamed straight out of the 80s. A true must have for every synthesizer lover!
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Ardist Winter 2019 Collection

All drums are well organized with multiple sub folders for each type of drum. This kit also has two versions, one with normalized/quieter drums and another with my usual loud drums.
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PUREMIX Jacquire King Mixing Lifeboats

In Episode 6 of our Lifeboats Series, Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Jacquire King, opens the multitrack for the Will Knox song, "Lifeboats", and takes us all the way from hearing the song for the first time, to a completed powerful and energetic mix with his signature sound imprinted upon it.
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Based1 Havoc (Drum Kit)

Based1 Presents: Havoc (Drum Kit) A collection of drums from his own personal stash! 15 808s 15 Claps
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Cosmic's Drum Kit Vol.2

Bruh, I don’t even think I need to describe how fire this kit is… I mean if any of you have bought my first drumkit, you would know what I am talking about. This kit features all the sounds that I’ve been using the past year to make my Hard hitting Trap/ Rap/ Hip-hop beats.
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Vengeance Sound Avenger Expansion pack Effects House

Avenger is made for endless and complex rising effects, breaks, up/downlifter and fills... So here it is, the: "Effects: House Expansion pack"!! We all know how much of work it is, to edit those endless long rising effects, but now you only have to decide which preset to chose! All presets will follow your BPM seamlessy, as well as start/end on the pressed key. Since all risers and fills are generated in realtime, you can fully edit them... make it rise 1 octave higher? make the rise length 32 instead of 16 bars? Add additional LFOs or modulation fx? No problem at all! The presets already have full macro knob assignments, so you can do most of these customizations without digging too deep into the presets. It has never been easier to get those great and important break effects for your tracks! PS: this expansion also adds 11 very cool House/EDM drumkits, cool wavetable morphs, multisampled leads, shapes etc. All you hear in the demo is actually there!
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Groove3 Orchestral Composing with NI Symphony Series

Fabio Lendrum presents orchestral composition videos using the Native Instruments Symphony Series! Learn to create orchestral compositions using the Native Instruments Symphony Series virtual instrument. These Symphony Series tutorials are great for those just starting out composing with the Symphony Series, as well as intermediate orchestral composition creators.
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AudioBro Genesis Childrens Choir

We are very excited to bring you a new benchmark in children's choirs. Built on our new orchestral engine, the Genesis Choir is an elite 64 piece multi-ensemble (4 part divisi) children's choir that is like having 4 choirs in 1:
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Vengeance Sound Melodic EDM

Your goal is a high ranking smash hit in the charts? Well here we go: the new "Melodic EDM" Expansion Pack for VPS Avenger offers you tons of modern epic EDM stuff for incredible pop songs, radio hiphop or trap, party dance, future bass or chilling house - or in other words: This expansion has everything you need to create songs which are being played on modern radio stations, with focus on vocals and melody. Like tracks of: Avicii, Garrix, Guetta or Swedish House Mafia etc.
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Rigid Audio Atheos

TIMESTRETCHING SOUNDSCAPE MACHINE ATHEOS delivers 260 cinematic soundscapes and otherworldly textures.
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Sound Ideas Zombies Sound Effects

February 21, 2019Sound Ideas Bandes originales 2019 Hot Ideas Zombie Hordes, Moans and Groans
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Sami Younes Soundset Vol.1 for Xfer Serum

Sami Younes has released Soundset Vol.1 for Xfer Serum. A collection of 128 presets carefully elaborated spaning from pristine etheral mallets to growling and agressive basses.
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Udemy Learn to Read Music Sheets Beginner

What you'll learn Hardcore fundamentals of the Music Theory. Reading the Sheet Music
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SoundMajorz Vybe Kit 8

Best drum kit to drop this year! Contains:
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