Multiton Bits Festive Amplified Bits

"Festive Amplified Bits" packs together plethora of meticulously sampled and resampled one-shots and loops suitable for production of techno, electro, rave and similarly styled dance floor shakers! Featuring 111 one-shots, all edited to sound huge and compact, we bring you selection of synth chords, stabs, drums, percussions, effects and all other ravey bells and whistles! Sounds were made on and sampled from various Waldorf, Nord, Yamaha, Roland synths and drum machines.
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PastToFutureReverbs King Tubby Spring Reverb Fisher K-10 SpaceXpander!

The darker side of the springs reverbs. Used by King Tubby and many other reggae and dub producers. We used 2 tape formulas (BASF 911/SM468) to give the impulses
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S-X Live Drums (Raw Edition) Sample Pack

Features 140+ drum sounds, consisting of kicks, snares, hi hats and percussion, taken from recordings of acoustic drums by S-X and engineers worldwide. "Live Drums is a pack I'd suggest everyone should have in their go to drums. The kicks and snares are incredible for all walks of genre and are great for doubling up drums too. I've been using it with the Future Magic pack and they blend so well together! Whether you're creating hip hop, pop or rock music - this is simply essential!" - S-X
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NxxxxxS Drum Kit #1

60 Sounds & loop
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Kyle Krysa Drums Spring Flowers

Add a touch of old-school style to your music with "SPRING FLOWERS" - a collection of professionally recorded and performed acoustic drum loops inspired by vintage drum sounds of the 1960s and 70s. Warm, groovy, and perfect for any genre.
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Plogue Chipsynth C64

FASTLOAD chipsynth C64 into your music software and RUN the biggest, baddest sound of the 8-bit generation! Plogue chipsynth C64 brings forward the deepest SID sound chip emulation ever. The fruit of years of laborious research, it bears our legendary desire for emulation perfection. Real chips in the field vary wildly in sound - every slight deviation in silicon composition radically changes the character of the filter - and we went all out on capturing this.
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VoxWave ALYS

ALYS™ is the first French-Japanese virtual singer. She has been developed by VoxWave. She is a 21 years old young lady with dark blue hair, 165cm tall and her weight is 54kg. She can sing in both French and Japanese thanks to her integration in the voice synthesis software Alter/Ego. But ALYS universe goes beyond music only. She has been thought to break boundaries between various artistic sectors and medias. You'll be able to make what you want of her, in the sector you want.
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Unreal Instruments Wind Chime

Wind Chime is a sound source that includes bars divided into several bars in addition to glissando. 96kHz/24Bit Flac ( multi-mic ) 142 samples
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Unreal Instruments Two Whistles

Two Whistles is a simple library containing tin whistles and recorders. [quote] A witch says,
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Unreal Instruments Small Instrument Collection

Small Instrument Collection is a simple sound source containing three small instruments . [quote] A witch says,
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Unreal Instruments Planet

Planet is a sound source that specializes in pad sounds generated from basic waveforms and musical instruments. [quote] A witch says,
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Unreal Instruments Kitchen-X

Kitchen-X is a sample library containing sounds such as frying pans and pots. 44.1kHz/24Bit Flac (Mono) Approximately 300 samples
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Unreal Instruments Epic Tom

Epic Tom is a sound source that allows you to play a 16 -voice ensemble tom with one key . [quote] A witch says,
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Soundiron Quadral 3

Quadral 3 is a prolific audio powerhouse. Launch your next favorite electronic score using 16 brand new groups of hand-crafted atmospheric synth pads. This pack includes layered leads, iridescent ambiences, and floating textures ready to drop in your track. Each sound has been sculpted with care, allowing you to weave layers together into spectacular new tones with categories like Fragmented, Sleek, Cerebral, Balmy, Metallic, and Driven.
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Soundiron Sitarion Phrases

Sitarion Phrases is a powerful virtual electric sitar sample pack designed to harmonize tradition and innovation. Chithrinie Nirupama sampled her beautiful custom sitar built by luthier Sanjay Rikhi Ram Sharma. This library fuses the timeless characteristics of the sitar with modern advances of recording techniques and improvisation.
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