Presets For All Metal Insane Drum Library Project Superior Drummer 3

METAL INSANE DRUM is the same drum library of the Kontakt 5 version but programmed in Superior Drummer 3 and mixed inside so this means more powerful drums, more precise, more detail, more punch.
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Toontrack West Coast Rock EZkeys

The West Coast, late 1970s. The scene is buzzing with newcomers like Toto, Christopher Cross, Journey and Foreigner. A new breed of rock is on the rise. It’s slick, immaculately performed and has an easy-going, safe and carefree vibe – void of all the common, rowdy traits of rock. In this new sound, elaborate vocal arrangements, percussion and even horns jostle their way to the front of the mix in super-polished productions. But if there’s one instrument that’s really making a resurgence in rock during this era, it’s the piano. The number of anthem-like songs where the piano has the undisputed leading role is huge.
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Toontrack World Music EZkeys

THE WORLD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.Tonal scenes from all corners of the world. Just like every country and part of the world has its own language, art and expression, it also has its own musical identity. However, while we may struggle to understand words and diction, music knows no boundaries. It has the power to bridge any cultural heritage, age or gender and literally travel any distance. That’s the true beauty of music. It’s in the human fabric of us all and one of the few forms of unbridled expression we collectively can relate to.
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Producer Loops Summer Disco House Vol.1

'Summer Disco House' by Producer Loops is a collection of sun-soaked Construction Kits designed to give a Funky vibe to your productions. This essential release is influenced by House heavyweights like Duck Sauce, Yves Larock, and Madeon.
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Toontrack West Coast Rock Grooves

Yacht rock, soft rock, the West Coast Sound, adult-oriented rock or simply AOR – the labels casually attached to this chartbuster of a genre are as many as they are confusing. But whatever you choose to call it, one thing is certain: the smooth soul and jazz, R&B, rock, funk and disco fusion that legends like Toto, Steely Dan, Christopher Cross and many more introduced in the late ’70s became the soundtrack of an era.
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Cinetools Galactica

Take a journey across the galaxy with us and go beyond the stars! Cinetools proudly presents Galactica; featuring 1200 high quality futuristic sound effects - covering a wide range of elements that are ready to go such as galactic/spacey and robotic type sfx, interface sound elements and raw source sounds plus more… If you are looking for unique and undiscovered elements, then look no further! All is right here and ready to fill all the gaps in your production with these distant extraordinary sounds! Finish your project in lightening speed with us!
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PUREMIX Start to Finish Greg Wells Episode 3 Setting Up The Vocal Chain

After recording and editing the piano for "Lucky Number," Greg continues building the track by having Bryce sing the vocal down to establish the heart of the song. As Greg stated in Episode 2, nothing is ever truly scratch. With that in mind, Greg searches for the ideal vocal chain to match Bryce’s voice with his vision of the track, nailing the tone now to ensure that anything sang in the scratch recording can be used in the final vocal.
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PUREMIX Start to Finish Greg Wells Episode 2 Recording The Piano

Now that Greg Wells & Bryce Drew have solidified the structure of the song "Lucky Number", which they finished writing in Episode 1, it's time to work on the production.
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Toontrack Modern Pop EZkeys

DRAG. DROP. POP!Piano and keyboard MIDI for modern, anthemic pop songs. Although it sometimes may be amid layers of other instrumentation, tweaked or distorted almost beyond recognition, there is no denying that the piano still has a prominent role in contemporary pop. Listen to anthemic songs by the likes of Ariana Grande, Kygo, Coldplay or P!nk and you can easily pick it out as the dominant melodic vehicle. And given the flexibility and endless sonic application of MIDI, switch the piano for another instrument and the feel changes in an instant.
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Toontrack Modern Pop Grooves

THE POP CHOP SHOP.Drum grooves for all walks of modern pop, ideal for any songwriter. Pop as a cultural music phenomenon is broader than ever before. In its vast landscape, the already blurred lines between the styles it encompasses are constantly thrusted to the side to make room for new iterations. As a foundational component in any genre, drums in particular are often in the forefront of this experimental and ever-changing panorama. Sometimes all-digital or all-acoustic, other times hybrids of both or somewhere floating in between. Production values, one may argue. But fact remains, the groove is the heartbeat of any song.
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Ana²morphosis, is an all new Expansion Pack for Sonic Academy’s ANA 2 software synthesizer. Unlike previous ANA 2 soundset releases, Ana²morphosis takes ANA 2 into the realm of ambient music. From lush ethereal soundscapes and evolving atmospheres of nature, to the far reaches of outer space and astral realms beyond.
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Toontrack Urban Jazz Grooves

A SMOOTH FUSION.A broad collection of grooves for a backbeat-driven blend of jazz, fusion, rock and funk. Urban jazz is probably best described as a less busy, more pocket-oriented and backbeat-driven derivate of fusion. Basically, it’s a seamless blend that merges the subtleties of jazz, the technicality of fusion, the groove of funk and the power of rock.
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Aiyn Zahev Sounds Cube

CUBE for Repro-5 features 110 presets, inspired by both modern and vintage synth sounds. Repro-5’s polyphony makes it ideal for pads & plucks, but it’s unison also allows for stacked oscillators, detuned and panned, making it a powerful sound design tool for vintage baselines, scary drones, aggressive pad beds & modern dance music.
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Cymatics Deluxe Vocal Collection

The Deluxe Vocal Collection is packed full of acapellas, vocal loops, samples and FX that add an authentic human element to tracks of any genre including hip-hop, r&b, and EDM.
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Cymatics Black Friday Deluxe Bundle

The Deluxe Bundle is a huge collection of sound banks designed to provide you with everything you need to make albums worth of music all in one package. You get four brand new Cymatics packs, a second bundle of 5 Cymatics best sellers.
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