MacProVideo Logic Pro X 502 Studio Series Recording Vocals

A lot of techniques and concepts need to be mastered for capturing great-sounding vocals with Apple's Logic Pro X. Watch this advanced course by audio engineer Joshua Carney and learn them all!
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Smokey Loops Analog Sounds

Smokey Loops presents Analog Sounds, new series of Tech House Sounds. You will find inside 5 Construction kits with Drum Loops, Bass Loops, Melody Loops, Oneshots and more.
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Nozytic Dead Night (Loop Pack)

Introducing 'Dead Night' by Nozytic Music - The first official Loop Pack in the best-selling 'Hades' product family. Included inside this awesome collection are 20 Loops to inspire your next dark and creepy production! Everything you hear is 100% Royalty-Free.
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Code Audio Group Trap A Lot

Trap A Lot: Hot New Trap Kits from Code Audio represents the modern trap sound from Migos, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, Cardi B and more. This product is nothing but straight hot new trap styles ready to light your productions on fire. It has the cracking drums, big 808's, catchy melodies, synths, pads, and keys that you are looking for.
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Udemy PianoFox Master the Piano From Beginner to Pro

Master beginning piano the SMART way with a new and easy, step-by-step series of fun and engaging lessons Let's face it! EVERYONE has to start somewhere. You can't play the piano without lots of time and practice, but PianoFox can change that! With easy to use lessons, PianoFox can help play like a pro in weeks! Have you ever wanted to just sit down and play piano like the pros? Now you can!
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If you're tired of missing files in FL Studio projects, and want to learn how to prevent missing files and stay organized for the long-term, then this course is for you.
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SkillShare Blues Piano Lessons! A Course In Blues Piano and Improvisation

Do you want to be able to sit down at the piano, without music, and just play? If so, this course is for you. Specially created for those of you wanting to learn Blues piano, using a mixture of songs and exercises, the piano lessons build up in achievable stages and will encourage you to eventually be able to improvise cool blues piano on the spot. Yes that's right, by the end of the course you will be able to improvise blues piano, and it will all be coming out of your own head!
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Sonuscore Origins Vol.4: Oud and Qanun

Introducing oriental colors and textures to the series comes ORIGINS VOL.4: OUD & QANUN! As with all Origins libraries, you can play both instruments independently or in beautiful concord via the build-in Multi-Arpeggio-Designer (MAD). Choose from numerous tasteful patterns and presets that will kickstart your own creative journey with the instrument and drive your inspiration forward.
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Sonuscore Origins Vol.3: 12-String and Balalaika

Pairing a radiant 12-STRING guitar with the signature sound of the BALALAIKA, we bring you the third entry in our Origins series. The powerful Multi-Arpeggio-Designer (MAD) opens up a whole new world of possibilities with these carefully selected plucked string instruments: Enrich your composition with ethereal textures, ethnic trills, mystic shimmers and other sonic creations in the Origins tradition, take a bold step into modern genres and shine the spotlight on the instrument's warm, bright timbre, or bring an electric, gritty vibe into the mix. Choose from numerous ready-to-go presets or color profiles and play any combination or progression unfolding in your mind as the instrument adds its magic to your creative input.
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Orange Tree Samples Evolution Roundwound Bass

Evolution Roundwound Bass features a vintage J-style electric bass equipped with roundwound strings for a bright, defined tone that cuts through the mix. We developed this library in collaboration with Rosewood Recording Company, one of Utah's most venerable recording studios. Guy Randle, the owner and recording engineer at Rosewood Recording Company, incorporates a lot of analog audio equipment when recording, including a Neotek analog console, tube preamps, vintage compressors, and other classic analog gear. While we've provided the as-is direct signal of the bass, we also included an enhanced signal as well, which adds some bite to the attack of the notes and also increases the richness and sustain of the bass.
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The Producer's Music Theory Handbook May 2019

Discover the secrets to making amazing music. We’ve cherry-picked the finest tutorials and features from the pages of Computer Music and Future Music – each guide created specifically for the computer-based producer – to bring you this mega-compendium of music theory knowledge.
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ArzonMusic bsterthegawd x arzon TWIN DRAGONS DrumKit

yooo me and the homie bster decided to make a drum kit for yall this kit contains:
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WavSupply E-Trou Rodeo (Drum Kit)

Custom drum kit made by E-Trou of Internet Money 12 808 | 9 Claps | 2 Cymbals | 17 HiHats | 11 Kicks | 25 Percs | 10 Snares |
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Mai Super Drums Vol.1

Inlcudes : 20 808’s 5 Sub Basses (made with Prophet Rev 2)
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Udemy The Complete ARPEGGIO SONGS Guitar Course Beautify Songs!

Learn Everything About The #1 Way to Beautify Your Songs: Arpeggiating the Chords (Playing the Notes Individually). What you'll learn
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