Lethal Audio Expansion 25 Synthwave

By popular demand, we bring you Lethal's latest release, X25 SYNTHWAVE! Authentic and timeless, this sought after collection of vintage analogue and uniquely 80s sounds are inspired directly from the 80s era, and we've created a pack here which will not only bring on the nostalgia but will have you excited to drop these sounds into your next creation.
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Tariq Ali Tonality

Tariq Ali Music Library presents "Tonality" 20 Melodic Soul compositions including acoustic / electric guitars, pianos, organs, added with a touch of grittiness to dirty it up for that edgy R&B Soul vibe. T.A.M.L specializes in creating high quality Soul / Hip-Hop vibes for music producers to use beyond the normal thought process. Drag and drop or lazy chop with "Tonality." And remember to always have fun creating!
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KOAN Sound Sample Giveaway: Foley Pack 0

We recently got inspired to record some firewood, and this turned into our first sample pack of foley.
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KOAN Sound Sample Giveaway: Foley Pack 02

Here are some foley recordings for you to use as you please. All recorded by ourselves, at various times in various parts of the world. Enjoy!
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Udemy See What Eye See Drum Lessons Part 1

This is a course that was made, having "You" step into my world. Seeing and learning beginning drums from my perspective. With detailed information and breakdowns so you'll never get bored, or confused. The course is packed with PDF's and videos. Along with 3 different metronome tracks to practice your new found skills with.
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Udemy Sound Design For Film, Tv & Games: Intro To Foley

This course explores into the essential and creative role of sound in visual storytelling, particularly in the realms of film, television and games. The focus is on Foley sound, a specialized technique in sound design that involves creating and recording custom sound effects in post-production.
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SOUNDS BY KIRTI To A Dark Boy Drum Kit

All of the drums I used for Wakai’s studio debut “To A Dark Boy”. 100+ sounds consisting of 16 Kicks, 31 Snares, 32 Hats, 8 Basses/808s, and more FX, Drum Breaks, and Melodic One-Shots.
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BLEASS Arpeggiator

BLEASS Arpeggiator takes the inspirationally melodic power of a classic synth arpeggiator and supercharges it with modern features demanded by today's musicians. Developed in collaboration with top French producer Canblaster, BLEASS Arpeggiator's capabilities extend far beyond the clichéd up-and-down monophonic patterns of an old-school synth arpeggiator, with polyrhythms, polyphony, and a large collection of highly configurable arpeggio patterns built in.
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Sketch Samples Sketch Dreadnought

We are glad to present our next instrument for sampler Kontakt 6.This is a Dreadnought Guitar. For recording we used high quality microphones, piezo pickup system and magnetic pickup. Mics, piezo and magnet levels are controllable after the fact to give maximum sonic flexibility.
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Klanghelm TENS

TENS has been physically modeled after the range of high end studio spring reverberation units introduced by a famous Austrian company from the early 1970s to early 1980s. As opposed to classic spring reverbs found in guitar amps, these units were based on the company's own patented proprietary design principle, which allowed various connected spring elements of different lengths and wire diameter to vibrate inside a small isolated space. The spring elements were manipulated in various ways, e.g. by etching the wire surface and deforming individual turns of the coil wire resulting in a highly diffused, and very dense reverb, that didn't expose the boing/chirping artifacts associated with spring reverbs and brought it much closer to the sound of plate reverbs. This range of reverbs is praised for its incredibly deep, organic, complex, rich, smooth and floating character. In terms of sound (but of course not technically) it can been seen as the missing link between classic spring and plate reverbs. A very unique beast indeed!
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Cymatics SPICES

250+ Free Samples Inspired by Ice Spice's Biggest Hit Songs For this pack, our team pulled inspiration from Ice Spice's biggest hit songs such as Munch, In Ha Mood, Boy's a Liar Pt. 2 & more.
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C.A. Sound, Inc Metal Plate

Giant metal plate destruction for sound design. Hanging metal plate that was recorded with an ambient microphone and a contact microphone to produce other worldly effects. I use a lot of this in a granular synthesis engine to focus on harmonics which then become just about anything.
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Zenhiser Subtract

A deep, explorative collection built form expressive melodics, emotive atmospheres, noteworthy rhythms and unparalleled production. ‘Subtract’ dances it’s way through the unusual path of multiple genres including Deep House, Tech House and Melodic Techno. It’s no surprise this sample pack will appeal to a huge range of producers looking to extend their spectrum of sounds.
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Midilatino Live Reggaeton Guitars Vol.2

Este sample pack de guitarras le va a configurar un ambiente-verano a tus instrumentales, de una manera que tus beats van a vibrar de una manera muy diferente. Hay muchos VST’s que emulan sonidos de guitarras, pero nada como tener las grabaciones en vivo, grabadas por profesionales y filtrada por pedales que le añaden las texturas necesarias para lograr estos estilos. En este pack encontraras 30 Guitar Samples + Stems, que te añadirán un toque de profesionalismo y harán que tus beats suenen mucho más comerciales
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CapiBeats Reggaeton Perreo Melodias Vol.1

Presentamos ' Reggaeton Perreo Melodias Vol.1 ' de CapiBeats & P.C.O.B Este paquete contiene 20 melodias samples de perreo reggaeton, ideal para tus sesiones de produccion!
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