HOOKSHOW Next Level Corea Keyz

'Next Level Corea Keyz' is for all you jazz lovers that understand the power of really good music. These incredible Royalty Free samples are pack dedicated to one of the most gifted Jazz pianists, Chick Korea. This pack is filled with hot piano riffs, Jazz drums, acoustic guitar, solo piano, and piano chords.
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Image Sounds Flute 02

The library is based on 30 flute samples with tempo and key information. Each phrase is usually between 1 and 2 bars long. All phrases are played on the same harmony pattern and can be easily combined with each other. This makes it easy to create a complete song arrangement. The genre ranges from pop out to all kinds of EDM and hip hop.
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Arturia Presets Toto Tribute UNLOCKED

The incredible work of Toto has become part of our musical identity. Their incredible musicianship, slick songwriting, and addictive hooks have been thrilling audiences for over 40 years. Plus, they wrote “Africa”, so they are unequivocally the best band ever.
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Arturia Presets Moroder Tribute UNLOCKED

Few individuals have had such a huge impact on contemporary music as Giorgio Moroder. Creating music since 1968, his pioneering use of synthesizers and sequencing transformed the face of pop music. This sound bank is Arturia's tribute to his incredible legacy.
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Arturia Presets ELP Tribute UNLOCKED

Through his mastery of tone, his creative vision, and his sometimes fearsome, frantic stage presence, Keith Emerson became a household name, absolutely synonymous with progressive rock, and the synthesizer itself.
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Arturia Presets Depeche Wave Tribute UNLOCKED

Pioneers of electronic pop, Depeche Mode and Vince Clarke's dark, cool sounds packed out clubs and discos around the world, and spawned legions of sound-alikes. Paul Schilling has carefully recreated the drum sounds from the fabled Simmons SDS-V drum machine, which were originally created using the same synth architecture as the ARP 2600. Thanks to the accuracy and authenticity of the Arturia ARP 2600 V, you too can now make full use of the punchy analog drum and percussion synth sounds that were key to the success of Depeche Mode and Vince Clarke's Yazoo. Containing 32 meticulously crafted presets with a heavy emphasis on percussion and sequences, Depeche Wave Tribute will let you infuse your music with the tonal flavor of arguably the greatest New Wave band ever. Trigger their drum sounds, fire up their sequences, tweak and personalize their parameters and pitch to perfectly suit your tracks. With some instantly-recognizable effects, leads, and bass added for good measure, this is the perfect companion to the “Depeche Speak Tribute” preset pack for musicians who want the full Depeche Mode / Vince Clarke sonic experience. Rediscover the beat and rhythm of these 80s icons.
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Arturia Presets Depeche Speak Tribute UNLOCKED

Exploring the power behind Arturia's ARP 2600 V, these 32 presets recreate some of the most iconic sonic signatures of Depeche Mode's first album. “Speak and Spell” was the only Depeche Mode album to feature Vince Clarke, who would later mastermind Yazoo and Erasure, on songwriting and synth duties. Consequently, it had a much brighter, electro-pop theme than their later work. The ARP 2600 was an essential part of the album's sound, and was used to sequence practically every other synth on the record. It's versatile sound and parameters let it not only create bass and melodic sequences, but also drum sounds, including the fabled Depeche Mode kick. Thanks to Arturia's recreation, you too can enjoy every superb synth sound from this groundbreaking album. Treat yourself to a little bit of history, and experience the early Depeche Mode classics in first person. Just Can't Get Enough? Get this.
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Arturia Presets Daft Tribute UNLOCKED

For over 25 years, the French electronic duo have been remixing, reworking, and reinventing the music world around them, revamping house music, dance, pop, and funk along the way.
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Arturia Presets Art Of Horn Tribute UNLOCKED

Synth sounds from industry icons, use the magic of Arturia's virtual instruments to recreate the amazing sounds that defined these UK pioneers. With an incredible music career spanning more than half a century, Trevor Horn is deservedly revered as one of the most important, influential music-makers of all time. From Horn's avant-garde work in Art Of Noise, his infectious pop-insanity of The Buggles, his hit-making songwriting and production chops, and even several stints as the vocalist and bass player for prog legends Yes, his music has inspired countless musicians around the world. Now, thanks to Art of Horn, you too can enjoy some of the iconic synth sounds that helped him make his name in the industry. With their incredible understanding of Bob Moog's legendary 70s monosynth, the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, and the back-catalog of Art of Noise and Trevor Horn, the music-magicians at Sample Magic have created a collection of 32 amazing preset sounds for you to enjoy, and relive some of their most identifiable tones. Covering bass, keys, pads, brass, leads, and effects, you'll be able to record and perform with the heavy flavor of Horn's future-retro stylings. Create Noise from Art.
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Arturia Presets Air Tribute UNLOCKED

In 1998, French electronic music pioneers Air released their debut album to critical acclaim, and its songs and sounds soon became rooted in popular culture, as well as popular music.
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Splice Sounds Mick Schultz Paragon Kit Vol.2

Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer and songwriter, Mick Schultz is back with "Paragon Kit Vol. 2". This latest edition offers dirty 808s, crisp claps, out-there percussion loops, spacey FX, and more. He's produced hits such as "Birthday Sex," "Down On Me," and "Don't Tell 'Em" by Jeremih, "Desperado" by Rihanna, and many others. Let his sounds inspire you to get improvisational with your next production.
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Splice Sounds Styles and Complete Sample Pack Vol.3: The Heavy Hype Edition

Styles&Complete have developed their signature sound by injecting the dark ambiance and gritty sounds of trap music into EDM. Best known for their collaborations with Waka Flocka Flame, Borgore, G-Eazy, Lil Jon, among others, they're back with their third installment of Heavy Hype Samples for Splice. This pack is brimming with drum builds, fills, and a wide variety of FX one-shots and loops, plus tons of 808s, Serum presets, and much more.
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Zenhiser Seductive Future Trap

Do you produce Future Trap, Chill, or anything beautifully melodic? Well this sample pack will transport your tracks to dazzling new heights with an abundance of stimulating loops, impeccable samples, and luxurious stems. Seductive Future Trap is your auditory drug to blissful new heights of sonic excellence, so grab a double dose today to elevate your endorphins beyond ridiculous levels of euphoria.
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Ask Video FL Studio 201 FL Studio - Sound Design Workshop

Imagine-Line's FL Studio offers an extensive collection of synths to help you make the sounds you hear in your mind a reality. Take this class with our synthesis expert Rishabh Rajan, and bring your sound design to the next level!
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Big Room Sound Water - Drips

A collection of watery drips and splatter that range from mud, blood, foamy liquid, and water on different surfaces like leaves, paper, wood floor, and into water. Also included are peaceful ambient drips after a rain shower.
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