Listen Up!: Recording Music with Bob Dylan, Neil Young, U2, R.E.M., The Tragically Hip, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Waits...

An album-by-album account of working with iconic artists such as Anthony Kiedis, Michael Stipe, Gord Downie, and Bono, from a leader in the field Mark Howard, a record producer/engineer/mixer and a trailblazer in the industry, will take you through the star-studded world of recording and producing Grammy Award–winning artists. Listen Up! is an essential read for anyone interested in music and its making. Along with the inside stories, each chapter gives recording and producing information and tips with expert understanding of the equipment used in making the world's most unforgettable records and explanations of the methods used to get the very best sound.
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Async Audio 8Bit Essentials

A collection of retro styled sounds that will be perfect in your next project.
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AudioThing Satellite

Rare analog synthesizer The Satellite was a rare and less known Moog synthesizer from the mid 70s. It’s a monophonic preset synthesizer with one VCO and limited modulations. It was used mostly as an add-on for electric organs, in fact, the US company Thomas Organ bought the license to build it. Preset sounds include brass, reeds, strings, and other sounds. As many keyboards of that time, the Satellite is not properly tuned along all the keys (especially at the ends) so we included two versions: tuned and untuned.
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Audio Assualt Defacer

Defacer is an all-purpose 2 channel audio mangler designed to destroy and rearrange any sound you throw at it. Use it to make guitars sound like a broken synth or add a touch of robot-ness to vocals, when the sound calls for it, Defacer is there!
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OSTAudio Retrowave Cassette Tape

I proud to present "Retrowave Cassette Tape" - a collection of 1980's stylized beats and vintage synths, made for Synthwave, Vaporwave, Chillwave and Indie Dance producers.
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Luftrum Expanse Soundset

In search for a new home, mankind travels to a distant exoplanet of enigmatic lifeforms. The expedition returns with a single clue to this strangely evolved ecosystem: a mystic, ultrasonic artifact, engraved with the word EXPANSE. Decode the relic and unlock its gateway to higher consciousness…
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BL3R Sound Design BL3R Drops and Breaks Vol.1

BL3R Drops & Breaks Vol. 1: This kit includes EDM industry standard construction kits.
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Tubes for Audioease

18 different pipes, tubes and hoses Burglary via air conditioning vents, sewer pipe escapes, talking through pipes in prison, Pokemon jumping through garbage chutes, there is definitely a need for the acoustics of tubes hoses and pipes in the movies. So we recorded 18 of them, small to very large, plastic, concrete and steel, for your post production and sound design convenience.
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PVLACE 808 Mafia Omnisphere Bank Vol.7

40 Atmospheric & Ambient Omnisphere presets. 14 x Bells 4 x Flute
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Riemann Kollektion Tripping Techno 1

You'll find everything inside from analogue modular-system synth-lines to persistently pounding and grinding beats as well as kick drum one-shots, background sounds and dark drones. Almost all sounds have been crafted on analogue hardware and processed with high-end outboard gear.
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Splice Sounds DJ Luian LATINO GVNG Pack

DJ Luian is a reggaeton and trap producer who has collaborated with the likes of Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, and Arcangel. His sample pack brings a taste of his signature sound, boasting hard-hitting 808s, punchy drums, versatile fx, and more.
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Kenny Beats Valentine (808 Kit)

40 – 808’s .WAV samples
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Kyle Beats OPTICS Drum Kit

This kit comes with 97 HIGH QUALITY Wav files and can be used with ANY DAW! This includes (but not limited to) FL Studio, Logic, Garage Band, Ableton, Cubase, FL Mobile, Etc. Its as easy as dragging and dropping (in most cases). ALL SOUNDS WERE CUSTOM DESIGNED FROM SCRATCH BY KYLE BEATS. There is no other kit with these exact sounds. ALL drum sounds started as high quality recordings in professional studios and were manipulated over and over until perfection.
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WavSupply TouchOfTrent Dark Web (Drum Kit)

Custom made drum kit created by TouchOfTrent of Internet Money Contains
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WavSupply Nick Mira Bakesale Melody Pack

50 + 1 brand new polished melodies produced by nick mira of internet money. pure heat. 251 MB (Compressed) Works with any DAW (FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, etc.)
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