Ask Video iZotope RX 6 101 Musicians Toolbox

Today's musicians record their music anywhere and everywhere… but not always in the best conditions. In this in-action course, audio expert and musician Matt Hepworth explains how to use the standard version of iZotope RX 6 to fix all kinds of common audio issues.

iZotope RX 6 has the power to clean up and restore practically any recording. It is the perfect tool to use when you captured that “magical” take… in a less than magical recording situation! But how exactly do you use this arsenal of audio repair tools? Fear not, Matt Hepworth is here to show you the way!
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Ask Video RX 6 Advanced 301 The Unofficial Video Manual

iZotope’s RX 6 is here and so is master trainer Joe Albano with an in-depth look at every module included in the RX Advanced collection. Join him in this course, and learn how to repair, enhance, and restore damaged audio you thought was unrecoverable.

iZotope RX is by far the king of audio repairs. It’s really that good! In this advanced Unofficial Video Manual, Joe Albano, leads the way by explaining what each module does best, how they operate and, most importantly, why you need to know them.
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Groove3 First Song with REAPER

Platinum producer / engineer Kenny Gioia takes you step by step on how to make your first song in Cockos REAPER. From nothing to something awesome, Kenny gets you going with REAPER easily and quickly. You also get the Reaper session and audio files that Kenny uses, so you can follow along.

Kenny begins by laying out the basics of REAPER, as well as the sounds and plug-ins you'll be using to make your song. He then jumps right in starting with laying down the chords to the song, and then the drums.
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En el estudio con D-Formation Masterclass

D-Formation nos enseña desde su estudio de producción cómo usa sus librerías, trucos, plugins y métodos para crear sus canciones.
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Udemy Harmonica Songs Learn How to Play Five Famous Rock Songs

Make real harmonica music by yourself and play songs by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones with band accompaniment
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Sonic Academy How To Use LFO Tool with Bluffmunkey

Sonic Academy welcomes back renowned sound designer and gear head Bluffmunkey to take you through the sometimes misunderstood LFO Tool . Steve Duda's ubiquitous sidechaining plugin can do so much more than just duck your volume. Here Bluffmunkey explains all the differing features from the multi filters to the using the envelope to create quantized steps for cool tra
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Sonic Academy Dom Kane Interview

Chris catches up with Mau5trap artist and sound designer Dom Kane. Here they chat about his career, getting signed to Deadmau5's label Mau5trap and creating factory presets for the likes of Moog, FXpansion and of course Steve Duda's Xfer Record.
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Myloops Adam Ellis Trance Production Tutorials 5 FX

This is the fifth episode in a 12 part series of tutorial videos dedicated to Trance Music Production. This series will cover every aspect of music production (apart from Mastering) and will continually develop your skills when applied correctly
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Myloops Adam Ellis Trance Production Tutorials 4 Atmosphere

This is the fourth episode in a 12 part series of tutorial videos dedicated to Trance Music Production. This series will cover every aspect of music production (apart from Mastering) and will continually develop your skills when applied correctly
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Pro Studio Live Benny Faccone Mixing Session

In this episode, Benny Faccone uses an example mixing session to talk shop and demonstrate some of his techniques. Through this engaging episode, you’ll not only learn how he got started in Latin music, and how things have changed throughout the years, but you’ll also learn Benny’s philosophy and technique.
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Udemy Interactive Wedding DJ and MC Masterclass

Stand out from the crowd & become the Interactive Wedding DJ & MC people remember!
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Udemy Drumming Accelerator: How To Get The Best Start Possible

Your Shortcut To Drumming Success!

Not only is drumming fun, it’s been proven to make you a smarter, happier, and better person.
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Udemy Learn Piano with Beyer, 15 Minutes Challenge

A guide for Beyer piano book which is the most commonly used book and taught in conservatories.
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PUREMIX Andrew Scheps Mixing Template

Multi-platinum mix engineer Andrew Scheps, walks you through his entire mixing template, track by track, revealing the in the box mixing setup that he uses on every mix!

In this hour and half long tutorial, Andrew shows you how he imports his template to quickly setup his sessions and start mixing with familiar routing, plugins and effects all ready to rock.
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Lick Library Learn To Play BB King

One of the biggest names in music, B.B. King’s influence on modern rock and blues can be still heard today in such players as Joe Bonamassa and Gary Clark Jr. His sophisticated blues soloing style based around effortless string bending and a shimmering vibrato set him apart from his peers and helped earn him the nickname “The King of the Blues”.
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