edX BerkleeX:Music Production and Vocal Recording Technology

Explore emerging innovations in vocal production, audio engineering, recording, and mixing.
We are in the midst of an explosion of musical creativity as a result of technologies that allow you to record music using your laptop or tablet. Whether you are a singer, music producer, audio engineer, or just someone that likes to make good music with vocals, it is essential to have an understanding of vocal technologies for music production.
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Shoogle Studios Echoplex Techno Masterclass

An Up To Date, Inside Guide To Techno Production
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Groove3 FORM Explained

In these in-depth video tutorials, Scottie Dugan takes you inside Native Instrument's sample based virtual instrument FORM. Learn all its features and functions as well as basic sound design and patch creation!
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Subbass Academy Its all about Logic Pro X Synths with D.Ramirez Pt.1

Once you have mastered the basics of Logic X its time to really dive deep under the hood and explore some amazing plug-ins. Logic synths should not be ignored as you can create some amazing music from them. Its very important to understand and harness the power of Logic before moving onto other 3rd party synths. This course will teach you just that, with legendary music producer D.Ramirez guiding you through what Logic Pro X synths have to offer.
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Udemy Drumming for Beginners - Simple Way To Learn How To Drum

Ideal for beginners - this exciting course takes you through the essential techniques to become a successful drummer

Drummers are in high demand. One of the most popular instruments in the world, the basic drum techniques and skills can be learnt in an afternoon, but can take months or years of practice and dedication to master. With time and practice habits, you can learn rhythm and fundamentals, eventually working more complex rhythms and patterns into your drumming.
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Udemy The Circle of Fifths for Guitarists

Understanding The Circle of Fifths & Its Many Uses

Jared Cattoor will walk you through the meaning behind the daunting circle of fifths (AKA the circle of fourths) and teach you its many practical uses. Broken down into 5 easy to digest videos and accompanied by colorful charts and workbooks to help you learn!
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HDpiano Melody 101

In this lesson, Phil tackles ‘Melody’ and all that surrounds it. Enjoy!
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Cymatics Helix Start to Finish Production Course

We’ve included a 16 part complete Start to Finish Production Course with Helix that shows you the exact secrets behind our song creation process.
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HDPiano Rhythm 101

Phil tackles ‘Rhythm’ and all that surrounds it.
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HdPiano Chords 101 TUTORiAL

In this lesson, Phil tackles ‘Chords’ and all that surrounds them.
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MacProVideo Logic Pro FastTrack 103 Automation Tools and Techniques

Automation in Logic Pro X is deep, integrated and powerful. In this laser-focussed,15-tutorial FastTrack™ course, by Logic “Ninja” David Earl, you get some of the best advanced Logic automation tips available. Watch and learn!

This course is designed to show you the more advanced and amazing yet lesser-known things you can do when automating your tracks in Logic Pro X. And who better to show you the way than David Earl? Few experts understand Logic like David and nobody teaches Logic quite like him! So, what’s in this course? Tons of inside automation tips for the advanced user that’ll amp up your tracks and transform your mixes!
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Subbass Academy Deep House with Tom Demac

Top Deep House Producer Tom Demac will take you through a step by step guide to making House and Deep House Music with Ableton Live. The course covers everything you could possibly need to know and more about making this style of music.
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Sonic Academy Get That Sound Tech House with Steve Mac

Sonic Academy welcomes back UK House legend Steve Mac for another exciting course.
This time he takes us through how he creates a Tech House monster - starting with the Akai MPC before moving into Logic for the arrangement.
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Groove3 Drum Replacement Explained

In this in-depth video tutorial series, Luke Oswald explains how drum replacement works and covers some of the most popular plug-ins for drum replacement, as well as using features found in some DAWs. See how to get awesome sounding drum takes every time!
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Mark Almond Piano For Life

A Classical Method of Instruction: Are you one of the twenty million Americans who took piano lessons in their youth but never became proficient? Dan and I are, and a seemingly common denominator amongst us quitters is that piano teachers within the last 100 years have relied too much on rigid teaching methods that result in months or even years of drudgery before a child is adept at making music.
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