Groove3 FL Studio Know-How Drum Samples from Scratch

FL Studio expert Tyler Coffin returns, and now shows how you can make top-quality drum samples for your tracks or professional libraries, all from scratch in FL Studio. You even get the FL Studio project session from the video tutorials, as well as the complete 100% royalty free sound samples Tyler creates in the videos!
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Udemy Mike G's Beginner Drum Course Part 1

A logical, step-by-step approach to learning how to play the drums.

Chapter 1 of the Beginner Drum Course, will provide you with the tools necessary to successfully play the drums in no time at all. I will take you through a logical step-by-step process that focuses on understanding how rhythms are constructed and how to develop the essential coordination needed to comfortably apply that knowledge to the drum-set.
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CreativeLive Recording Metal with Eyal Levi. a Bootcamp

Recording Metal with Eyal Levi: A Bootcamp will give you access to one of metal’s most in-demand producers and educators. You’ll also get to watch the talented and seasoned performers of Monuments show you how to record flawless takes and how to prepare to enter the studio.
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Sonic Academy How To Make Future Chill with Owsey

Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back SoundCloud sensation Owsey for another incredible course - How To Make Future Chill.

Using FL Studio Owsey takes us through every single step of how he's created this truly euphoric track in intricate detail, carefully explaining his methodology along the way.
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Subbass Academy Logic Pro X Level 1 With Fabio Lendrum

Music Production with Logic Pro X - Level 1 is perfect if you are new to Logic X and music production, the level 1 course would also benefit users of earlier versions of Logic as we will show you loads of new updates and techniques exclusive to Logic X.
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Udemy Learn to Read and Write Music to play Piano and more instruments

This Music Course has many lessons that can help you to learn how to play the Piano , Violin, Guitar & many Instruments.
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Udemy Drum Masterclass

Expand your drumming vocabulary and implement new ideas into your playing.

In this series, "Drum Masterclass" you will learn various drum fills, grooves, and techniques that will propel your playing into the next level. This course is for anyone looking to expand their drum vocabulary. Ideally you will need 1 year or more experience in drumming. Each lesson will included a brief explanation, notation, and application of the lesson being taught.
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Sonic Academy How To Use Ableton Push 2 with Julian Gray

This week Sonic Academy welcomes Collab Alliance and YouTube sensation Julian Gray to give us an in-depth look at the Ableton's latest hardware controller for Live - the Push 2.
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Singomakers Trapstep Ultra Pack 2

Singomakers are back with volume 2 of their absolute bestseller - Trapstep Ultra Pack!
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Singomakers Trapstep Ultra Pack 2

Singomakers are back with volume 2 of their absolute bestseller - Trapstep Ultra Pack!
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Ask Video Waves 202 Abbey Road Mastering Collection

Master your recordings and get that classic Abbey Road Vinyl sound using the Abbey Road Mastering Collection plugins by Waves. This course, by audio expert Joe Albano, explains and explores every aspect of these emulations. Watch it now!
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Groove3 Beginners Guide to Amp Plug-Ins

In this video tutorial series, studio guru William Sprawls shows newcomers the wonderful world of virtual amp plug-ins. Learn what you need to know to get started, and how to effectively use some of the different types of amp simulations available today!
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Subbass Academy Its all about Sampling with D Ramirez

Modern production is all about sampling, especially with dance music. Over the past few years purchasing sample packs has become more and more popular and Its All About....Sampling with D.Ramirez will show you how to work with many different samples from your sample packs. From cutting up and editing samples correctly to working vocal loops and samples into your music, this course will really help you get the most from your sample packs. D.Ramirez will even show you how to use Ableton Live alongside Logic for some great sampling techniques.
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Subbass Academy Its all about Bass with D Ramirez

If you want to know how professional producers create their basslines, then look no further. With this online course from SubBass Online you will see how top international music producer and DJ D.Ramirez make basslines. With loads of pro tips and techniques you will learn how to make your tracks stand out from the rest with killer basslines
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Production Music Live Producing a Modern Track from Start to Finish

4 hour pro class taking you through the full process. (Beginner & Intermediate). Starting with the basics & finishing with mixing + mastering a complete track.
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