Skillshare Learn How To Master Songs Like A Pro All From Home With Young Guru!

Go behind-the-scenes with Jay Z’s audio engineer Young Guru as he breaks down how you can capture professional sound quality in a DIY recording setup. In this 45-minute class, you’ll learn how to identify your audio needs, set up your space, avoid common mistakes, and create a great track.

This class is perfect for aspiring audio engineers, producers, musicians, and enthusiasts. Learn what you need — and what you don’t — so you can make the music you want.
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Shpongle Live At Red Rocks

Movie 'Shpongle: Live at Red Rocks' was released in October 23, 2015 and starring by Shpongle. This movie tell story about On 10 May, 2014, Shpongle played to a sold out crowd at Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Colorado, USA. This monumental show is available now, in limited edition BluRay and DVD.
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PUREMIX Fab Dupont Mixing David Crosby

When Fab got the call to come record one of America's musical legends he brought his sense of thoughtful and deliberate sonic shaping to the tracking sessions. He knew that this record was going to be special and wanted listeners to feel as if Croz was sitting in the room with them but with a magical sounding backdrop that surrounds him and sets the tone and space for each song on the record to deliver it's emotional message.
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Groove3 FL Studio Tips and Tricks

FL Studio guru Tyler Coffin reveals some of his most awesome tips and tricks in these in-depth FL Studio 12 video tutorials. Learn tons of cool techniques and ideas for using instruments, plug-ins, workflows and more. You also get the FL Studio 12 session project for more inspiration and experimentation!
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Groove3 Recreating the Sound of a Live Concert

In this course, Josh Bess explains how to recreate the sound of hearing your original music being played at a live music festival. Josh demonstrates what details go into creating the space, atmosphere, and full environmental sounds by applying simple audio effects such as Reverb and EQ. Josh discusses ideas focused on this topic, along with many other related topics asked throughout the live webinar
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Coursera Berklee College of Music Jazz Improvisation Taught by Gary Burton

Learn the basic concepts of improvisation from Gary Burton, one of the most renowned improvisers in the jazz world, including the mental, melodic, and harmonic processes that contribute to the instinctive skills that an improviser puts to use when taking a solo.
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JTC Blues Extensions Alex Hutchings

Alex Hutchings returns to the JTC hot seat once again to deliver another flawless display of Blues soloing! In this 5 track series, Alex is jamming over some straight forward original Blues tracks, but with a twist! The concept of his soloing in these tracks is all about adding a deeper level of extension to the harmonies. Of course, the sheer amount of new licks here to learn is vast but overall Alex wanted to take some classic Blues licks and phrases and add a whole new level to them!
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Guitar Zoom Play Modes Now by Steve Stine

Play Modes Now

In this webinar-exclusive short course Steve Stine teaches some high-level concepts and ideas for approaching guitar solos from a modal perspective, but makes it so easy that even beginners can follow.
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Udemy Music Theory for Electronic Producers The Complete Course!

Join Successful students in Music Theory for Electronic Producers for Creating, Arranging and Analysing Music Theory
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Fret 12 Sevendust John Connelly

With well over 20 years of writing, touring, side-projects, building a family on and off the road, and putting out records that consistently deliver exactly what fans want; John Connolly, the percussive hammer behind the genre-defining Sevendust sound, shares his complete life story and musical journey so far. John has helped build an iconic band out of continued perseverance, dedication, and brotherhood that kept their own brand of music alive, while constantly evolving and maturing, decade after decade - inspiring waves of younger music makers. Hear his story told from the perspective of songwriter/guitarist John Connolly supported by his bandmates Morgan Rose, Clint Lowery and Lajon Witherspoon.
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Udemy Producing with Pro Tools First

Getting started with Pro Tools for Free

Produce music with Pro Tools First
Record music with Pro Tools First
Have confidence working in any type of Pro Tools software
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Udemy 13 Hand Coordination Turn 8th Note to 16th Note Rhythm

Learn To Play 16th Note Rhythm Smoothly - DRIVE the song forward with life & vibrancy to a song in C Key & D Key. I
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Beat Tweaks Kick Drum Synthesis with Sylenth1

An EDM producer knows that the kick drum can make or break his or her track. Finding the right kick drum sample that fits perfectly in the mix can be difficult and time consuming. We’ve all been in a situation of going through hundreds of samples, test-fitting and processing them for hours or days, only to end up disappointed.
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Groove3 Garden Eel Sampling

In this course, Josh Bess explains how to sample live instruments by sampling a new toy he purchased from the aquarium for five dollars. These ideas can be applied to your own music production to sample and create any new sounds you imagine.
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Vandalism Using Presets Like A Pro

Do you already have an oustanding soundsets, but you don't know how to use sounds from it? Let us show you!
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