Harderclass Dr. Peacock Masterclass 2020

Harderclass Dr. Peacock Masterclass 2020

In this 4+ hour Masterclass you will sit next to Dr. Peacock in the studio while he explains exactly how he makes his tracks. The Doctor will show you how he builds a track from scratch including kicks, and he will walk through how he made his tracks "We Will Meat Again" and "The story of DMT".

Topics covered in this Masterclass
Build a track from scratch
Making a Frenchcore kick from scratch
Making kick bass
Making the punch
Drums & FX
Arranging the drop
Refining the Peacock in Babylon kick
Triplet Kicks
Warp modes
Coming up with themes
Getting inspiration
Creating your own sound
What to do as a beginning producer?
Dealing with copyright
Track walkthrough
Vocal mixing
Building tension
Keeping your tracks interesting but not too full
Giving feedback on demos

Included resources in this Masterclass
Dr. Peacock Sample Pack
Project file: The Story of DMT
Audio Stems: The Story of DMT
A personal message from Steve
Submit Demo Info

DAW: Ableton Live

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