Rack Pack Productions The Art of Recording a Big Band DOCUMENTARY

The Art of Recording a Big Band was filmed at the famed Capitol Studios in Hollywood, California USA over two days during a master class by Al Schmitt featuring Chris Walden's 19-piece jazz big band. The film focuses on the legendary Al Schmitt, the most celebrated music engineer, producer and mixer of all time winning 22 GRAMMY® Awards. His most recent GRAMMY® came in 2012 for Paul McCartney's "Kisses on the Bottom"
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Akai MPC Renaissance Software Instructional DVD Video SET 1.7-1.9

If you own or are buying a Akai MPC RENAISSANCE MPC STUDIO OR MPC ELEMENT you are in the right place. If you really want to get up under the hood of the MPC software this 4 hour DVD is for you.
I will help you master the MPC software in no time. This instructional DVD will cover most every feature of the MPC Renaissance and MPCStudio (& Element) plus tricks and tips.

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ArtistWorks Skratch Lessons DJ Qbert

DJ Qbert has taken his entire knowledge of teaching people how to skratch and poured it into a comprehensive video library that includes hundreds of skratch tutorials. Subscribers get unlimited access to all Qbert's lessons, plus special guest professors, beats, and an interactive Training Dojo.
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Udemy How to Freestyle Rap Rhythm Lyrics Delivery

Learn how to freestyle, switch flows, rap over any beat, and never run out of bars.

In this course you will develop the skill set to freestyle rap in various styles without running out of bars, even if you have never rapped before. This is a bold promise, but like anything else, freestyle rhyming can be broken down into a few simple steps. I will explain the three components to rapping, then we will talk more about freestyle-specific skills.
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Groove3 The Into The Lair Groove3 Exclusive

The Into The Lair episodes found in this Groove3 Exclusive series are only available on Groove3. In these brand-new Groove3 exclusive Into The Lair episodes, mixing engineer and co-host of popular web series Pensado's Place, Dave Pensado, brings you into his world with engineering and mixing tutorials from the best in brand.
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Groove3 Creating a Song Inspired from a Vocal Sample

In this course, Josh Bess explains how to create a full song inspired from a simple idea, in this case, a one-shot vocal sample, which he then adds to with other sounds and elements. Josh discusses many ways to get started, progress, and finish your own original music within this course, along with other helpful techniques to apply to your own music creation.
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Groove3 Building Your Own Custom Audio-Effect Rack

In this course, Josh Bess explains how to create one of his favorite and most useful custom audio effect racks in Ableton Live. Josh discusses many ways to apply not only the effects he uses, but any effects you personally enjoy creating with, into a powerful tool for both your own original music productions and live performances.
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Groove3 HALion 6 Know-How Getting Started

Steinberg master Dave Askew brings you an awesome series designed for the new HALion 6 user! Get a solid foundation on what HALion can do, and start using it in your productions today.
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Groove3 Orchestrating in Logic Pro X

Your personal Logic Orchestra awaits! Eli Krantzberg guides you through a comprehensive series on how to create realistic orchestral arrangements using nothing but Logic Pro X and its built-in instruments. You also get the Logic Project files so you can follow along and experiment!
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MacProVideo Music Theory 108 Notating Music

Being able to notate music is a valuable skill for any musician to have. In this music theory course, master composer and arranger Gregg Fine explains all the fundamentals you need to start writing your own scores and lead sheets.

Musical scores are fascinating. Using little black dots and strange, archaic symbols, composers are able to transcribe the music they hear in their heads onto paper, which musicians can then read to bring the music to life. While music notation can look very complex and difficult to learn, this course by master composer and arranger Gregg Fine is designed to make it easy and fun!
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Ask Video Performing with Live 202 From Studio to Stage

Ableton Live is so much more than a studio tool… it’s the perfect software for live music performers. In this course, DJ Kiva reveals everything you need to know to to bring your music from the studio to the stage!

After working hours and hours in the studio, polishing your Ableton Live tracks to perfection, you are now ready to perform your music in front of an audience. But how exactly do you take your musical creations from the studio to the stage? In this course, DJ Kiva reveals tips & tricks guaranteed to get the crowd excited and grooving at your next show!
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Udemy How To Make Money With A Cover Band

A Conversation With 5x Award Winning, 6 Figure Cover Band From Baltimore, MD - What's Next

This course is an in-depth conversation between bandmate (Michael) and band leader (Maynard) about what makes our band - What's Next - a successful, multi award winning, $100k+ cover band in the Baltimore / DC area.
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Udemy Mastering Cubase 9 Beginners Bible Edition

Join me to learn EVERYTHING you need to get up and running fast, all the way to exporting your first song, with these in-depth Cubase 9 video tutorials.

I’ll be first walking you through the installation, authorization and registration process moving into setting up your external audio hardware to work within Cubase.

You’ll learn how to setup a project from scratch making sure all of Cubase configurations are ready to work.
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ADSR Sounds Future Bass Processing

Super-charge your Future Bass productions with this 5-part video course on Future Bass Processing. Dive right in and get professional production techniques from a creative master.

Covering EQ, Compression, FX, Synth Programming, and much more. By the end of this course you will have an arsenal of usable tips, tricks and techniques you can apply to all of your electronic music productions
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Udemy Classical Guitar Essentials The Basics Part 2

Let the real guitar playing starts

The 2nd part of this serious which picks up where we left off. It starts with learning notes on the 5th & 6th strings, then introduce the accidentals to fill in the spaces on the frets we left it.
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