Groove3 Logic Pro X 3rd Party Plug-in Mapping with Smart Controls

Logic Pro X guru Doug Zangar shows you how to map and control your 3rd Party plug-ins in Logic Pro X! Sometimes 3rd party plug-ins don’t behave when trying to map and control them in Logic Pro X, so Doug shows you all the tricks and work arounds, enabling complete control over all of your cool AU plug-ins and virtual instruments!
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Groove3 UA Apollo and Console Application Explained

Studio pro Marcus Huyskens takes you on a journey into Universal Audio’s amazing Apollo hardware interfaces and Console Application, showing you everything you need to know when working with the Apollo Twin MkII and 8P, such as setting them up, routing, creating cue and headphone mixes, using multiple hardware units at once and so much more…
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Udemy Music Production / DJ: Learn How to Use Fl Studio

In this course we talk about what you should be doing when you first start producing music. We go over many things that have helped me in the past and many more that will help you in the future. I started this Fl Studio course to see if I could make a difference in the music production and DJ community. Possibly Stopping people from using trade secrets so they can really focus on the production. This is a basic course on Fl studio which I hope everyone can learn from.
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Hands On FL Studio Der leichte Einstieg

Hands On FL Studio - der leichte Einstieg
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Udemy Understanding Chords To Improve Songwriting

Making your songwriting easier, faster and more intuitive. By learning how chords work.
Create songs by understanding which chords work best together.

The Songwriting Series ‘Understanding Chords’ will give you an understanding of how music is structured. It is a guide to how contemporary music is formed in a way that makes songwriting easier, faster and more intuitive.
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Creator Arcade Marshmello Summer

Take A Peek Under The Helmet

Exclusively on Creator Arcade, Marshmello walks you through his unique creative approach as he teaches you how to create his smash hits Alone and Summer step by step. This bundle includes over 8+ hours of exclusive content as well as curated samples, presets, stems and more.
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Lynda Learning Vocal Production Hip-Hop

Whether the lyrics in a hip-hop track are hilarious or biting, they're in the spotlight. So, it's crucial that your tracks sound clean and professional. With the right techniques, you can make your hip-hop vocals sound like a million bucks, even if you don't have pricey recording equipment at your disposal.
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Lynda Learning ABSYNTH 5

In this quick Up and Running course, author J. Scott Giaquinta covers another of Native Instruments KOMPLETE components, ABSYNTH. ABYSYNTH is a powerful synthesizer that allows for almost unlimited combinations of oscillators, modulations controls, and filters—leading to some truly unique sounds. Here J. Scott G. gives a brief overview of ABSYNTH's features and main sound making components, including its modules, oscillators, filters, modulation controls, effects, and automation. Then he puts its features and sound-making abilities to work, so you can see how ABSYNTH fits into a real musician's workflow.
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Lynda Logic Pro X Making Beats

Make yourself heard. Start making music with Logic Pro X. Author and Logic Pro insider Dot Bustelo walks through every facet of basic drum programming and beat making in Logic Pro, including choosing the right drum kit for the beat, recording, arranging, and quantizing. She shows off Drummer, the intelligent drum feature, for creating beats automatically. She then moves into Ultrabeat, Logic's built-in drum machine, and shows how to step sequence, design your own sounds, use your own samples, and create glitchy effects with the instrument. Then Dot dives deeper into making beats. She demonstrates how to make your own Apple Loops, time-stretch, quantize, and regroove audio as well as how to best add swing to your beats, fatten your sounds with drum replacement, and slice your samples. She then focuses on techniques specific to electronic music, including warping a beat with Space Designer and making DJ turntable effects with speed fades, and some retro groove tricks, including creating a human drummer feel with the Transform Editor and editing gate time. Dot wraps up the course by looking at a few more of the new beat making features in Logic Pro X, including the Arpeggiator and other MIDI plugins.
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Udemy Piano Technique Exercises Vol.2

Develop a good position, sound control and avoid injuries.

Any pianist should develop a good piano technique, sometimes we focus in playing our favorite pieces and we start struggling with technique issues and sometimes we even start strugling with tension and injuries.
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Lynda Avid Media Composer 8 Essential Training

Avid Media Composer 8 Essential Training is a start-to-finish, project-based course designed to get you up to speed on every aspect of Avid Media Composer. Staff author Ashley Kennedy begins with a fast-track chapter that breaks down the entire editing process into eight steps—great as an overview for new editors, and a good crash course in Media Composer for editors migrating from other platforms. She then focuses on getting you comfortable with each stage of the editing process—from preparation and organization to editing and refining, to audio and effects, to media management and output. Each post-production technique is explained thoroughly and concisely, using real-world examples from a documentary-style promo project. Dive in and learn how to take your projects from concept to creation.
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Lynda iZotope RX 4 Repairing and Enhancing Audio

Explore the noise reduction and audio restoration possibilities—for both music and post production—in iZotope RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced. Author Scott Hirsch covers all of the best and latest features of RX 4, demonstrating techniques for fixing audio problems in a variety of situations. He'll show how to reduce noise, connect with a DAW such as Pro Tools or Logic Pro, and use advanced features such as EQ Match, Ambience Match, and the utility modules for resampling, retiming, and pitching audio.
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Lynda Learning MASSIVE

In this quick Up and Running course, author/producer J. Scott Giaquinta demonstrates the power of MASSIVE, Native Instrument's popular and flexible soft synth. He provides an overview of the main sound-making components, including MASSIVE's filters, modulation controls, effects, macro knobs, envelopes and LFOs, and Performer and Stepper functions.
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Skillshare Learn the Reverb Effect in Music Production

Are you interested in Music Production, Songwriting and Making Music on your computer? Well the Reverb Effect is one of the most essential for Music Production, whether you want a punchy and focused sound, or a big, wide and lush production.
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Udemy Music Producer Masterclass: Make Electronic Music

Do you want to create better music? Compose catchy, polished, foot tapping songs that feel great? Join the MUSIC PRODUCER MASTERCLASS (Recognized by FL Studio as a training center)
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