Splice Sounds The Kount Sample Pack Vol. 4

The Kount returns, offering all of the warmth and versatility you’ve come to expect with his new Splice pack “The Kount Sample Pack Vol. 4”. Utilizing a collection of vintage drums, synths, and effects, The Kount delivers cutting edge sounds while still retaining the rare human touch that he’s known for.
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Splice Sessions Afro Kompa

Kompa is a popular form of jazz-based dance music pioneered in Haiti during the 1950s by the band Conjunto, led by Nemours Jean-Baptiste. It was derived from méringue de salon, a string-based style of Haitian dance music inspired by contra dance from Europe.
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Sonic Collective Orbital Shoegaze

Exploring the moods of shoegaze from a contemporary angle, this collection of hazy tones goes beyond the expected electric guitar and bass to incorporate an arsenal of modern analog synths and pedals run through Neve, SSL and API preamps. Warbly, phased out, downtempo synth stacks and atmospheres comprise the pack alongside chorused electric bass and chime-like guitar melodies. For fans of Durum Column, My Bloody Valentine and Oval, Orbital Shoegaze is a fresh interpretation of the genre while expanding its scope.
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Big Room Sound Kitchen and Cooking

Cook, clean, prepare, or eat, this pack has you covered for all your kitchen and cooking needs. 176 Samples
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Angelo Imani x MIDES 100

100 original drum loops some loops are extended down to percussion
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One Man Tribe Organic Crisp Hi Hats

Organic Crisp Hi Hats consists of 150 organic crisp hi-hat one shots that were created by combining hundreds of small instruments, pieces of metal, wood, and scrap materials. Each sound is a documentation of a specific setting that will never be captured again. Super crisp high frequencies organically produced and played with no FX. These sounds were recorded to inspire creators from a wide range of musical genres, from Electronic to Hip Hop and from Tribal to Trap. As a bonus, you can find 13 loops made from the pack's one shots. Performed and produced by Ben Aylon.
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Swarvy Rhythm Library Vol.1

25 Drum Breaks with variants & stems11 Hihat / Percussion Loops 100+ One shots
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ProdbyJack The MPC Floppy Disk Drum Kit

Created in collaboration with The44thFloor, the MPC Floppy Disk drum kit is a one of a kind drum kit for beat makers to enjoy. Inside is over 200 drum sounds and breaks created with the classic MPC machines. Rest assured every single sound has that famous analog overdrive that the old MPC's are famous for creating, which producers such as Metro Boomin, Kanye West and Three Six Mafia are known to use.
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Ripless All Kits Bundle

This kit include all my paid packs that have been released Normal price: 265$
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Ghost Syndicate REMEDY: Drum and Bass

REMEDY: your ultimate prescription for transformative minimal drum & bass! Unveil a sonic journey like no other through REMEDY - a captivating opus by Ghost Syndicate that seamlessly blends cutting-edge minimal drum & bass elements into an electrifying audio elixir. Immerse yourself in carefully honed drum loops, pulsating with unparalleled energy, while expertly crafted one-shots hit with surgical precision, igniting your creative spark.
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Leitmotif Black Hill: Indie Cinema

Step into a world of cinematic bliss with our new release, Black Hill: Indie Cinema - featuring an unparalleled collection of sounds and textures. Whether you're looking to add a touch of indie cinematic flair to your next film project or elevate your music production to new heights, this sample pack is the perfect tool for the job. With over 440 exquisitely crafted samples to choose from, each one uniquely tailored to the needs of the indie filmmaker, you'll have everything you need to create a truly unforgettable soundtrack.
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Aotbb KU LU SA : Afrobeats Vol.4

'KU LU SA: Afrobeats Vol. 4 is an All-In-One Sample Pack loaded with 126 WAV Loops, 31 MIDI Files, and 71 One-Shots, to give savvy beat-makers all the key ingredients to set your daw on fire. This pack will provide you with must-have samples to help you produce your next hit track, including Brass, Flutes, Synths, Rhoades, Guittars, Hard and Bouncy 808s, Punchy Kicks, Drums, Vocals, and more.
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ProdViom Eternal Multi Kit Vol.2

IT IS ABOUT TIME, STAY AHEAD IN THE PRODUCERS REVOLUTION! Introducing "The Eternal - Multi Kit Vol. 2" - a massive sound kit designed with over 2500 sounds for producers looking for a wide range of digital and recorded sounds. We've brought in Talented Musicians specializing in various instruments like ethnic , violinists, vocalists, drummers, saxophonists, guitarists, pianists, e-guitarists, rock guitarists along with a full orchestra.
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Focus Music Holy Grail

'Holy Grail' from the Focus Music is a collection designed to bring the future of Hip Hop and highlight some of the most incredible minds that the future of Hip Hop and R&B will come through.
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Ghost Syndicate Forma

'Forma' by Ghost Syndicate is a killer addition to your heavy jump up productions. Inspired by artists such as Annix, K motionz and many others, FORMA features pounding drums, filthy basses and tense synths.
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