Function Loops Vocal Inspiration Commercial Edition

'Vocal Inspiration - Commercial Edition' is a premium bundle loaded with over 1.2GB of vocal loops and acapellas especially bundled for commercial music producers. Function Loops collected all the vocals from their best selling sample packs, stripped them from instrument & musical loops, removed everything unnecessary and left only the vocals.
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Function Loops Hypnotic Female Vocals

Function Loops feels that there is a serious lack of quality female vocal hooks on the market right now so they brought up two of their best vocalists into the studio to record this unique vocal collection. It's a deep, hypnotic, rare sample pack that you won't find anywhere else.
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Function Loops Pop Business

'Pop Business' from Function Loops delivers six Construction Kits loaded with Loops, MIDI files, One-Shots and VSTi Presets, all the tools you need to get inspired. The Kits are packed with drums, percussion, basslines, leads, pianos, plucks, vocals and all the rest you hear in the demo.
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Function Loops Psytrance Machines

After months in the making, 'Psytrance Machines' from Function Loops has arrived! The idea behind this pack is to deliver stuff you won't be able to create just with your computer. Big sounding synths and melodies, that you hear only in pro tracks from your favourite artists.
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Crossfade Studio Real Drum Machines

Real Drum Machines is a Sample Pack of 28 Classic Drum Machines Sampled and reconstructed for Ableton Live Drum Rack and NI Battery 4. The Pack contains:
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Function Loops Retro Ride 2

Function Loops is back again with six new Kits of pure Retrowave magic! Analogue basslines, powerful synth leads, gorgeous retro melodies and mesmerizing arpeggios, it's all in here. All the elements are perfectly mixed, polished and ready to go.
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Function Loops Major Pop And Future RnB

'Major Pop & Future RnB' from Function Loops delivers a chart-topping collection reflecting on the popular sounds you hear everywhere: TV, radio, events or where ever you go. This is the sound of the modern world and if you're looking to break thru to the top level, this collection will definitely be handy.
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Function Loops Future Soul

'Future Soul' is an amazing fusion of Trap, Future R'n'B and organic Electronica grooves with soulful melodies, deep vocal chops, crispy percussion and all the tools you need to produce this outstanding genre.
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Function Loops Future Pop And RnB Worldwide

'Future Pop & RnB Worldwide' is a collection of Future Pop & RnB sounds that will knock you off your shoes. The sound you hear in the biggest hits worldwide, now in your studio, at your fingertips.
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Function Loops Prime Pop

'Prime Pop' is a collection of prime sounds for producers seeking success in the commercial music industry. There's over 1GB of inspiration covering the famous sound of Pop music. This pack contains top quality Stems, loops, one-shots & Presets.
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Function Loops Premium Cinematic

'Premium Cinematic' from Function Loops features a set of prime cinematic sounds. You will find quality Drums, Strings, Pianos, Brass, Vocals, SFX and more. 'Premium Cinematic' includes 5 complete Construction Kits packed with WAV & MIDI files plus a bonus folder loaded with String & Percussion rhythms for the extra touch.
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Function Loops Major RnB And Vocal Trap

'Major RnB & Vocal Trap' from Function Loops brings some of the most popular RnB & Trap beats injected with outstanding vocal acapellas. These soundsare inspired by the biggest hits worldwide. This is pure commercial sound that will help you get there.
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Function Loops Trap Sauce

Inspired by the popular sound of Trap & modern Hip Hop, 'Trap Sauce' from Function Loops is sure to help you get the right sounds for your next productions. This collection is packed with absolutely all the tools needed: 808s, Beats, Percussion, Melodies, Glitched Synths and all the rest needed for the genre.
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Function Loops Reggaeton Prime Sounds

'Reggaeton Prime Sounds' from Function Loops delivers over 1GB of premium loops and samples to help you produce the next generation of Reggaeton tracks. 'Reggaeton Prime Sounds' includes 5 Construction Kits loaded with Royalty-Free female acapellas, drums, basslines, melodies and all the rest needed for succesful studio sessions. All content is inspired by the most current, chart topping sounds from around the globe.
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MatiasMacSD The Beginning Bundle

The Beginning Bundle includes 7 libraries, more than 900 sounds! COMPUTER GLITCH: 137 computer glitches (WAV, 96kHz, 24 bit) created using a great variety of audio sources. These audio sources were processed in time, velocity and pitch to obtain the desired effect.
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