Multiton Bits Scene Cinema Bits

Scene. Cinema Bits brings you cinematic sounding elements for your hip-hop, trap, lo-fi, chill, glitch-hop or any production that benefits from this kind of sounds. These samples are also suitable for sound design as all sound were carefully edited to sound huge on their own. From moody pianos, warm pads, mighty synths to orchestral drums, monumental toms and impacts, all is here! Also included are various percussion, wood, metal, foley and more.
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Common Good Records Jake Najor Dirty Money Breaks

For the beat makers, break collectors, crate diggers, and DJs – a drum break 7″ record from Sure Fire Soul Ensemble drummer Jake Najor, who’s played breaks for hip-hop greats including Redman, De La Soul, Big Daddy Kane, M.O.P, Wildchild, The Beatnuts, and more!
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Saigga Patreon Sample Pack 001

These are all samples I've made and been using for the past year! Hope you guys enjoy it :D
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Hypn Vault Blade Drum Kit

The all-in-one kit to make the best drill beats210+ original sounds to create hard beats Perfect for making drill, ethnic and jersey club beats
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On Point Samples Uptempo and Hardcore Essentials Vol.1

This is not just a sample pack. In this monster of a pack, you will find everything you need to progress as a producer. We 100% guarantee you won't look back when you have this pack.
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Audiostems The 28 Steps to Electronic Dance Music Production

The 28 Steps to Electronic Dance Music Production - Melhem Maroun YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO EDM
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Zenhiser Rhodium

Could this be a stellar year for Techno… we think so. That’s why we’re releasing multiple Techno sample packs in various styles to tantalise your senses, and find the right Techno to fit your production style. 
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VOX Trap Noir Vocals

Immerse yourself in a soundscape of dark and moody vocals and sounds. From other-wordly song starters, sub basses and synths to ambient vocal loops, fresh vocal chops, wonky pianos, resampled melodic loops and more. This is no ordinary vocal pack. Find everything you need to start building and stacking your own layers. Or, combine them with your own dark and stormy melodies.
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Splice Originals Neon Touch

Old is new...again. The early 2000s brought back the sounds of 1980s film scores, video games, and cartoons with the introduction of synthwave music. Splice Originals is celebrating the re-return of the classic vibe - darker, moodier, and more trance-inducing than its predecessors. Producers Ray Luminais and Jorge Ulloa explored and experimented with synth modules like Analog Lab, Korg Minilogue, RC-20, and Thermal, bringing evocative textures and sounds to life. They conducted a brief yet essential investigation of the decade's signature sounds, making sure to capture the authenticity and essence of the party era. The result is a sample pack that fuses nostalgia with innovation, intended to boost creativity in synthwave production. If you're trying to capture the sounds of Blade Runner, John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream, or even Grand Theft Auto, this pack has the loops and one-shots you need.
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Pelham and Junior Majestic Hues

Much of our Hues series packs are known to be multi-genre or genre bending. Our latest pack Majestic Hues combines various compositions that feel of Soul/Rand;B, Hip-Hop, and; Jazz Soul. All of them are bright, mostly upbeat, gentle and have a sense of warm embrace. This addition to the series is inspired by the likes of Masego, Cleo Sol, Fridayy, ENNY, NoName and; more.
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Big Room Sound Static and Interference

A pack of static, interference, feedback, and white noise sounds that can be used in host of situations. 41 Samples
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Rob Viktum Drums For Bad Guys Vol.2

Rob Viktum has a been a boom bap legend in Texas and beyond. What some might not know is that he is also our sample composer for "Kersey And Castle". He has produced several sample libraries as well as drum break kits, but this is his seconf self created "Drum Kit". "Drums For Bad Guys Vol 2" features tons of kicks, snares, hi hats, fills, and some compositions to get to chopping! This is the sequel to the most popular Drum Kit in Rob's collection. You do not want to miss. Exclusively available right here!
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Elite Creations Afro and Chill Smooth 1

Introducing "Afro & Chill Smooth 1" - Your Passport to Sublime Musical Fusion! Unleash the enchanting synergy of Afro and R&B vibes with this remarkable royalty-free sample pack. Crafted with precision and passion, "Afro & Chill Smooth 1" is your ultimate source for a harmonious blend of cultures and emotions. Dive into the rich tapestry of African rhythms and the velvety warmth of R&B chord pads, all seamlessly intertwined with smooth, soulful leads. This is where Afro meets Chill, and the result is pure musical magic.
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David Hilowitz Japanese Vocal Synthesizer

I made a video about the Pocket Miku: a unique vocal synthesizer from Japan. As part of that, I also made a bunch of sample libraries by feeding the Pocket Miku into the Hologram Microcosm. These are mostly cinematic pad sounds, but the sample libraries have ADSR controls, so you can easily turn them into pluck or keys instruments if you like. NOTE: This is not a port of the Pocket Miku. For copyright reasons, I’m not able to include the raw Pocket Miku sounds in this download, so this contains only the highly processed Microcosm sounds.
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Abduallah Ghanem'S Princess Girlfriend Multi-genre Superkit

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