Kits Kreme Electric Trap Melodic Loops

Electric Trap' is a flawless Electronic Trap sample collection full of leading-edge melodic loops. Inside you'll find contemporary melodic compositions to help you jump start your next project. These unusual loops will help you step outside of your comfort zone and let you easily enter a new genre of production
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Kits Kreme Millactic Vol.4 Melodic Loops

The Millactic saga continues with this brand new collection of lo-fi melodic loops. We did things a little differently this time around. After we recorded our compositions using old 80s synths and hardware we decided to take it a step further. We took some of the loops we created and sliced & chopped them to create even more especial loops. We then lightly layered some of these loops with rare vintage sound scape textures to add an aesthetic characteristic. These dark, damp & dry loops are truly one of a kind. If you’ve been digging around the Internet for original lo-fi 80s loops look no further. Dive into Millactic 4, there’s bound to be a loop in here for every producer looking to add a taste of the 80s into there next project
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Kits Kreme Ultimate Chillhop

Ultimate Chillhop contains 4 lofi / chillhop construction kits along with bonus loops and sounds. A lush and natural sounding pack of downtempo piano loops, melodic loops and drum loops. Mix and match these loops to create your own unique chillhop beat
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Maserati Sparks Trapp Emo Kit 4

If you have been a fan of all of MaseratiSparks Trappy Emo Kits then you are going to gravitate to this one as well. Trappy Emo 4 is the 4th installation of this series and features more emo trap melodies that are inspired by artist such as lil peep, tracy, xxxtentacion, lil uzi, and many more.
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Maserati Sparks XO Vol.2

MaseratiSparks Presents XO Vol.2 which is the Darker side to his last release of XO. This one introduces more of the dark melodic side to the series. It is an equal balance between light and dark because you can not have one without the other. So these 20 samples will help to even out the scale, I had to literally cut of all the lights and get into the zone to create these vibes. Enjoy them as much as I did making them.
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Maserati Sparks XO Vol.1

MaseratiSparks releases 20 melodic samples in this new pack. Every sample in here is inspired by the happy Lil Uzi Vert side, we all been waiting for him to drop for far to long so while you wait you can create your own version of what you think Eternal Atake might sound like. These samples are easy to manipulate, so have fun with them and create some hits of your own.
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Intellect Records Intellect Techno Vol.1

Intellect Techno vol. 1 Intellect Records brings to your attention, it's own corporate edition of loops: Intellect Techno vol. 1
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Infinit Essentials Spanish Class

Spanish Class by Infinit Essentials, is a Spanish Guitar Loopkit fit for your next club banger. Inspired by The Migos, Cardi B, CubanDoll, And Many More
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Engineering Samples RED Time Warped Techno

"Time warped Techno" is the latest installation by german based Sub Label "Engineering Samples RED". Packed with over 648 MB full of raw analogue Sounds & loops, this pack will give you all the Sounds you need for your own Production.
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Big Room Sound Wimpy Dog

“Wimpy Dog” is a collection of over 35 different recordings of a particularly sad German shepherd. He whines, he calls out, he yelps, he pants and pleads for attention in a truly expressive manner. He’ll be sure to bring some much needed character to any dog you’ve got onscreen or a creature you are designing.
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standalone-music 800M

808 Serum Presets, Innovation is KeyWhen is the last time you bought an 808 sample pack that truly amazed you? Some might be better than other, louder, better recorded, better compressed, but it’s always the same thing.
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YoungQuill  Gucci Kit

V2 comes with 53 808s, 29 Claps/Snares, 16 Percs/Hats, 7 Kicks and 12 Loops/FX, all custom made to be essential sounds for your library if you're looking to enter the music scene in the hardest, loudest way possible!
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RawNois3 Lush Chords Sample Collection with Stems

Just as the name states, this royalty free sample collection is compiled of 10 Lush Chord compositions (ranging from :24 to 1:47) created by producer Raw Nois3. These buttery smooth soundscapes extend across multiple genres (hip hop, pop, r&b, trap etc.) and to top it off, they include all the stems to rearrange them how you see fit. Samples come in .wav format with BPM and Key labelled to easily drop into your favorite DAW or Sampler to get started! Grab your copy today!
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Noiiz Pixelord Cyber Electronic

Pixelord returns to Noiiz from the distant future with ‘Cyber Electronic’. Coated in his unique style and including a huge variety of content ranging from distorted techno beats and futuristic melodies to glitchy drums and processed atmospheres, ‘Cyber Electronic’ is a great addition to your collection. Perfect for anyone looking to create Electronica, Future Bass, Experimental, Cinematic and beyond, conduct some electronic experiments of your own and see what you can create!
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Async Audio Sci-Fi Blaster

A collection of cutting-edge weapon sounds designed for the future of gaming, film, and music. 48 Samples
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