Detunized Rolfing Laid Back Vol.2

More sounds from the rotten Rolfing Piano that once was saved from a savaged backyard. Rolfing Laid Back Vol. 2 contains 6 new multisampled instruments that introduce a nice variety of prepared piano techniques. All kinds of objects like glasses, a ball of felt, printer paper, a curtains bracket and also my thumbnail (which really hurts!) were used to excite the strings and the body of the Rolfing.
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Detunized Rolfing 3

Since 2009, when the recording sessions for Volume 1 & 2 took place, the piano was exposed to weather nearly unprotected. The black laquer got brittle, the strings are covered with rust and dirt. Nevertheless, these piano remains still emit a wonderfull and reverberant sound that is definitely worth capturing.
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Loopmasters Natural Selection

Loopmasters present Natural Selection – an evolving soundscape of brightly coloured beats, lush textured pads and warm organic melodies. This lucid collection of dusty, soulful sounds will create an instant backdrop of vibrant colour and depth for your music.
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Loopmasters Chilled Glitch

Loopmasters present Chilled Glitch a razor-sharp selection of gloriously-glitched sounds with beautifully articulated Loops and One Hits and immersive production details. As always, this comes 100% Royalty Free to use and abuse in all of your productions.
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Freak Music CLXVDS

Freak Music is proud to present the “CLXVDS” – collection of five cloud construction kits, perfect for your next cloud trap, chillout, chillstep, hip-hop and pop productions. This pack offers the greatest tools and source of inspiration you have been missing. From construction kits, melodies, drums, percussion, chords, pads, leads, plucks – to presets and MIDI files plus Spire soundbank with all presets included. You will find everything you need in this amazing compilation.
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Kryptic Samples Fat 808

'Fat 808' is a thought-provoking 808 bass collection professionally designed by Kryptic Samples for any music producer who want steady samples for their Trap & Future RnB creations.
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Zenhiser UK Garage Drums

Garage is the sound of now and what makes it most identifiable is it’s drum beats, they swing like a mad man and thump with their own eclectic craziness. The hats are nasty, claps snap like a mule and once combined make sure even the least energetic people have to get up and dance. ‘UK Garage Drums’ encompasses all the authentic elements from the Garage music scene and deliver 24 bit luxury Garage drum beats that no Garage, Bass House, House or even Deep House producer should be without.
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Abstract Sounds Minimal Tech Session

Experience has thought us that having access to the right resources can boost anyone’s creativity and efficiency. At Abstract Sounds we’ve developed a complete sample package in which you will discover 145 functional and inspiring loops of essential utility for your production routine.
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Sample Code are proud to present DEEP TECH BUNDLE! Inspired by the sounds of Hot Creations, Desolat, Hottrax, Dennis Cruz, Sante, wAFF, Lemon-aid Music, Desolat, Danniel Selfmade, Deeperfect Records, AVOTRE, Play Groove Recordings, Gruuv and more.
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Detunized Composite Keys

Composite Keys features sounds from the WSA1, the one and only synthesizer ever made by a world-famous turntable manufacturer. With its coolish and digital acoustic modeling sound the WSA1 didn´t make it to everyone´s heart so today it definately has found its place in the Top 10 of the most underrated synthesizers ever. The Universal Format Pack includes all sound as pre-defined patches that instantly load into any modern software sampler.
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Detunized Binaries

Binaries is a collection of FM sounds that where captured from a 90ies ISA soundcard. Almost every soundcard of this time contained an OPL3 chip that was capable of producing 4-Operator FM sounds from 8 different waveforms and several tricky algorithms.
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Laniakea Sounds Atmospherica

'Atmospherica' invites you to explore the magic world of experimental melodic and atmospheric Chillout music with this new outstanding sample pack. This new pack is a in mesmerising and breathtaking style of Progressive House music with Chillout influences which include all essentials for production, including Construction Kits, extra loops, one-shots and MIDI files.
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Samples From Mars All The Samples From Mars

Get Every Samples From Mars Product in Existence All the Samples From Mars is the culmination of 5 years (and tens of thousands of hours) of sampling our favorite, most inspiring (and often vintage) hardware drum machines, synthesizers, and more, through some of the best recording equipment in the world. All of our samples feature 100% hardware processing - no plugins.
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Pro Samples Trippy Trap and Grime

Legendary underground producer Ghostek has compiled a versatile sound kit perfect for Future Bass, Psychedelic Trap & Grime tracks. Unique Percussion hits, deep Bass tones, useful FX, Synths, loops and one shots provide a high quality modern palette to build from.
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Ghost Syndicate Imperial

'Imperial' brings you sounds all the way from East Ukraine, this heavyweight sample train carries a truly imperial load of sounds & loops for all the Grime heads out there. This time it leaves no room for excuses as Ghost Syndicate has joined forces with Sqz Me, a prominent kingpin of Grime & dark Electronica from Lugansk.
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