Deep Data Loops Weird Beauty 9

Deep Data Loops return with their biggest series Weird Beauty. The concept is capturing interesting sounds made with experimental techniques (e.g. modular synthesis) that are suitable from Ambient to even Dance music productions. This episode features more harmonic and percussive sequences of bass, chord and rhythmic loops. All these come in unusual patterns or sound aesthetics. The content is left dry in terms of effects so that they can be choosen individually. The basic tempo is 120BPM and can be changed with most DAWs to fit certain project styles.
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Marko Lenz Chromium Creative Kit

YOU DON'T NEED EXPENSIVE VSTS In the "CHROMIUM" Creative Kit, you can find a unique preset from my DirectWave bank. DirectWave is a stock plugin for FL Studio that will replace Analog Lab and save your CPU. These presets match perfectly with all the One-Shots from this kit, and you don't need to spend time on sound selection. These Presets and One-shots modify your samples and offer unique sound variations.
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Appa2x Morgue Drum Kit

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Hijo De Ramon Music Library 22 Sonic Halllucinations (Compositions And Stems)

HDR is happy to bring you 10 new compositions composed by Grammy Award Winning Producer and Musician Adrian Quesada, Co-Founder of psychedelic soul band Black Pumas. Quesada's deep musical history has seen him producing and performing in projects spanning funk, soul, psychedelia, and diverse strands of Latin music. He has performed with artists such as Prince, GZA, Los Lobos, Kali Uchis, among many others.
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Areito Producciones Salsa Master

SALSA MASTER Clave 2×3 y 3×2. Desarrollada pensando en las necesidades de productores musicales y Djs profesionales, que requieren Loops and samples con calidad Profesional para su proceso creativo. Elaborada en clave 2×3 y 3×2 por percusionistas profesionales Cubanos y Colombianos, grabada, mezclada y masterizada en Areito Studio, cuentan con los patrones rítmicos característicos del género, Loops de 2,4 y 8 compases, Samples One shot, fills por instrumentos separados para que pueda mezclarlos a su gusto, así como la mezcla de todos en una carpeta que hemos llamado «All Tracks», para hacerle mas fácil el trabajo final. Si usted desea tener el sonido y la calidad interpretativa de agrupaciones como: Grupo Niche, Guayacan y Galé Orquesta, necesita SALSA MASTER. En cuatro formatos: Kontakt, Rex2, Wav, Stylus RMX y Apple Loops. Nuestra Librería es compatible con cualquier DAW (Pro tools, Cubase, Logic, FL, Live, etc…)
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Audiosample Vocal Future Bass

'Vocal Future Bass Volume 1' by Audiosample is a stunning collection of Future Vocal Bass that features a light speed collection of royalty free House samples including hooky synths and punchy drums for producers looking for the latest sounds for their main room productions.
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Ja Beats Music Synthwave Level One

Synthwave Level One es la librería exclusiva para llevar nuestras producciones a otros niveles musicales. Produce a estilo retro, de los 80 y 90 con un toque analógico y cálido que te harán distinguir de los demás productores.
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Just Sound Effects Gore Mini Pack

DISCOVER THE BRUTAL SIDE OF SOUND Offering a curated selection of gore sound effects, the GORE MINI PACK is ideal for adding intensity to any combat or horror project. You'll find pre-designed sounds, as well as source recordings for creating and layering your own sounds. To capture the perfect splatters, drips and bone breaks, we've smashed and ripped various fruits and vegetables during the recording process. Make your fight scenes truly memorable or design blood-curdling organic mutations.
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406ahmad year2406 Sound Kit

100+ drums and fx sounds40 serum presets 40 one shots 20 phrases
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Drayki x Meijin = Spectra 2

The drums library features approximately 250 sounds ranging from basic to unique and creative 808s, as well as a variety of electronic and acoustic drums. The oneshot library is packed with everything you need to craft stunning melodies, focusing on analog synths and providing all the tools for ultra-creative sample creation.
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Paradise Music Library AKIRA and AAGNIK More Than Necessary (Compositions And Stems)

“More Than Necessary” is a multi kit containing 16 full length samples with stems, and 150+ one shots, phrases, impulse responses, and more for ONLY $44.99. The creator of the pack, Akira & aagnik, described it as “a soundscape that represents the feeling of chaos and peace” and we couldn’t agree more.
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Dropgun Samples Techno

Step into the pulsating world of "Techno," the debut offering from Dropgun Samples in this genre. This groundbreaking sample pack marks the dawn of a new era, showcasing over 680 meticulously crafted samples that redefine the boundaries of techno music. Inspired by the innovative sounds of artists such as HI-LO, Reinier Zonneveld, Maddix, Space 92, Hardwell, and Eli Brown, this pack is a testament to the evolution of the genre. 
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One Stop Shop Tasty Loops Vol.2 by Mars Today

Introducing "Tasty Loops Volume 2," a diverse loop pack from esteemed producer and songwriter, Mars Today. Featuring an array of stacked instrument loops, single instrument loops, enticing song starts, meticulously crafted programmed and live drums, along with a myriad of captivating percussion grooves, this collection transcends genres.
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Splice Sounds FAUZIA's Sound Cycles

FAUZIA is multidisciplinary musician working across contemporary classical and electronic music. Her work began as a DJ playing at clubs and festivals across the globe, staying connected to audiences via her NTS Radio show. With Bandcamp Friday’s she went on to self-release a series of projects collaborating with vocalists like Kelela and showcasing her own voice on the latest ‘flashes in time’. Her live performances combine strings, vocals and electronics; a juxtaposition of her fast paced DJ sets. FAUZIA’s sample pack combines the beauty of both worlds with a mix of contemporary classical music and club sounds, something for every producer. This sample pack features sounds made from the DFAM, Subharmonicon, OB-6 and; Cello recordings. It represents the multiplicity of her taste while coming together to form a unique tapestry of sound.
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Soul Surplus Common Folk

Soul Surplus presents "Common Folk," by artist, musician and producer Dave James with help from Larry Mack on trumpet. This release highlights the hybrid sound of folk infused soul and country Rand;B that can add the perfect amount of organic musicianship to your production.
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