Noiiz Julius C. Trap Ascension

’Trap Ascension’ by Julius C. pushes the envelope of trap and bass music, drawing from Julius’ 10 years of creating earth shattering beats. Evolve your sound with this astounding collection of flavoursome vocals, huge drops, thick-set drums, intense FX and all consuming synths. These highly flexible one shots can be used in any electronic music production where a bit of punch is needed.
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Boom Library Town and Country

TOWN & COUNTRY: NATURALISTIC FEEL AND HUMAN TOUCH Town & Country is packed with varied ambient recordings of nature sounds connected with man-made noises. Most of the files are loopable. It is the perfect sound library for scenes far outside the city that take place in rural areas.
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Raw Noise Twisted Vox

The RawNoise3 Sound Design Family presents Twisted Vox. This kit is made up of a total of 26 vocal vox one shots. 15 are male and 11 are female. The theme of this kit is a fictitious space battle themed video game. We had fun with this one and created a versus challenge. Be sure to pick whether Mr. Noise or Mrs. Noise is the winner. Enjoy!
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Nozytic Dark Planet (DrumKit)

The Third official Drum Kit in the best-selling Hades product family by Nozytic Music is here! Nozytic Music gives all of you producers 'Dark Planet Drum Kit' with 70 High Quality Drums, perfect for Hip Hop and Trap productions.
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Boom Library Harbor and Industrial

HARBOR & INDUSTRIAL consists of authentic industrial ambiences, one third of which capture sites close to the water. Almost all files are loopable; every sound is ready-to-use and recorded to sit well within your mix. An accessible, yet highly flexible toolkit for you to create signature locations with ease.
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Loopmasters Andrew Weatherall and Nina Walsh WRF Lab Test

Loopmasters present Andrew Weatherall & Nina Walsh Woodleigh Research Facility – an experimental collection of other worldly recordings and abstract sounds to raise the tension in your productions. Provided 100% Royalty Free for your music, this collection is an elusive looking glass into a distant sonic realm, created by two master musicians.
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Listen up dummy boys, 8TY6IXED brings you the #1 hottest selling sample pack in the world. Been featured 10 for 10 on the billboard sample charts. Not even the feds can get close to touching these samples. Test your gangster with these rainbow elements to achieve and create Tekashi’s distinct raw New York style trap bangers.
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SOCS Tech Time Sample Pack

SOCS RecordsTech Time Sample Pack (214Mb Sample Pack) By Mehran JP AKA SignOfCrows
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Noiiz Davoodi This Is Bass!

‘This Is Bass!’ is the energetic offering from seasoned bass producer Davoodi. Reach new dimensions with his sample collection of pounding drums, snappy percussion, fierce risers, high intensity synths and slick chopped or spoken vocals.
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Wave Alchemy Complete Drums 2

A labour love spanning 10 years (and tens of thousands of hours of sound design), Complete Drums is the culmination of Wave Alchemy’s life-long achievement in being the industry leader in drum sample sound design.
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‘Impact Club N DJ FX ’ has all the Impact FX samples you need for your next EDM hit! The 31 high quality Impact FX included in this product are guaranteed to get the dance floor moving!
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The Kit Plug Lonely (Loop Kit with Stems)

(40) Professionally Mixed Melody Loops with Stems.WAV Format (Works in all DAWs) Royalty Free*
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Soundtrack Loops Ansonix Chiptune Drum and Bass

Soundtrack Loops presents Ansonix Chiptune Drum & Bass. Soundtrack Loops and Dublin based electronica music artist Ansonix team up to bring you a series of 8 bit Chiptune inspired packs for producing Drum n Bass, EDM, and Future Bass. Ansonix Chiptune Drum n Bass is the first in this series. There are 68 expertly crafted loops with the focus on melodic lead melodies and basses. The leads and arpeggios are extreme and so are the tempos. 8 bit Chiptune music is making it's way into many genres as the perfect crossover sound. They are perfect for dropping a classic 8 bit retro moment into your Drum n Bass and half time grooves.
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Lens Distortions Statement SFX

Impactful films always leverage sound to capture our imagination. Cutting edge brand pieces, innovative product launches, and revolutionary campaigns evoke more emotion by using meaningful sound design.
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MVPPlatinum Drop When Ready Club Sound FX

‘Drop When Ready Club Sound FX’ is a fantastic collection of Drop samples ready for your next EDM hit! With a total of 32 high quality Drop FX wav files, this product reaches a wide variety across the electronic dance music spectrum. Whether you’re a DJ, producer, or both, this product is a must-have when you want to get the club bumping.
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