Magix Blades and Runners

'Blades & Runners' by MAGIX is a soundpack tailor-made for producing the musical backdrop to the eternal battle between humans and clones. Powerful, futuristic synthesizers, unsettling industrial sound effects and electrically charged pads create the dark untertones to a classic cyberpunk soundtrack.
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Harsh Records Hard Kicks Vol.1

The best Hard Kicks sample pack in the game, take your Hard productions to the next level and avoid the creative frustration, innovate and produce hard hitting songs that will take your game to the next level!
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Carolina Eyck Theremin and Voice Sample Pack Choir Loops

I’ve been very inspired by colors and movement lately, and how they translate into sound. Today I present to you my Choir Loops - Theremin & Voice sample pack! This pack comes with different voice harmonies and theremin additions. In some tracks, there are up to 30 voices - a color palette in different harmonies :)
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Carolina Eyck Theremin Sample Pack Glissando and Spooky Trills

If you live on planet Earth and are reading the news like me, chances are you’re probably overwhelmed with how quickly things are changing during this pandemic: it almost feels like a science fiction movie!
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Roundel Sounds The Vocal Collection Vol.11

'The Vocal Collection Vol 11' by Roundel Sounds is a massive pack filled with 7 female and male vocal Construction Kits with numerous tempos ranging from 90 to 110 BPM, to fit a variety of EDM styles and more. Each and every Construction Kit comes with MIDI and WAV stems that fit perfectly to the project's vocals. This product is packed with inspiring melodies, pumping kicks, bright sounding snares and claps, as well as warm basslines, perfectly fitted FX sounds, playful plucks and synths, great-sounding and carefully processed leads, clean guitar strumming chord progressions and some sweet piano sounds too.
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Carolina Eyck Vintage Theremin Sample Pack Big Briar Long Notes

It’s been a while that I've been planning this, but now it’s really happening: my first Big Briar theremin sample pack is out! Only good old vintage sounds from top to bottom, this time mostly long notes that will work great with a keyboard controller. Lovely warm sounds for you to use in your music productions! :)
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iLL Cutz Sample Pack

iLL Cutz contains 50 sounds, all of em processed and with the sound of Sp1200. 25 horns and 25 samples, that's all. Perfect for beginners.
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imago meri oneShots (with g0bln)

- 34 melodic one shot sounds- 7 chord sounds thanks to @123g0bln for participating in the making of the pack
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imago meri memento

This kit is based around the concept of sounding antique and vintage, with mechanical imperfections and artifacts that give each sound its own special nature.
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imago meri ombra

40 new sounds created through the potential of audio-spectral processes. We categorized the samples into two groups:
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LP24 Forest Psy

LP24 is very proud to present our latest release Forest Psy featuring 610 inspiring and professionally crafted loops, oneshots, MIDI files, and Xfer SERUM presets; a huge variety of ideas and sounds expertly created with your music production needs in mind.
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Black Seven Sounds Black Seven Sample Pack Complete Bundle

Discover the ultimate Black Seven Music Bundle, featuring our complete Black Seven Sounds collection (Volumes 1, 2, and 3) plus the exclusive Sampled Percussion Instruments pack.
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Image Sounds Cinematic FX Analog Sounddesign

Introducing “Cinematic FX Analog Sounddesign” – an exceptional sample library meticulously crafted for modern producers, cinematic film composers, and sound designers alike.
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Image Sounds Dance Pop 1

Introducing Dance Pop 1, your tool for creating infectious modern dance pop hits with ease. Featuring a vast array of meticulously curated sounds and loops, this dynamic sample library empowers modern producers to effortlessly create chart-topping tracks that command attention on the dance floor and beyond.
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Image Sounds Cinematic Crime Offense Electronic Music

Introducing Cinematic Crime – Offensive Electronic Music. Featuring a fusion of deep dubstep, big beat, and underground drum and bass construction kits, this versatile collection empowers modern producers to create immersive soundscapes tailored for cinematic storytelling, game design, and compelling musical productions.
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