Experiencing Jazz, 3rd Edition

Experiencing Jazz, Third Edition is an integrated textbook, website, and audio anthology for jazz appreciation and history courses. Through readings, illustrations, timelines, listening guides, and a playlist of tracks and performances, Experiencing Jazz journeys through the history of jazz and places the music within larger cultural and historical contexts. Designed for the jazz novice, this textbook introduces the reader to prominent artists, covers the evolution of styles, and makes stylistic comparisons to current trends and developments.
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babyxprod American Dream Drum Kit

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Heavyocity Vast

VAST is an all-new creative convolution reverb plugin. This expressive designer tool redefines audio manipulation, allowing you to transport your sound to completely new and impossible spaces. With a wide selection of intuitive controls, this diverse palette of innovative reverbs, unique rhythmic echoes, and unconventional effects, VAST is a true playground for creative experimentation.
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Audioblast Rave Generator 3

Rave Generator 3. The legendary sound of 90's rave, in your DAW Today! Rave Generator 3 boasts an extensive library of over 1000 stab samples, 500 basslines, 150 kicks, and 100 lead sounds, meticulously curated to capture the essence of the 90s rave sound. With 256 presets included, you'll find yourself immersed in a sonic playground ready for exploration.
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Epic Stock Media Humanoid Creatures 3

Have no fear creating that monster or otherworldly creature in your next audio project! Humanoid Creatures 3 is a monster sound FX library featuring 15 versatile creature types – all designed & styled for video games, monster background sounds, video applications and any creative audio project. Inside you'll find 370+ distinctive, immersive, game optimized, humanoid creature sound effects, vocalizations, attacks, death sounds, pain hits, grunts and groans, special SFX and more. Organized in a variety of sound sets or monster types with multiple variations of each sound. Creating compelling cinematic game characters and outstanding game play audio experiences has never been easier.
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Splice Sounds J-E-T-S Zoospa Sounds

J-E-T-S is a collaboration of producers Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar exploring various genres, eras, and styles of music. Their debut full-length, Zoospa was described by Pitchfork as a futuristic patchwork of bass, hip hop, pop, and Rand;B. And now they're releasing sounds from that album in this Splice pack, chopped, screwed, and primed for you to use in your track however you like.
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Renraku Astrosoul - UKG

The second pack in the Astrosoul series makes a massive imprint on the Renraku catalog with UKG, a complete collection of sounds designed for UK garage and future garage. 
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Neon Wave Night Lights 2: Retro City Pop

Night Lights2 : Retro City Pop returns with of retro-inspired loops, drum hits, and one-shots drawing influences from ‘80s synth-pop, new wave, and sophisti-pop for a fresh selection of sounds. Dive into this hardware-infused collection featuring digital and analog derived synth lines, synth-pop stylized music kits, machine sampled drum grooves, and lush guitars.
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VOX LYRE's Perfect Pop: K-Pop Edition

As described in our Terms of Use, you may not use LYRE's name, image or likeness without LYRE's express written permission. Known for their production and songwriting work with K-pop groups like ITZY, Red Velvet, Purple Kiss, and Kep1er, LYRE present their second Splice pack, "Perfect Pop - K-Pop Edition." Infused with their in-depth knowledge of K-pop sonics, this pack offers a diverse range of sounds spanning various K-pop sub-genres - from dark and powerful girl krush to soulful orchestral Rand;B.
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Evileaf Confidential Attempts

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SkillShare Ableton Live Outside The Box Audio Resampling

Embark on a captivating audio journey as you delve into the intricacies of audio resampling techniques in Ableton Live. Discover how to extract, manipulate, and transform sounds, unlocking endless possibilities for your creative projects
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Retos Audio Ethnic Series Xiao

3 Different Articulations200 Pre-Recorded Phrases Easy to use
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Safari Pedals Everything Bundle

Join the wild side of audio and be part of the animals lovers club with our Everything Bundle. It's not just a bundle; it's a journey through diverse sonic landscapes, crafted for producers and engineers who dare to stand out. From intricate reverbs to dynamic distortions, we wildin!. Embrace the full spectrum of safari pedals with the Everything Bundle – where every pedal tells a story.
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AT5Producers SYNCOPATION MultiKit Drumkit, Phrases and Loops

- 15 808*s- 10 Claps - 9 Hats - 9 Snares
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Thought-Forms Nebula Ambient Odyssey

A collection of 127 combination presets for the Korg Triton VST. Swirling pad washes, breathing atmospheric textures & soundscapes, and sci-fi inspired drones. Everything you need for retro ambient pads, sound fx, and texture beds.
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