Experiencing Jazz, 3rd Edition

Experiencing Jazz, 3rd Edition

Experiencing Jazz, Third Edition is an integrated textbook, website, and audio anthology for jazz appreciation and history courses. Through readings, illustrations, timelines, listening guides, and a playlist of tracks and performances, Experiencing Jazz journeys through the history of jazz and places the music within larger cultural and historical contexts. Designed for the jazz novice, this textbook introduces the reader to prominent artists, covers the evolution of styles, and makes stylistic comparisons to current trends and developments.

New to the third edition:

Richard J. Lawn is joined by new co-author Justin G. Binek
Expanded coverage of artists, particularly important vocalists and prominent women in jazz, including Bobby McFerrin, Kurt Elling, The Manhattan Transfer, and Terri Lyne Carrington
A dynamic, web-exclusive bonus chapter—Chapter 14.5: The Story Continues—exploring contemporary jazz artists who push the boundaries of jazz by creating new stylistic fusions and who utilize new media to create, collaborate, and share their artistry
A re-worked companion website featuring new recordings, a more comprehensive audio anthology, and a major revision of The Elements of Jazz section
Condensed musician biographies and updated content reflecting jazz’s global impact
Revised listening guides for spotlighted recordings highlighting key moments worthy of closer listening and analysis

Comprehensive and immersive, the third edition of Experiencing Jazz provides a foundational understanding of the history of the genre.

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