Epic Stock Media Humanoid Creatures 3

Epic Stock Media Humanoid Creatures 3

Have no fear creating that monster or otherworldly creature in your next audio project! Humanoid Creatures 3 is a monster sound FX library featuring 15 versatile creature types – all designed & styled for video games, monster background sounds, video applications and any creative audio project. Inside you'll find 370+ distinctive, immersive, game optimized, humanoid creature sound effects, vocalizations, attacks, death sounds, pain hits, grunts and groans, special SFX and more. Organized in a variety of sound sets or monster types with multiple variations of each sound. Creating compelling cinematic game characters and outstanding game play audio experiences has never been easier.

Each monster includes multiple variation files of each sound type: deal damage, death, pain/hit, alerts, special FX, character specific FX and other vocalizations. Each sound set contain 5-6 variation files. All Royalty-Free and all files are pre mixed and mastered, optimized in length and file size to reduce game distributions and memory. RTU-OTB

It's perfectly suited for use in animations, video games, mobile apps, motion graphics, film, and VR sound productions. We've thoughtfully crafted this collection of creature sounds to cover many different kinds of monster/animal varieties and have conveniently compiled them into this one sound pack, so you could have more creative freedom and ease when trying to best outfit your creature.


Male Alien Parasite - (Insect Creature)
Male Basalisk - (Reptile Creature)
Male Bigfoot - (Primate Creature)
Male Crabman - (Aquatic Creature)
Male Elemental - (Spirit Creature)
Male Great Ape - (Primate Creature)
Male Hellboar - (Beast Creature)
Male Lava Monster - (Large Creature)
Male Lycan - (Wolf Creature)
Male Mutant Growth - (Undead Creature)
Male Psycho - (Humanoid Creature)
Male Revenant - (Ethereal Creature)
Male Sewer Dweller - (Aquatic Creature)
Male Temple Guardian - (Beast Creature)
Male Void Beast - (Ethereal Creature)

Embark on an epic new addition with Humanoid Creatures 3, the third thrilling installment in the mesmerizing game monster series. Prepare to be captivated once again, as you delve into a world of unimaginable wonders and spine-chilling encounters. And remember, if you found this adventure enticing, don't miss out on the pulse-pounding original release, Humanoid Creatures. It's a journey you won't want to miss!

UCS Compliant & Soundminer Metadata
All sound effects labeling is UCS compliant & is organized into categories to make it easier to navigate with understandable folder structures. Has extensive metadata embed in the files using soundminer metadata to help you find the right sound at the right time.

Product Details:

591 MB of designed creature sound effects
375 Sound effect files
15 Different reature and monster sound sets
Each SFX set includes: deal damage, pain hit, death, alert & more
All in 96k 24bit .WAV file format
UCS Compliant
Includes Soundminer Metadata
Over 17 minutes of fantasy game creatures audio
Game ready – designed sound effects
Perfect for game developers and sound designers
25 Alien Parasite
25 Basalisk
25 Bigfoot
25 Crabman
25 Elemental
25 Great Ape
25 Hellboar
25 Lava Monster
25 Lycan
25 Mutant Growth
25 Psycho
24 Revenant
25 Sewer Dweller
25 Temple Guardian
26 Void Beast
Works with any DAW or Game Engine
All Royalty Free & YouTube friendly
RTU-OTB (ready to use out of the box)

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