Thought-Forms Nebula Ambient Odyssey

Thought-Forms Nebula Ambient Odyssey

A collection of 127 combination presets for the Korg Triton VST. Swirling pad washes, breathing atmospheric textures & soundscapes, and sci-fi inspired drones. Everything you need for retro ambient pads, sound fx, and texture beds.

Inspired by the sounds of atmospheric drum n bass of the 90s, mixed with 90s ambient music & sci-fi film classics…this unique set of hand crafted combinations will take you back to 1999, as synths like the Korg Triton enabled bold leaps forward in turn of the century sound.

Note: These will ONLY work on the Korg Triton VST, they will NOT work on the Korg Triton hardware. You need a copy of the Korg Triton VST to utilize these presets.

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