Heavyocity Vast

Heavyocity Vast

VAST is an all-new creative convolution reverb plugin. This expressive designer tool redefines audio manipulation, allowing you to transport your sound to completely new and impossible spaces. With a wide selection of intuitive controls, this diverse palette of innovative reverbs, unique rhythmic echoes, and unconventional effects, VAST is a true playground for creative experimentation.

At the heart of VAST is a flexible Impulse Engine chock full of creative controls and unexpected effects. Dive into a diverse array of banks featuring over 200 impulse responses, or personalize your experience by importing your own audio files as IRs. Reconstruct your sound with limitless artistic expression by intuitively combining an array of modules (convolution, gate, compression, EQ, delay, and dry/wet) to transport your source to entirely new sonic realms. To streamline your creative process, VAST also includes over 200 meticulously crafted presets, providing a quick start to your sonic exploration.

In line with our core values, VAST takes the ordinary and morphs it into something extraordinary, redefining the realm of reverb plugins and their capabilities. VAST is more than just a tool; it's an immersive experience in sonic exploration and transformation, making it an undeniably flexible creative playground.

Transform Your Sound

This expressive designer tool redefines audio manipulation, allowing you to transport your sound to completely new and impossible spaces. More than just a delay and reverb effect, VAST provides intuitive controls, innovative impulses, unique rhythmic echoes, and unconventional effects for a true playground of creative experimentation.

Endless Possibilities

A fully customizable processing chain offers a groundbreaking level of flexibility. You have the power to define your own sonic journey by reordering effects, and choosing from a variety of configurations, blending the dry and wet sound throughout the chain.

Creativity Playground

Infinite creative possibilities are at your fingertips with innovative controls and unconventional effects. More than just a delay, and more than just a reverb - from tempo-synced echo like effects to dynamic spatial shaping, you will be empowered to transform your sound.

VAST sets itself apart from traditional delay tools with a diverse host of rhythmic convolutions and echoes. These tempo-synced impulse responses transform an ordinary source into a distinctly inspiring rhythmic groove. Quickly build and shape a beat from any simple sound source.

Custom Signal Flow

Not just about static impulse responses; this is a designer's playground, allowing you to define your own signal chain of the FX modules with flexible routing and additional in-depth controls. Re-arrange the Gate, EQ, Delay, Convolution, Compressor, and Mix for your desired effect.
Endless Impulses

Elevate your sonic signature by seamlessly loading your own audio files into VAST as your impulse response source. Open up endless possibilities as you shape your unique reverbs, ensuring your sound is truly one-of-a-kind.
Auto Resonance

Quickly clean up and fine-tune your effects to enhance overall sound quality and eliminate unwanted resonances caused by room acoustics and impulses. This feature intelligently scans the impulse and lowers the offending frequencies.
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