DECAP Ableton Live Masterclass

In this live 47 minute deep dive Masterclass, DECAP (Billboard Top 10, Platinum Certified Producer) dives into some intermediate / advanced production and sound design techniques during the track breakdown of his release "Who's There?!".
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Sample Market VOY Magnetic House Vol.1

Mulen presents the first sample pack of Magnetic House Vol.1 exclusive samples by VOY. Inspired by old school riffs VOY has created 1.25 GB of top-notch grooves and loops.
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Sample Market DISKOP Criminal Beats Vol.1

Intricate breakbeat grooves, trippy sequences, heavy subs, spacey pads, deep chords, organic percussions and a great selection of FX and processed vocal sample in the latest instalment on Mulen!
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Amit Trivedi Learn Music Composition

Amit Trivedi is an Indian music composer, singer and lyricist. In this course, Amit will be guiding you on your journey to create music. This course will start right at the fundamentals of music, then dive into more advanced techniques Amit uses to make his songs stand out. The curriculum later covers creating music for films, where you will learn about making albums and background scoring. Amit will also create music live to demonstrate how one can apply these techniques, and share how he created his most famous songs and scores for films like Udaan, Lootera, and Andhadhun.
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Splice Originals Frost February RnB

This pack is all about getting cozy for the winter months. Some call it “wintering.” We pulled influences from modern R&B artists such as Daniel Ceasar, Frank Ocean, and SZA to craft a collection of colored chords and progressions with added textures from ice and snow field recordings for an icy edge. Like a crackling fire on a cold night, warm synths like the CS80 clone, Deckard’s Dream were the backbone of this pack.
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Rubicon Inorganic Alchemy

For Inorganic Alchemy, we manipulated multiple sound sources with various techniques such as granular synthesis and time-based effects, such as time-stretching and warping audio clips. Several of the analog drum samples come from various drum machines such as the 8raw8, Yamaha dx200, and Syncussion.
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nu.wav Mellow Future Beats Chords and Progressions

Created by Simen Sez of nu.wav, this pack is a collection of chords, loops, and melodies with the intent to create a unique foundation to your future beat tracks. This pack gives you a palate of ideas for your Soundcloud-style beats.
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Zenhiser Amped

Weighted with impeccable style and bass heavy melodies, ‘Amped’ incorporates everything we love with Tech House and fuses it with the exemplary drive of Bass House to create a new sonic monster in the war for dance floor superiority.
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Samplestar Smooth Synth Soul and RnB

Samplestar is very proud to present Smooth! A diverse and inspiring collection of ultra-smooth synth-focused melodics all dripping with vintage soul & RnB flavor. Slick analog basslines meet with warm soulful chord progressions to deliver a cohesive blend of timeless and current sounds.
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Rare Signals Transatlantic Plate Reverb

Rare Signals presents a new standard in Plate Reverb plug-ins modeled from the finest analog plates of Europe and The U.S. With 24 independent decay settings, and reverb tails that remain un-manipulated, preserving the natural sustain and stereo spread of the actual analog giants.
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Truefire Jason Loughlin Trading Solos Americana

In Jason Loughlin's Americana edition of Trading Solos you'll jam with Jason over five popular Americana progressions, in a variety of keys and feels. Jason kicks off the course sharing some of his tone tips to help you get a great sound. And then for each of the five tracks, Jason shows you a handful of licks, soloing ideas, and comping approaches. You'll then trade solos and comp for each other over each of the tracks.
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Mixthank Luuk van Dijk Masterclass

Known for his strong basslines, groovy vibe and old skool vision, Luuk van Dijk produces records that hit the sweet spot of any dance floor with clinical precision. Signed to labels like Kaluki, Hot Creations, Do Not Sleep, Deeperfect and Solid Grooves, and at the helm of his own Dark Side Of The Sun label, his music has become a staple part of the melodic deep tech scene and we're thrilled to welcome him to Mixtank for a huge installment of our 'The Sound Of…' series.
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Sampleson ElectroNylon

The first Nylon-Electric-Piano based on Spectral Transformation. ElectryNylon: A never-seen-before instrument based on REAL-TIME SPECTRAL TRANSFORMATION that will allow you to go from Nylon Guitar to an Electric Piano in real-time and just moving a slider.
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Sampleson Markus 88

The first Spectral Modeled Electric Piano based on real samples entirely rebuilt by modeling. Offering the real sound and feel of a Stage EP in just 25MB. SPECTRAL MODELED ELECTRIC PIANO
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Cycles and Spots Reaktor Atmosphere

Cycles & Spots crafted another great instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor. This one consists of 4 granular samplers, each can be manipulated in numerous ways (6 modulation destinations at the same time) and these can be automated over time to create deep abstract Ambient soundscapes, making the 200 implemented original samples unrecognizable.
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