FMJ-Software Awave Audio

Awave Audio is a professional yet easy to use audio file format batch converter. Supports a wide range of audio file formats (reads from ~90 and writes to ~60 formats).
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Elysia Phils Cascade

Phil's Cascade is based on highly esoteric vintage components combined in a truly unique circuitry. It is anything but your typical audio processor. Phil's Cascade is an amazing toolbox which will open the world for creating the most interesting sound flavors.
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Vertigo VSM-3

Developed by Brainworx, the Vertigo VSM-3 plugin delivers the beloved badass harmonic generators of Vertigo Sound's acclaimed VSM-2 Mix Satellite. The engineers at Brainworx have carefully studied the lusted-after harmonic generation and shrewd settings of the VSM-2 hardware, and obsessively recreated it all in the VSM-3 plugin.
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Vertigo VSC-2

Vintage King USA calls it “The Mercedes of VCA Compressors”. The original hardware Vertigo VSC-2 Quad Discrete Compressor built its reputation largely on the four, custom hand built, discrete “1979” VCAs used in its design. The plugin version of the VSC-2 captures every nuance of the hardware version and puts it right into your digital audio workstation.
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Noveltech Vocal Enhancer

VOCAL ENHANCER™ intelligently improves the relevant characteristics found in your vocal recordings. Heard on countless hits by top engineers around the globe.
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Noveltech Character

CHARACTER intelligently enhances the tonal spectrum and dynamics(!) found in your instruments and vocals by automatically adjusting complex sets of parameters rather than merely boosting a specific frequency region.
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Millennia TCL-2

The Millennia TCL-2 delivers the stellar, transparent sonics of the beloved Millennia Twincom in plugin form. The original hardware Twincom features Millennia's “Twin Topology” technology, which gives users the ability to select either a full tube, or full J-FET/solid-state signal path.
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Millennia NSEQ-2

The Millennia NSEQ-2 is a go-to parametric EQ for many of the world's leading studios and mastering houses. Its unique Twin Topology design and pure Class A transformer-less circuitry offers a simplicity which yields a powerful, sonically neutral, analog EQ.
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Maag Audio MAGNUM-K

Fully endorsed and approved by Mäag Audio. Modeled by Brainworx. The original MAGNUM-K™ hardware is a single-channel Compressor built to complement the audio engineer's craft. It is comprised of two serial compressor sections (MAGNUM COMP and K COMP), a very musical Parallel EQ (with LMF and Mäag's signature AIR BAND®), plus a Soft Limit (soft limiter).
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SPL Plugins Bundle

SPL has been developing and manufacturing analog and digital audio gear for the music, film, multimedia, and broadcasting industries since 1984. SPL products are respected worldwide for their innovative approach and user-friendliness, but most of all for their outstanding performance.
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Schoeps Double MS

Decode Double-MS Microphone Setups in Post Production This plugin is calibrated for the SCHOEPS Double M/S Microphone, but it will also work with any other Double M/S Mic Setup. It will provide optimal results only on tracks that have been recorded with a 3-microphone (Double M/S) setup.
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Pro Audio DSP DSM

FFT based Audio Mapper by legendary console developer Developed by Paul Frindle, the developer of some of the most respected and beloved products in the recording history, including the SSL E / G series consoles, and the mighty SONY OXFORD OXF-3 digital boards. Talk about some serious audio legacy here...
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Maag Audio EQ4

You've heard the Maag Audio EQ4 on the vocals of artists ranging from Madonna to Celine Dion, and from the Black Eyed Peas to Snoop Dogg. Now you can have this legendary EQ right inside your DAW.
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Maag Audio EQ2

The Mäag EQ4 is one of Plugin Alliance's most popular plugins. International pros rely on its tremendous musicality to enhance their tracks. Now Mäag has released their TEC Award nominated EQ2 in a plugin version, bringing that Air Band® magic to a lower price point and creating the perfect compliment to the EQ4.
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Lindell Audio Plugins Bundle

Lindell Audio, since its founding in 2010, has quickly gained a reputation for producing high quality analog gear. Record producer Tobias Lindell—resident producer at Bohus Sound Studios—set out to design recording equipment to satisfy his own way of working. Developing functions and user interfaces that he couldn't find on the market. Now, with the introduction of Lindell's plugin product line, that same authentic attention to audio quality and efficient workflow can be found inside your DAW.
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