Rob Papen Prisma

PRISMA provides the Rob Papen 'sound garden' with ways of providing terrific tone colors by combining Rob Papen plugins into a single 'prismatic' sound source. Powerfully, PRISMA stores those combined software instruments and all their respective settings as a single preset. Seriously smart features of note include individual VELOCITY or KEYB. RANGE (keyboard range) split layers for creative combinations.
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Nembrini Audio LoFi Vintage Clipper

Nembrini Audio LoFi Vintage Clipper plugin is design to add grit and weight to your mix with two distinctive custom designed saturation algorithms. Use it to add presence and density to your tracks and control transients like the biggest Mix Engineers!
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Arturia 3 Compressors

The sound of big studio hardwarereborn as software effects Let's face it, there are hundreds of software effects out there. You don't have the time or the budget to try them all out and find the ones you like.
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Essential Reverb SUBSPACE is a super-lush sounding and totally streamlined reverb plugin. It is based on the allpass reverb module found in our acclaimed MORPH 2, WORMHOLE and ADAPTIVERB plugins, and features just two controls: a switch that selects one of four presets, and a dry-wet control. Adding (inter-)stellar reverb to your sound was never easi
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Klevgrand Stark

Amp Simulator STARK is a fully fledged amplifier simulator consisting of four modules: Amplifier, Cabinet, Room and a Pedal board. The modules are processing audio separately, which makes it possible to combine different amplifiers with different cabinets and rooms.
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Raising Jake Studios SideMinder

SideMinder is a dynamic stereo width enhancer that can increase the width of a stereo track, bus and/or master mix WITHOUT risking polarity inversion. SideMinder "listens" to the stereo material using lookahead FIR correlation detectors and dynamically narrows the stereo image precisely if/when negative correlation begins to occur.
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Linotune is a patent-pending strobe tuning system that can show a musical instrument's intonation with extreme accuracy and instantaneous response.
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Imacbits MP3 Gain

MP3 Gain for mac is a simple tool designed specifically to adjust and normalize the volume of audio(mp3, wma, etc) files. It automatically normalize the volume of audio files and adjust the loudness of audio tracks without lossy. It performs statistical analysis to determine how loud the file actually sounds to the human ear.
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NoiseAsh Rule Tec All Collection

Rule Tec Heritage Pro, EQ1A and EQ5M plugins are included in this Rule Tec All Collection pack. Legendary passive equalizers have long been a top choice of leading recording and mastering engineers since it was released in 1951. With tons of research and hard work; we are proud to present extremely accurate models of these legendary equalizer units, Rule Tec® Collection. Legendary tone is here with all of the legendary signature features including “Pultec EQ trick”. Rule Tec Heritage Pro, EQ1A and EQ5M plugins are included in this Rule Tec All Collection pack.
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Total Recorder

Total Recorder Professional provides many powerful functions for the recording, converting, editing, and processing of sound. If you want to have video capture features as well, download the new VideoPro Edition. With this edition, you can record from any combination of video and audio sources.
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Denise Bite

Bruise, break and crush to get that LoFi house-techno, industrial and IDM sound, but with full control and an analog edge. Sink your teeth into our new plugin!Features: Transitions continuously from 32-bit all the way down to 1-bit. For smooth automation with surgical precision.
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Denise Space Invader

Fresh and creative flanging. Be a space invader and start your jet engine! Features:
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Denise Noize 2

Denise has launched an update to its adaptive noise generation plugin. Noize 2 brings user requested features such as new noise types and loading and editing of user noise profiles.
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Denise Audio Noize Retro

Noise is a secret weapon used by many professional producers and sound designers to enhance and flavour their tracks and sound effects. Noise can be used in many ways, for example:
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WIDI Recognition System Professional

WIDI Recognition System - a powerful Audio To MIDI Converter (MP3 to MIDI, WAVE to MIDI) with many extended options. WIDI Professional - mp3 to midi converter Imagine the creative potential of a musical mind like Mozart's, and how much more prolific his genius may have been if he had not had to spend all that time writing it down. With a quill pen dipped in ink, no less. Undoubtedly, the creative flow of musicians has been enhanced by digital tools, and music lovers everywhere benefit from the increased access to new and independently-produced music. WIDI Recognition System has enhanced features for automated music recognition and transcription, converting MP3 to MIDI format with an intelligent interface and Recognition Wizard.
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