SoundSpot Ravage

Get heated overdrive with added life and movement – choose from six types of distortion, shape your signal with filtering and gain, and modulate the results with custom-drawn LFO shapes.
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SoundSpot Hiku

HIKU Mastering PluginPunch, Warmth and Presence, instantly Give your masters, buses or individual tracks extra polish with this smart effect. HIKU might only have three controls, but under the hood, there’s a precise mix of processing tailored to add warmth, power and clarity to any audio signal.
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Thanatan Trapstar VST RETAiL

Trapstar is an essential Drum VST for producers making trap beats. No more spending hours looking for the perfect Kick, Snare and Hi-Hat combination, with Trapstar we’ve done all the hard work for you , just Fire up Trapstar and start making your patterns.
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Kerfyge Audio Trap Drums 2 VST RETAiL

Thenatan X Kerfyge Audio Proudly Presents " Trap Drums VST "one of the most comprehensive Trap Drum machine VST's ever Made. Trap Drums VST is a completely brand new Trap drum machine VST/AU plugin for MAC or PC.
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Kerfyge Audio Trap Bells 2 VST RETAiL

BELLS 2 is The VST The Serious Trap And Hip Hop Producers Have Been Waiting For! Trap, Hip Hop Producers Inspired By Artist Such As Future And Gucci Mane As Well As 2 Chainz Should Seriously Check Out This VST!!!
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Thanatan Bassynth VST RETAiL

BASSYNTH VST is a collection of bass sounds packed together into a single VST instrument, suitable for a wide range of music styles, from House , to Dance music, to Trap, Grime and more !
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Kerfyge Audio 8OOM 2 VST Incl Expansions RETAiL

8OOM 2 is The VST The Serious Trap And Hip Hop Producers Have Been Waiting For! Trap, Hip Hop and Grime Producers Inspired By Artist Such As Flosstradamus And Carnage As Well As Mayhem Should Seriously Check Out This Monster VST!!!
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Thanatan Amazynth VST x64 RETAiL

Thenatan And Global Audio Tools are bringing music makers across the globe a jam packed tool we like to call "Amazynth".Inspired by some music legends such as Johnny Juliano, Cardo Got Wings, Zaytoven Beats and many more producers that have shaped todays urban music scene.
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SoundMorph Wave Warper

Quickly create cutting edge real-time controlled whooshes for your sound design or music! Wave Warper is a revolutionary new way to create your own amazing custom whooshes, passbys, morphed sounds, and sample mayhem. It is a standalone app that combines and loops up to 6 sound file layers to create one new dynamic file using multiple real-time controllable effects and optional VST plugins.
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SoundMorph Galactic Assistant

Galactic Assistant is the first synthesizer software specifically made for creating hi-tech interface sounds. Developed for sound designers and musicians alike, it's the perfect companion for creating a new sonic universe. Use it to design your own hi-tech interface sounds or create glitch or highlights for your musical project.
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SoundMorph TimeFlux

Stretch, pitch & morph your sounds to infinity! 3.6Gb of custom sounds made by Ivo Ivanov & SoundMorph! TimeFlux: the ultimate time stretching, morphing, and spectral effects processing software. Just like time is endless, the possibilities in TimeFlux are endless as you Morph between 8 snapshots using our custom Sphere controller area. Control TimeFlux with your mouse, or as an added bonus control it with an optional Leap Motion controller and harness the powers of time in your hand! TimeFlux takes your sound to a whole new level of control and sonic manipulation.
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HoRNet ThirtyOne

Thirty one is a single package that includes a spectrum analyzer and a graphic equalizer, both has the standard 31 one third octave bands. This pair of tools is very common in every rack of any live mixer as the final tool in the master bus, for this reason we decided to recreate the behaviour and specific time response of a very common Italian analog spectrum analyzer.
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HoRNet ElliptiQ

HoRNet ElliptiQ is an elliptic equalizer, this kind of tool is a very special case of equalizer that has its root in the vinyl cutting era. A tool like this is needed because if the bass frequencies goes in anti phase or the difference between left and right channel are too wide the needle may jump outside the groove in the final vinyl master, so an elliptic eq works on the difference of the two channels removing part of the low frequencies and preventing this problem.
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Tokyo Dawn Records TDR Limiter 6 GE v.1.1.0

TDR Limiter 6 GE is a modern dynamics compression and limiting toolkit featuring six specialized modules that can be arranged in variable order. Together, they cover a remarkable range of applications from delicate loudness control, to brutal “brick-walling” and creative mix bus crunching.
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Inear Display Lancinantes

Lancinantes is a drone synthesizer plugin : having no amplitude control envelope its oscillators are freely running, generating a constant sound. Three special additive oscillators are layered, allowing the creation of chords that can be conformed to a melodic scale.
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