Boom Bap Labs Amen Imperial Vaults Vol.1

This pack is not royalty-free. Amen from Hellzwind is back once again to deliver rare and unique gems from his secret dungeon. With direct access to the Imperial Vaults underneath the Boom Bap Labs, Amen is on a mission to bring you his marvellous discoveries only he can find. Imperial Vault is a new series that will surely provide you the best in quality samples so you can be miles ahead of the competition. This pack contains 20 raw samples all in universal WAV format, 44.1Khz, 16 bits resolution.
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Lukas PastLife Kit

My first kit! Full of sounds and presets I use, including almost every sound I used in my Past Life clips, as well as some custom stuff. Thank you for supporting me Contains: 24 808s (including 6 custom-made special 808s)
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Dragon Finger Drums 30 day Foundation Course

Get Everything You Need To Become A Skilled Finger Drummer In Just 30 Days. This is the first time all the secrets of realistic finger drumming have been put together in one course. Until now, the only way to learn real finger drumming was by figuring everything out on your own (and it takes a long time and a lot of patience for that.) Now you have access to all the secrets of REAL finger drumming in one place. You can learn all the same skills that acoustic drummers learn, and how to seamlessly apply them to the pads. And in just 30 days, your friends won't be able to tell the difference.
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Maxeyy Stash V4 Drum Kit

I was going for some older, more real sounds for this kit. Stuff that you could hear in some old Travis Scott songs from albums like "Rodeo" and also from new songs like those in "UTOPIA." This kit has a lot of Kanye West type sounds too, and the Boom Bap stash folder has sounds for some oldschool Graduation/College Dropout type beats.
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Shobeats DRUMVX

Welcome to the DRUMVX SERIES! This will be a series of Newly designed Drums to Update and Refuel your Library more Frequently. In this first episode, our guest sound designer SHOBEATS has put together a Generous collection of 201 One-Shots from his latest drums sounds including his booming 808s, shattering Hihats, unique Snares and More...
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xandror2 everything kit

over more than a year and a few months since the release of essential kit version 3, im really proud to say that everything kit is finally here... holy fucking shit this kit is multi genre and multi style which is why i called it 'everything' and i made this throughout the time trying to master my sound n skill practicing styles n genres n shit lol
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Udemy Audacity Beginners Course To Record Voice, Podcast And Music

The ideal course to start recording, editing, mixing and optimizing audio tracks by using the free tool Audacity. This course is for the real beginner in audio editing, as well as for who want to learn some basic effect tools to bring their audio recordings to the next level.
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Udemy Audacity Crash Course: Record great Audio voice-over

In this digital age, audio production has become a compulsory skill for anyone developing internet, entertainment and media content. In this sense, there are very good tools to accomplish this task. Audacity is the most popular, free, cross-platform and easy-to-use software for audio editing and recording. It has all the audio functions you would need for most projects.
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Rafal Kulik Techno Construction Vol.6

Techno Construction Vol 6 is a collection of 100 samples (299Mb) developed by Rafal Kulik. All samples are stacked with inspirational, warm and inventive sequence and arpeggiator sounds.
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sochi #eternal kit

all of the beats in here were made with this kit ^ listen!! you can make lots of different sounds with this kit this kit includes:
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SkillShare Dorico: Complete Music Notation Course

This twelve-part video course will teach you how to engrave music professionally using Dorico notation software. You’ll learn everything from the basics of note entry to advanced score layout. We’ll also cover numerous tips and suggestions to make engraving music faster and more precise.
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78x 808s+29x clAps 19x fx + textures 25x hihAts
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Nembrini Audio NA 501 Chorus Echo

Rediscover the iconic sound of the Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo*, now reborn as the NA 501 Chorus Echo plugin by Nembrini Audio. This meticulously modeled plugin captures the essence of the legendary tape echo, BBD chorus, and spring reverb, enhanced with modern digital functionality for today's music producers.
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AlejoAngel TRAP Sound Supply EMGBEATZ x ALEJOANGEL Vol.1

MGBEATZ Multi-platinum producer, credits: YHLQMDLG ''Pero Ya No'' - Bad Bunny Currently works with Rimas Music, a company that has signed the Latin trap artist Bad Bunny, for which I had the opportunity to work in 2020 on his album YHLQMDLG, a record-breaking historical album of which I co-produced in the song Pero Ya No together with Subelo Neo. Song that has an official video with more than 50 million views and millions of streams on spotify and the different digital platforms.
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