xandror2 everything kit

over more than a year and a few months since the release of essential kit version 3, im really proud to say that everything kit is finally here... holy fucking shit

this kit is multi genre and multi style which is why i called it 'everything' and i made this throughout the time trying to master my sound n skill practicing styles n genres n shit lol

considering the amount of effort i put in this in a year, this is my first ever pay only kit so yeah...

i hate and love making this kit lol but i love yall support so yeah

99 808 + basses
44 kicks
153 snares + claps
73 hihats + ohs
45 voxes
48 loops
170 percs + fx
7 cymbals
228 samples + chops
89 one shots
60 midis
31 melodies
22 dialogue clips
50+ presets (serum, spire, portal, thermal, effectrix, ableton live, xpand!2, purity)
a recycles + go-to folder

what a steal aint it ???

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