sochi #eternal kit

all of the beats in here were made with this kit ^ listen!! you can make lots of different sounds with this kit

this kit includes:

THE SOCHI METHOD (5 page in depth pdf explaining my process, with screenshots and lots of tips and tricks that will help you use this kit)

28 808s
21 claps
25 hihats
19 kicks
13 openhat
11 percs
12 snares
9 vox/chant
13 ambience
18 custom-made timestretched fx
25 custom-made risers (also timestretched)
108 sound presets (leads, pads, pianos, arps, bass, pluck, keys, strings ,etc)
69 custom-made mixer presets
4 eternal flps (3 solo, one lab) no stems, just straight sauce

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