Maxeyy Stash V4 Drum Kit

Maxeyy Stash V4 Drum Kit

I was going for some older, more real sounds for this kit. Stuff that you could hear in some old Travis Scott songs from albums like "Rodeo" and also from new songs like those in "UTOPIA." This kit has a lot of Kanye West type sounds too, and the Boom Bap stash folder has sounds for some oldschool Graduation/College Dropout type beats.

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful!


This kit has:
37 808s
11 Bass sounds
109 Boom Bap drum sounds
20 Claps
21 Drum fills & rolls
34 FX
28 Hihats
11 Kicks
22 Openhats
45 Percs
22 Risers & Crashes
27 Snares
15 Vox sounds

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