realsamples Swiss Grand Edition Beurmann

The Swiss Grand library features an unusual concert grand built in 1860 by Hüni & Hübert. When the Zürich-based company burnt down in 1883, they were the largest piano manufacturer in Switzerland. Listening to this piano, it’s easy to hear why: It offers full-bodied, warm yet transparent tone with a raunchy bass in a league of its own.
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Epic Stock Media AAA Game Character Pirate

'AAA Game Character: Pirate' by Epic Stock Media is a collection of pirate themed voiceover audio files. Raise sails and drop anchor! Now you can set forth on an epic journey across the seven seas with this one-of-a-kind voiceover sound library.
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Capsun ProAudio Spirit and Soul Vibrant UK Hip Hop

Spirit & Soul: Vibrant UK Rap invokes organic hip hop sonics with a UK rap twist. Blending soulful keys, colourful synths, and blissed-out guitar samples with a cutting-edge, custom-designed drum kit. Inspired by UK rap/Afro-swing, organic hip hop, and the modern rap sound of today’s biggest UK artists.
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Four4 Modular Tape Techno

Tape-infused techno beats and melodics. What else is there to say? Get your inspiration flowin' with one-shots and loops processed through a transistor-based Ampex 440-B. Inspiration and vibe guaranteed.
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Gio Israel Jewish Essentials Hasidic Violin

Gio Israel is an explorer to the hidden sounds of the world. In this journey we embark on a discovery of the instrumental musical tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews of Central and Eastern Europe, also known as ‘Klezmer’ (from Hebrew - kĕlēy zemer, meaning musical instruments).
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Groove3 HYBRID KEYS Explained

Studio expert Eli Krantzberg presents comprehensive Native Instrument HYBRID KEYS video tutorials! If you want to learn how to quickly take advantage of all this expansive virtual keyboard instrument has to offer, this is the course to watch. Eli covers all the functions and features thoroughly - with plenty of instructive demonstrations along the way - so you'll be entirely comfortable with the plugin and tweaking it's keyboard instrument sounds like a pro in no-time! These videos are for new HYBRID KEYS users.
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Groove3 spiff Explained

Studio wizard Thomas Cochran presents comprehensive oeksound spiff video tutorials! A tool designed for surgical control of transients, spiff can help take your mix that extra step toward polished and professional-sounding, and these tutorials will teach you all you need to know about the plugin. Thomas takes you through the basics to get you up and running quickly and then demonstrates some more advanced techniques to show off what this plugin is truly capable of. These videos are new spiff users.
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Free Dadreamer Bk Afro House

Bk Afro House Grooves Keys & Drums
Home page
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HQO Melodic Robotic Vocals 2

Stay ahead of the production curve and set new trends with 'MELODIC ROBOTIC VOCALS 2' - a cutting-edge production sauce by HQO used to whip up modern day chart-topping instrumentals. This pack gives you 35 carefully crafted vocal melody loops aka song ideas, (hooks, phrases, vox textures and more), covering all styles of modern RnB, Urban Pop, Synthpop and Future Pop.
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Reason RE Blamsoft Zero Hybrid Synthesizer

Zero Hybrid Synthesizer brings modern FM synthesis to the Reason rack. Featuring six operators with tons of waveform possibilities and a powerful algorithm matrix, you can create unique FM sounds not previously possible in Reason.
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Reason RE Blamsoft Expanse

Blamsoft, creator of the VK-1 Viking and Zero Hybrid synthesizers, knows DSP and the Rack Extension SDK inside and out. eXode, maker of top selling refills, knows synthesis and sound design backwards and forwards. It's a perfect team to bring you something big, a synth that pushes the Rack Extension platform to its ultimate potential. Introducing Expanse Hyperwave Synthesizer!
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Katunchik Sounds Ambient Minimal Downtempo Drums

Katunchik Sounds are very proud to present "Ambient Minimal Downtempo Drums". This pack includes 29 drum loops perfectly fits to ambient, downtempo, chillout music.
Home page
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Reason RE Blamsoft Blamco Filter

Blamco Filter is a classic high/low cut filter based on a vintage equalizer hardware unit circuit. It features stepped frequency settings just like the vintage device it emulates. You can subtly remove bass or treble or increase the settings to create a bandpass response. The Blamco Filter algorithm features a full circuit simulation for accurate filtering, including the effects of interaction between the controls.
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Reason RE Blamsoft Blamco Program Equalizer

Blamco Program Equalizer is a classic low and high frequency parametric equalizer for vintage tone adjustment. The circuit for this EQ has become legendary for its ability to improve a mix with minimal effort. The algorithm for the device features a full circuit simulator, giving you the exact filtering characteristics. A unique aspect of passive EQs is the interaction between the filter sections, which is fully modeled in the plug-in.
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Reason RE Blamsoft DC-1 Distortion

DC-1 Distortion is a classic guitar pedal accurately emulated using advanced analog modeling techniques. All stages of the pedal circuitry are included resulting in a rich, complex, analog sound. Don't let the simple controls fool you, DC-1 packs a unique, powerful sound that is the result of a classic design paired with cutting edge technology.
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