Groove3 HYBRID KEYS Explained

Groove3 HYBRID KEYS Explained

Studio expert Eli Krantzberg presents comprehensive Native Instrument HYBRID KEYS video tutorials! If you want to learn how to quickly take advantage of all this expansive virtual keyboard instrument has to offer, this is the course to watch. Eli covers all the functions and features thoroughly - with plenty of instructive demonstrations along the way - so you'll be entirely comfortable with the plugin and tweaking it's keyboard instrument sounds like a pro in no-time! These videos are for new HYBRID KEYS users.

Eli welcomes you and begins with tour of the interface and some introductory information on the structure of the plugin. Then you'll learn how to easily assign your MIDI controllers to various parameters and automate the powerful macro knobs, as well as how to navigate the Browsers. After that, Eli covers the Lo Fi sample and Lo Fi wavetable effects from the Layer section and hear how they can add plenty of character and vibe to the sound.

Next, explore the filters, hearing their effect on the sound and learning how to create movement by using a modulation envelope. Also discover the amp envelope and how it's used to shape a note's duration while creating a bass sound.

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll learn about the remaining features and controls, including modulation and LFOs, using the modwheel, aftertouch, and velocity, how to apply secondary modulation and various effects, how to use the sequencer for pitch, velocity, and macros, and more!

To see exactly what these in-depth HYBRID KEYS tutorials contain, and how they'll help you master the wealth of sonic possibilities within this instrument, check out the individual HYBRID KEYS video tutorial descriptions below. Learn how to quickly find that unique sound that's been missing from your productions ... watch “HYBRID KEYS Explained®” now!

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