Reason RE Blamsoft DC-1 Distortion

Reason RE Blamsoft DC-1 Distortion

DC-1 Distortion is a classic guitar pedal accurately emulated using advanced analog modeling techniques. All stages of the pedal circuitry are included resulting in a rich, complex, analog sound. Don't let the simple controls fool you, DC-1 packs a unique, powerful sound that is the result of a classic design paired with cutting edge technology.

Be sure to check out the Distortion Trifecta bundle that includes DC-1.

- Great for guitar. Adds crunch to synths or drums!

Product Description:
Commonly referred to as a Diode Clipper, variations of the circuit have been used as the main source of distortion in many different pedals. This particular pedal has been used by countless electric guitar players providing a classic distortion sound.

DC-1 is a model of an entire schematic, not just a few components. Simulating nonlinear circuits with low CPU usage requires state of the art techniques.

All controls offer automation with CV connections available on the back.

Try it out and compare it to other distortion effects. It's up for the challenge.

New in version 1.4.0: PDC Support

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