DopeBoyzMuzic VHS Heroes

VHS stands for video home system and was first introduced back in 1976 in Japan. Growing up in the late 80s and early 90s it was the video technology. Reminiscing about the movies from that era brings back a lot of great memories. Memories of action heroes, heavy synth music and very bad karate flicks in poor quality. One thing that stood out on those classic movies was the music. Heavy synths sounds mixed with distorted guitars. We wanted to create a sample pack full of compositions that capture the sonics and vibe of that era and we think we achieved that goal. VHS Heroes includes 12 full length compositions + stems. All files come in 24bit / stereo / wav formatting compatible with every DAW and drum machine and 100% royalty free, ready for you to sample, chop, flip and get creative with.
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ModeAudio Visions Ambient Techno Loops

'Visions - Ambient Techno Loops' from ModeAudio reaches up through the cosmos, picking out mysterious, shimmering forms amidst the endless dark and channeling these discoveries into a 532MB collection of mesmeric loops and samples!
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Four4 Melodic Techno

Blending elements of 90s trance with laidback techno aesthetics - Melodic Techno fuses two glorious genres known for creating dark moods and esoteric arrangements primed for lovers of dark melodic dance music.
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Zenhiser Lucid Deep Melodic

In a world where Deep House, Progressive House and Melodic House & Techno reign supreme, ‘Lucid - Deep Melodic’ fuses those genre bending boundaries with utter style, purity and clarity.
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Sonic Collective Sounds of Mauritius

Considered the jewel of the Indian Ocean’s Mascarene Islands, Mauritius is located 1200 Miles off the East Coast of Africa. The music of Mauritius has roots in Afro-Malagassy dance and music traditions from the slaves brought there in the 1600’s and features an intoxicating triplet-based groove. This style was formerly known as Tschiéga, today widely known as Sega. Performed with percussion instruments such as the Ravan (goat skin drum), the Maravanne (sugar cane idiophone/shaker) and triangle, Sega is often improvised and features singers or groups of singers expressing the tribulations of a subjugated, initially enslaved population.
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Fundamentals of Image, Audio and Video Processing Using MATLAB®: With Applications to Pattern Recognition

Fundamentals of Image, Audio, and Video Processing Using MATLAB® introduces the concepts and principles of media processing and its applications in pattern recognition by adopting a hands-on approach using program implementations. The book covers the tools and techniques for reading, modifying, and writing image, audio, and video files using the data analysis and visualization tool MATLAB®.
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WavSupply JRHITMAKER Ice (Loop Kit)

59 Custom made loops created by JRHITMAKER of Internet Money.
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Sample Market Originals: Traumer

We are excited to bring you our latest Original artist pack from the French minimal maestro Traumer. With this pack, he delivers over 2.2BGB of samples and loops showcasing his unique trademark sound.
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Boom Library Seasons Of Earth Winter 3D Surround and Stereo Editions

SEASONS OF EARTH Our planet has a fascinating sonic spectrum, and every season, nature offers us an impressive and multi-faceted sound composition. We have recorded the most interesting and iconic ambiences the only way that truly reflects the sonic character of Earth as precisely as possible: Using the unparalleled Schoeps ORTF3D Surround Set. Harness these first-rate sounds to shape your projects in the most authentic way possible, from the ground up in 3D Surround.
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MusiCore Infinity Slap House Sample Pack

Infinity is the ULTIMATE Slap House Sample Pack. Slap House is a genre that has grown a lot in popularity over the past year, and more and more artists are adapting the genre! So, we decided it's time to release the ULTIMATE Slap House Sample Pack!
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Mastering The Mix Collection

Included:ANIMATE v1.1.5 - Multi-purpose mixing plugins (EXPAND, GROW, IGNITE, PUNCH) BASSROOM v1.0.6 - Final Mix & Mastering EQ EXPOSE v1.1.3 - Audio quality control StandAlone application
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Pro Mix Academy Mixing Modern Rock with Bob Marlette

Rip off the mixing techniques of one of the biggest rock producers in the world As Mixers and Producers we constantly strive for perfection in our music: How can we achieve more clarity, more punch, more excitement and emotion in our mixes? We don't settle for mediocre – That's what makes us stand out!
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