Sonic Collective Disco Strings

Layered and pristinely recorded string arrangements for Disco, Pop, and beyond, comprise the sample collection, Disco Strings. From swells and glissando motifs to staccato stabs and lush legato, these samples recall Hollywood studios of the 70s that brought classic warmth and shimmer, still sought after today for popular music all genres.
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MSXII Black Luxury Collection

MSXII Sound Design is proud to present The Black Luxury Collection. These incredible samples are on some Rick Ross, vastly luxurious, highest art feels. These samples are butter. The epitome of audio excellence. When good isn't good enough...when you need the best. 10 full length compositions.
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Made this kit today; all 808's processed by me; kicks are layered with foley and percussion to give a unique texture. was getting tired of finding the same samples being recycled in drumkits so I made my own to hopefully spark some inspiration for whoever cops it.
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Music Composition For Dummies, 2nd Edition

You can hum it, but can you write it down? When most people think of a composer, they picture a bewigged genius like Mozart or Beethoven frenetically directing mighty orchestras in the ornate palaces of Vienna. While that may have been the case once upon a time, modern composers make themselves heard far beyond the classical conservatoire and concert hall. These days, soundtracks are in high demand in industries such as TV, film, advertising, and even gaming to help create immersive and exciting experiences. Whatever your musical ambitions—composing a dark requiem in a beautiful Viennese apartment or producing the next great Star Wars-like movie theme in LA—the fully updated Music Composition For Dummies hits all the right notes to help you become confident in the theory and practice of composition.
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That Worship Sound Angel Pad

Pure choir voices run through a BigSky to create an ambient soundscape. This ambient pad bundle includes 12 minute long Wav and MP3 files in all 12 keys. These work great as song transitions, or an ambient drone that fills out a song.
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That Worship Sound Cathedral Pad

Several choirs layered with a Juno pad and all run through a BigSky. This ambient pad bundle includes 12 minute long Wav and MP3 files in all 12 keys. These work great as song transitions, or an ambient drone that fills out a song. Full description below.
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Disciple Samples Samplifire Serum Supply Vol.1

Following on from the success of Samplifire's debut sample pack 'Power Pack Vol. 1' he's ready to bounce back into the driving seat and bring you 'Serum Supply Vol.1' ! Over 200 custom serum presets perfect for any budding bass head out there. From this pack, you can expect A LOT of gnarly bass sounds, a healthy dose of leads, and a pinch of everything else. Whether you want to recreate Samplifire's signature sound or use these presets as a starting point to tweak and morph into your own signature sound, this pack is for you!
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Multiton Bits Modeled Percussions

Modeled Percussions are a result of month-long work to create unique and fresh sounding drums/percussions library. Using analog synths, physical modelling synthesis and re-sampled acoustic drums, we designed every sound with special care, making it fit various styles and genres. All together we have created 325 sounds, 202 one-shots and 125 loops.
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Zenhiser Frontier Progressive House

Designed to inspire, ‘Frontier - Progressive House’ provides an abundance of possibilities from its immense line up of stems, loops, one shots, drum sounds, drum beats, synth loops, basslines, and fx.
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Splice Sounds Lunar Pop by More Giraffes

Pop duo More Giraffes (Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford) return to Splice offering a more serene take on their quirky and playful sounds. Imagine yourself exploring the solar system as you dig into these versatile vocals, bouncy drums, spacey and psychedelic FX, and more.
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Splice Originals Lost Highway Pedal Steel and Piano

The latest release in our quarantine series, Splice Originals: Lost Highway features Tulsa, OK-based pedal steel guitar player, Travis Linville. He swapped files with our in-house producers, who assembled a suite of piano parts that set the space for Travis to explore the limitless possibilities of his instrument. With its intricate set of pitch-bending levers and pedals, Travis played the 10-string E9-tuned guitar, pedaling between major and minor shapes and sliding in and out of parallel chords.
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VOX Kaleidoscope by Breana Marin

When it comes to making hooks, Breana Marin is a connoisseur. The singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles has taken the internet by storm licensing hip hop hooks to indie artists. She is one of the top-performing vocalist/ songwriters on the Beatstars platform where her hooks have brought in 6 figures in sales and collectively racked up millions of views on youtube. She is most known for her velvety smooth vocals influenced heavily by Aade and Imogen heap. She has written for the likes of Fifth harmony, Keyshia Cole, Phora, Brandy, and Letoya Luckett.
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Diginoiz Modern Pop Vocal Chops 4

'Modern Pop Vocal Chops 4' by Diginoiz features 50 melodic and dynamic vocal chops in wet and dry versions. Root key and tempo are mentioned in the file description for the ease and speed of use. You will simply love this pack!
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Touch Loops Blue Tones

Late night vibes, dulcet tones and organically inspiring, our latest collection certainly provides inspiration like no other. Introducing Blue Tones. The amalgamation of 3 world class musicians, bespoke equipment choices and a vintage tape machine, every one of these stunning jazz music samples is brimming with authentic character we just know you'll love!
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Touch Loops Taped Melodies

Taped Melodies digs deep into the world of soulful chord progressions, delicate piano performances, stunning gear selections and only the finest four chord loops + MIDI. Spread across not one but ALL keys, these stunning chord loops are also accompanied by the finest piano MIDI files meaning endless chord options are available at any given moment.
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