UpNorth Music Sonickraft Slam Dance Sample Pack

After a #3 spot on the Traxsource Tech House top 100, Sonickraft have decided to make a sample pack from the release.
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Trip Digital Milan Slang by HASSY

The word SLANG is described as; a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people. It's basically how our young culture communicates nationally and internationally. This vocal pack is dedicated to the streets of Milan, Italy. Performed by rapper/producer, HASSY.
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Savage Sounds Progressive House Classics Season 1

300 Samples & 300 Presets for Progressive House! 100% ROYALTY FREE! This bundle contains everything you need for producing progressive house music like Martin Garrix, Avicii, Nicky Romero, Matisse & Sadko, R3hab and more!
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Trip Digital Loud Pack Vol.1

Loud Pack Vol. 1 is brimming with sounds that capture moments. Hard hitting bass and melodic loops give each user the opportunity to create organic compositions, that tell stories. All sounds by music producer/ artist Sir J of (BAPS University).
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PAUSE Percolator

Percussion - 22Shaker - 11 Snare - 11 Tom - 11
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Engineering Samples 19 in 1 Bundle

Engineering.Samples.Beat.WAVEngineering.Samples.Caviar.WAV Engineering.Samples.Elevate.WAV Engineering.Samples.Golden.State.Of.Mind.WAV
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Siü Ghostland KIT

heres a drumkit i made this month, it contains samples/layers i found recently, stuff i already used, some of my fav drums + snares, drumloops and acapellas i made on recent wip
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DT Domino (Midi Kit)

Included 52 Midi Kit
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SoundMajorz Retro Color Omnisphere Bank

70 Omnisphere sounds in the style of vintage samples. Easily our best soundbank yet
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Truefire Brad Carlton Guitar Lab Fretboard Visualization Vol.2

Welcome to Guitar Lab: Fretboard Visualization Vol. 2. In this group of lessons, we'll view the various harmonies that reside in the Ionian and Dorian modes. This will be accomplished by thinking of each chord formula as a subset of the scale.
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Delectable Records Absolutely Deep 01

Delectable Records presents Absolutely Deep 01, a cutting edge sound pack full of sharp cutting Deep sounds, distinctive grooves and liquid melodic parts that will take your productions to the next level.
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Sample Market Originals Djebali

Sample Market proudly presents the 5th edition of Originals Series by Parisian House Maestro Djebali. A Parisian club kid in the early 2000s, Djebali has grown into one of the most accomplished house producers from the city’s new generation of talent. Driven by his own self-titled imprint in 2011 and several sub-labels, together with a constant flow of gigs at high-profile clubs around the globe and a back catalogue full of classic house grooves, he is one of Paris’ shining stars…
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Dank Beatz Phonk Slaps Samples Kit 2

Phonk SLaps Sample Kit 2 is a Memphis x Phonk Style Horror Themed Sample Kit Over 100 Samples + all samples have been pre-chopped into 4-8 bar loops for your convienence Just drag and drop
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